Are IKEA Mattresses Smaller Than Normal?

Are IKEA Mattresses Smaller Than Normal
Are IKEA Mattresses Smaller Than Normal

The answer is; it depends. Width and length are the same as a standard mattress on most beds. Depth, on the other hand, may not be the same.

That said, standard mattresses don’t always fit IKEA frames.

However, that is changing. IKEA has discovered that some folks would prefer a different mattress and are beginning to standardize sizes.

Most folks who commented stated that the mattresses were usually ok in width but a little longer than the bed.

Are IKEA Mattresses Smaller Than Normal

IKEA states on its website that all mattresses are the same size as standard mattresses. This is not always accurate.

While most IKEA mattresses have the same width and length as a standard mattress, the depth may differ.

For example, the IKEA Sultan Fonnes is only eight inches deep, while a standard mattress is usually around nine or ten inches deep.

ikea tussoy mattress topper


While the IKEA Sultan Fonnes may be an outlier, many IKEA mattresses are shallower than standard mattresses.

This can be an issue with a bed frame designed for a traditional mattress. The mattress may not fit snugly in the frame and could slide around.

If you are looking for an IKEA mattress, it is important to measure the depth of your bed frame to ensure it will fit properly.

You may also want to consider a standard mattress if you have an IKEA bed frame. Many online companies sell mattresses specifically for IKEA bed frames.

While IKEA mattresses may be smaller than standard ones, they are usually cheaper. IKEA is a good place to start your search if you are looking for an inexpensive mattress.

Just be sure to measure the depth of your bed frame before you buy!

Why doesn’t my IKEA Mattress fit?

IKEA mattresses are designed to fit most standard IKEA bed frames. However, your mattress may not work properly if you have an older bed frame or a non-standard-size bed.

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There are a few things you can do to try and make your IKEA mattress fit:

  1. Use a Mattress Pad or Topper. A mattress pad or topper can help fill in any gaps between your mattress and bed frame, making the fit snugger.
  2. Try a Different Bed Frame. If your current bed frame is too small for your IKEA mattress, try using a larger bed frame. This may not be ideal if you’re limited space, but it can help the mattress fit better.
  3. Use a Bed Skirt. A bed skirt can help cover any gaps between your mattress and bed frame, making the fit more aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Call IKEA Customer Service. Call IKEA customer service if you still have trouble getting your IKEA mattress to fit properly. They may be able to help you find a solution or offer a replacement mattress that will fit better.
  5. Return the Mattress. If all else fails, you can always return your IKEA mattress and get a refund. This is usually a last resort, but it’s an option if you’re not happy with the fit of your mattress.

Hopefully, these solutions will help you get your IKEA mattress to fit properly. If not, don’t hesitate to call IKEA customer service for more help.

Why is my IKEA mattress so small?

IKEA mattresses are designed to fit IKEA bed frames, often smaller than standard-sized beds.

This can make it seem like the mattress is too small, but it’s just the right size for the frame. If you’re not using an IKEA bed frame, you may need to find a different mattress that will fit your bed.

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IKEA mattresses are also designed to be used with a mattress protector. The mattress protector helps keep the mattress clean and dry and adds an extra comfort layer.

If you’re not using a mattress protector, you may find the mattress too firm or soft. If you’re still unsure why your IKEA mattress is so small, you can contact IKEA customer service for more information.

One person stated that there was an annoying gap. There are a couple of reasons a gap would be annoying.

First, bedclothes and small children (pets) can slide into a gap. It may not seem big enough, but they can find a way.

The second is that the slats may fall out due to the gap. This poses a slightly bigger problem, as then the mattress will sag… sometimes to the floor.

That makes for an uncomfortable night’s sleep and a lot of work the next day. If you have an IKEA mattress, check for a gap.

If there is one, try to figure out how to fix it. Otherwise, you may be in for a long and uncomfortable night.

There are two things to do here. The first is if you are buying an IKEA bed for the first time. Talk to the sales associate about the mattress you want to use.

bed ikea

Make sure to have the right size information for it so they can help you.

As mentioned, IKEA is aware of the issue and is working on it. That doesn’t mean all beds in all stores have been switched to a standard size, so buyer beware.

However, if you already have the mattress and the bed or simply want to go ahead, there are some hacks.

First, determine where the gap is. If it is at the head of the bed, there are three hacks to choose from.

The first is to pad the headboard. This is a rather complicated hack, but it can make an elegant-looking bed. There are youtube videos with instructions for this.

It’s better to leave the headboard off completely. That removes the problem entirely.

No headboard means no gap. That is great for college students or those who don’t mind a more austere look to a room. However, that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Consider making your own headboard. This could range from simply nailing cushions to the wall to making an ornate wood frame. Again, there are videos on youtube with instructions for this.

Two hacks can be done if the gap is at the foot of the bed. The first is to buy or make a bed frame lower than the ground.

This will make it, so the mattress rests on the frame rather than hanging over it.

Consider using something called ” furniture feet” on the bed legs. These are little plastic or wooden discs that raise the bed slightly.

That will make it so the mattress doesn’t hang over as much and should close the gap.

These are just a few hacks to help with an IKEA mattress that doesn’t fit quite right. We’re, one of them will work for you.

If not, consider taking it back and finding one that does or simply using a different bed altogether. There are many other options out there. Don’t let an IKEA mattress ruin a good night’s sleep.

A tip that will work both for the headspace and on the sides. Simply screw or nail in a piece of wood that fills the gap completely.

This will also help with the slat problem that can be so annoying. With the added support, the slats are less likely to slip out.

Of course, the other answer is to get an IKEA mattress designed to go with the bed. Many people say that IKEA mattresses are comfortable.

They come in spring and memory foam varieties, and IKEA sells mattresses for odd-sized things.

In short, many hacks make an IKEA mattress work with an IKEA bed. If you are having trouble, try one of these methods.

And if all else fails, get a new mattress. They are not expensive, and a good night’s sleep is worth it.

It’s rather hard to find a mattress for a cot, but you can find them at IKEA. Cots are more narrow than twin or day beds, usually.

They can also be highly uncomfortable after a while. A new mattress may be the best solution. IKEA also has a variety of different bed frames.

You may want to consider one of these if you have difficulty with the mattress issue. The bed frame can help support the mattress and make it easier to use.

IKEA mattresses are not always the most comfortable, but they are a good value.

If you need a new mattress, consider one of these hacks to make it work with your bed. And if all else fails, get a new mattress. They are not expensive, and a good night’s sleep is worth it.

As you can see, IKEA mattresses can be a pain to deal with. But with a little creativity, you can make them work. If you have an IKEA bed and mattress, try one of these hacks to make it more comfortable.

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