4 Methods To Solve Ikea Skarsta Desk Different Top

ikea skarsta desk different top
ikea skarsta desk different top

Ikea’s famous Skarsta desk has been rebranded recently by Ikea as Trotten to build your office system at your home. 

The desk is adjustable and allows you to shift between sitting and standing, making your work environment comfortable and easy. 

The crank handle at both sides, right and left, makes it convenient for right and left-handed people to adjust the table according to one’s needs and requirements. 

The desk also has adjustable table feet, making it a good choice for uneven surfaces.

The table top comprises a particle board, melamine coating, and plastic edging. 

The melamine surface makes the desktop easy to upkeep as it is stain resistant, and any liquid of food can be easily wiped with a wet and dry cloth, making it look as sparkly as new. 

However, some harsh conditions can damage the tabletop or the edging, which may lower the overall aesthetic appearance of your Skarsta desktop.

It will be aesthetically unappealing and cause disturbances during your work. 

There are a few reasons your IKEA Skarsta desk might have a different top. It could be due to a manufacturing defect, damage during shipping, or simply a mistake on IKEA’s part.

Here’s a list of ways you can get the same desktop as the Skarsta desk with different tops fixed quickly and easily.

IKEA Skarsta Desk Different Top Fix:

If you observe that the Skarsta desktop is different than what it originally was, you need to determine the cause behind that.

Once you determine the reason, it will be relatively easy to pick up the troubleshooting methods that best suit your problem. 

So the Skarsta desktop may be different because it got damaged during shipping or came in vandalized from the IKEA store.

If that makes your tabletop different, then reporting it to Ikea would be the best way to get a replacement for yourself. 

Another reason could be that you have been using the table for quite a long time. Excessive use of the table would result in the tabletop being worn out.

In such circumstances, you can redo the top yourself at home.

Additionally, the Skarsta desktop comes in two different colours; beige and white, so you can get a replacement for your tabletop if it has been damaged beyond repair.

Depending on the color of your room and your personal preference, you can decide which one suits you best. 

For a detailed overview of fixing Ikea Skarsta’s different desktops, pick up one method mentioned below, put in your effort, and precisely follow to get the table top just the way you like it. 

  1. Report a Defective Item

You should contact IKEA customer service if your desk is defective and ask for a replacement top.

If the damage occurred during shipping, you might be able to get a replacement top from the shipping company.

The table top that has come in broken would either be a broken piece that was shipped or a table that got damaged during the shipment process.

Whatever the case, in both circumstances, Ikea will give you a replacement as soon as you inform them. 

customers service

All the IKEA desks come in with their product code. As soon as you receive the shipment of the Skarsta desk, it is essential to unpack it and see if all the parts are intact and unimpaired. 

However, if you see the tabletop as defective or the color delivered is not what you ordered, contact IKEA customer service and tell them your product number with your complaint.

They will inquire about a few details to confirm your order and give you a replacement right away. 

If the table was delivered to you safely and soundly, and over time, you observe the plastic edges wear out or the melamine surface chips off or start bubbling up, it’s time to report the problem to Ikea Customer care.

The Skarsta table comes with a 10-year-long warranty.

If such issues are keeping you from using the table for your benefit, you must report the problem, reclaim the warranty, and get a replacement to maintain your office atmosphere and also to continue your work peacefully.

However, if none of this is the issue you are encountering, you can try to fix the problem using one of the methods below.

  1. Redo It Yourself

As we mentioned above, the Skarsta comes in two basic finishes, a white and a beige finish.

You can choose any of the two depending upon the theme of your office, workstation, or your home corner where you plan to set the table to work comfortably and easily.

Nonetheless, some of us are indeed fond of switching the theme and vibe of our rooms after some time.

manual guide

If you are someone like us, who gets bored of working in the same environment for a long time and want to change the colors and essence of your room, then know that we are with you.

If you suddenly want to switch from lighter bright colors to dark, dull shades, you’d have to change the Skarsta table top to fit it in the room with all the other things. 

If the problem is simply that the top is not the right color or finish, you can try using a furniture marker or paint to make it look more like the rest of the desk.

This is not the best-offered solution, but it can give you a look you want without replacing the entire desk.

So, for instance, you had a white and pink office theme and had the Skarsta desk table in a white finish, and now you want to change the office to dark green and maroon, then its simply obvious that the white Skarsta desk in the office would look disfigured in the room.

 Hence an easy solution is to paint or lacquer the tabletop a darker color, maybe a shade of maroon or antique wood color polish, so it fits in with all other things and doesn’t give your room a substandard look.

  1. Replace the Top

If the problem is more serious, such as a large crack or chip in the top, you may have to replace the damaged one and get a new top.

This is generally not too difficult, and you can easily find replacement tops at Ikea stores.

Nonetheless, if IKEA stores are far away from your residence, you can pick up a tabletop from the nearby hardware stores too.


Once you have the new top, follow the instructions with the desk to attach it. You can always contact IKEA customer service for help if you have any trouble.

Fortunately, IKEA offers a 10-year warranty for the Skarsta desktop, so if your tabletop gets damaged, bubbles up, chips off, or you observe the level of the table is dysfunctional.

It’s also in the warranty duration; then you should reclaim the warranty and replace it as soon as possible.

No matter what the problem is with your IKEA Skarsta desk, there is likely a solution. With a little effort, your desk can look new again.

  1. The trouble with the Desk Assembly

The desk is a great choice for those who want a sturdy and reliable desk. However, the different tops can be a pain to deal with. If you’re having trouble with your IKEA Skarsta desk, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix it.


  1. Make sure that the desk is properly assembled. The different tops can be tricky to assemble, so ensure that all the pieces are in the right place before you try fixing them.
  2. Check the screws and bolts to make sure they’re tight. The different tops can be wobbly if the screws and bolts are loose.
  3. Try using a different type of screw or bolt. If the screws and bolts with the desk aren’t working, try using another type. This can sometimes be the trick to getting the desk to work properly.
  4. Adjust the height of the desk. The different tops can sometimes be a bit too high or low. Try adjusting the desk’s height until it’s at a comfortable level for you.
  5. Move the desk to a different location. Sometimes the desk can be a bit too close to a wall or another piece of furniture. Consider moving it to a different location in the room to see if that makes a difference.

Ikea Skarsta desk’s different tops can be a pain, but hopefully, these troubleshooting tips will help you fix the problem.

The Bottom Line 

The Ikea Skarsta tabletop, rebranded as Trotten, is one of the best quality, affordable and stylish desks you can add to your workstation.

The desktop comes in 2 different tabletop finishes, white and beige.

However, there are instances when your table top can get defective or doesn’t go well with the other furniture pieces in your room. 

We have provided you with easy and quick steps to fix the Skarsta different table for your convenience and ease.

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