Do You Know These IKEA Life Hacks?

Do You Know These IKEA Life Hacks?
Do You Know These IKEA Life Hacks?

IKEA Life Hacks

Finding a way to create just the right piece of furniture or solve a problem is something many people want to do. IKEA’s flat box furniture can be a big help in that department, although it does mean stepping away from the instructions.

There are a lot of websites that show steps to create furniture that IKEA may not have had in mind when they developed the product. There are also Youtube videos showing how to do it, step by step. These can make getting just the right look a lot easier… and less expensive than custom made furniture.

In the bathroom, people have made several pieces that have helped fill a need. A desk was turned into a vanity, complete with mirror, storage, and lights. It would be much easier to put on makeup and style hair with all of those elements.

Another area that has seen a lot of IKEA life hacks would be closets. Some places don’t have any closets, especially those built when they were considered extra rooms and taxed. IKEA’s life hackers have created their own space to hold clothing.

Other closets could really use drawers in them, to hold shoes, belts, and other items. While not designed to be part of a closet system, several IKEA chests of drawers fit when done according to the plans set by hackers.

Hacks can go on into the kitchen. Some people have had odd spaces they want to use, especially for making a pantry. A set of shelves from IKEA fit right in with a little adjustment. Adding timber trim can also help when trying to set up a kitchen. Someone with a high ceiling needed something to go between the upper cabinets and the wall cabinets below, so added the trim.

Hacks don’t just belong in the house. RVs and van conversions can also benefit. A youtube channel called Less Junk More Journey removed the table and benches in their RV and added an IKEA standalone table to make more space. It works well for them, as they have two small children.

Van conversions can be expensive, they can be inexpensive and then not last or they can be IKEA. An IKEA bed would take some work, but other products come in handy. Vans and RVs are known for having tight spaces to fit things. Using a recycling bin as a trashcan can help, it’s small enough for the tight space and still keeps the smell away.

IKEA sells hardware, solar lights, and even a shopping bag picnic blanket. All of these can be used around the RV. One customer purchased a hinge to hold the Colman grill in place while traveling. Another used IKEA hooks for hanging clothing.

In the kitchen or the pool area, a hack using a set of IKEA kitchen cabinet with a set of clear topped dry goods containers is useful. This can hold everything from pasta to tools such as screwdrivers or wrenches.

To use these hacks successfully, it is wise to check them out online. There are a lot of websites and youtube videos available to provide hints and instructions that will make this life hacks successful.


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