Designing Your House Interiors with IKEA

IKEA Interior Design
IKEA Interior Design

IKEA Interior Design

The time has come to redesign your home or design the interior of your new home. You need a lot of things; furniture, cabinetry and so forth. Where do you begin? If IKEA is where you intend to purchase what you need, you have a couple of options. Below is one of the living room ideas for small space!

IKEA has software on its website that allows you to be your own interior designer. It is called the IKEA Home Planner and can be downloaded for free. At the moment, that option is available for the kitchen and dining room only, but that may upgrade over time.

This is offered because a lot of people have definite ideas about what they want. They would also prefer to do the designing from the comfort of their own home. That is a great plus; no traffic, no parking hassles and so forth.

This does have some requirements for the home computer. Windows XP SP2 or higher for PCs and  MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher (for Intel processors only), not compatible with Mac OS X10.7 Lion. It works with three browsers for the PC and three for the Macbook.

Some of us aren’t that gifted when it comes to interior design… and some get frustrated that the program can freeze up and doesn’t have a save feature. For those, going to the store is the best bet. IKEA has talented in-store interior designers.

IKEA has the philosophy that everyone should have affordable, nice looking furniture. To that end, they have designers on standby. If you should choose this route, however, plan for an all-day event, especially if there is a lot to be ordered.

The designer will sit down with you and go over the dimensions of the room, where fixtures and outlets are and what you want to be done. If you have your budget ready, he or she can help you choose products that fit both your needs and your budget.

The reason this will take time is that each individual piece has to be ordered separately. It will take time at home, as well. Be prepared in both cases for hours of work. Fortunately, IKEA has a food court if a lunch break is needed.

IKEA food

IKEA sells more than just furniture. It is possible to get all of your appliances added to the design made by the interior designer. You can also get pots, pans, utensils and table linens. This is great for one-stop shopping.

The next thing the interior designer may want to talk to you about is installation. IKEA furniture and cabinetry is well known for its many small pieces. While it is true that it can be assembled with basic tools, having someone else do it may be easier.

This is especially true in the kitchen. An IKEA installer will know how to hook up plumbing, gas or electric stoves and other essentials. If a new refrigerator is in the order and it has a water/ice maker attachment, they will know how to hook that up properly.

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