You are most likely wondering why choose IKEA as your go to place when it comes to furnishings. IKEA offers many good to high quality products such as furniture, lighting, carpets, fabrics, accessories and pretty much anything you will ever need to equip your home.

Little background story on the company; it was founded in Sweden, in 1943. The acronym IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Ingvar Kamprad is the name of the founder, who was 17 years old when he came up with the idea to start the company. Elmtaryd is the name of the farm he grew up in and Agunnaryd is the name of the town he lived in.

First letters of the founder’s name and home place form the word IKEA, which just accidentally means “home” in Greek language. For 74 years, IKEA has been designing and selling furniture worldwide in over 300 stores across the globe. Their current headquarters are located in Netherlands.

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Where do low prices come from?

The reason why IKEA products are affordable is their way of production which minimizes cost wherever possible, just like the Zinus mattresses are made. Most of the IKEA furniture is designed to be self-assembled, which saves shipping money because the packages are a lot smaller.

It also minimizes costs on the customer’s side because the customer is the one who will do the assembling process. That way, IKEA saves money on manual labor as well.

If you don’t feel like doing some DIY assembling, you can pay extra for their shipping and assembling service, where one of their polite staff members will come to your home and set up the item for you.

What’s amazing is that IKEA manages to keep their prices low without compromising quality. It is important to acknowledge that some items are of lower quality than other items and therefore are sold at a lower price.

All prices at IKEA are set up fairly, both for the company and the customer. The low prices are available because of the savings during the manufacturing process.

IKEA products should not be considered cheap because the word “cheap” is often tied to “low quality”. While IKEA’s products may last for years and years, they are not the kind of products that will go through generations.

The quality of the products is always in proportion to the price. Meaning, lower priced items will most likely not be as good as the ones at a higher price. Either way, compared to other furnishings retailers and designers, IKEA is the only company offering quality, functionality, and style at an affordable price.

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Create a stylish bedroom with IKEA

Everything your dream bedroom needs can be found at IKEA. From bed frames, mattresses, wardrobes and storage units, bedding, textile to mirrors, rugs and lamps, you name it, everything is available at IKEA.

Depending on your preferences when it comes to style, you can choose from various products that will complete the bedroom of your dreams. Designs at IKEA are often associated with simplicity, which is perfect for the minimalism style of furnishings.

Minimalism is a style originating from the Scandinavian area, which explains why a Swedish company designs many products of such kind. The style is based on the “less is more” statement where it’s believed that too many items in the room create clutter and break the harmony of the space.

According to the minimalist style, rooms should be designed simply, using only the items necessary for the functionality of the space. Thus, if we’re talking about bedrooms, a bed, nightstands and a wardrobe unit are everything you need of furnishing.

When it comes to accessories, minimalists like to use plain items, usually of white, black or navy blue color, sometimes even the combination of the three. Wall decorations are often made of wood and present some sort of a geometric shape, such as octagon.

The point of minimalism design is to live more freely while not imprisoned by the clutter in your home. Letting the light spread through the room, free of unnecessary items is believed to bring more positive energy into your life.

As a Swedish company, IKEA is a great supplier of minimalism style furniture. Of course, in their vast offerings, you will always find different items, created to suit everybody’s style.

Create a stylish bedroom with IKEA

What we’re about?

MyIKEABedroom.com is designed to present you quality furnishings for your bedroom at an affordable price. With IKEA furnishings, you can create a stylish and modern space while keeping the functionality needed for everyday life. If you are dreaming about a well-furnished bedroom but you don’t want to break your budget, these furnishings are the best choice for you!

Experience the magic and creativity of IKEA

Designing your bedroom sounds fun, until you run out of ideas and everything you think of seems not good enough. Luckily, you can easily get inspired to put together your dream room while walking through one of the IKEA’s iconic stores. The blue and yellow exterior of their buildings is recognizable worldwide, as they have over 300 stores working daily. In one of their buildings you will find tons of design ideas, set up bedrooms to give you some inspiration and great items on display.

As big as their stores are, don’t worry about getting lost because the arrows on the floor will always lead you in the right direction. Besides, you will never get bored at an IKEA store since they often change the interior and bring in more designs. After you finish your shopping, settle down and get some rest in their restaurant where you will find a great menu that has something for everybody’s taste.

Overall, IKEA offers great deals for your furnishings needs, such as style, durability, functionality and simplicity at an affordable price.

Their motto is: “Low price but not at any price!”

Which means, they offer prices which are well balanced with the quality of the product. You will get what you pay for. No quality is compromised during the manufacturing process since the low prices come from minimized costs for shipping and assembling of the items. IKEA uses renewable and recyclable materials and thus, all their products are environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that purchasing at IKEA makes you a user of eco-friendly products.

Our site will guide you through different lines of IKEA products for your bedroom, making it easier for you to decide which products suit your needs best. Combining your budget with quality will be a piece of cake when shopping for IKEA furnishings. By comparing the product reviews available on our site, you will be able to easily decide whether a certain product is what you need. We hope our reviews will help you furnish your bedroom!

Experience the magic and creativity of IKEA

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