How IKEA Makes Its Furniture? (Explained)

how ikea makes its furniture
how ikea makes its furniture

Customers enter IKEA searching for a couch to pull their living room together. They seek that one table that will make their dining room cozy.

They scour for the perfect bed to make their dreams more blissful. IKEA makes its furniture with these scenarios in mind. Here’s how they do it.

They will not set out to design a piece until they know what to sell it for. This helps keep the cost of their furniture low. It also helps them maintain good quality furniture.

The designers can use the budget to map out what materials to use. This is one of the ways that IKEA keeps a low cost for their products.

Once the price has been determined, the designers will begin to work on the product. They will take into account the available materials and the budget. They will also look at what trends are popular.

How IKEA Makes Its Furniture?

This helps them to decide on a style for the piece of furniture. IKEA is known for its simple yet stylish designs.

The process begins with sketching. The designer will sketch a design and show it to their team. Then comes the actual procedure.

The sketch is put to work and made into a 3D model, which can be done with a 3D printer. After that, the model is put into production.


IKEA also uses a lot of machines in its product development process. They use computer-aided design to create models and prototypes. This allows them to see how the product will look before it is made.

After the product has been designed, it will undergo a few tests.

These tests help to ensure that the product is safe and will function properly. IKEA puts a lot of emphasis on safety. They want to make sure that their customers are worldwide,

IKEA has a very efficient way of making furniture. Their products are made to be simple yet stylish. This is why IKEA is so popular.

Their products are also very affordable. This is because they use a lot of machines in their product development process.

 This allows them to keep the cost of their furniture low. Throughout this manufacturing process, the designers and suppliers work together. They can send back different prototypes to determine the best materials.

This is a large part of the 3D model step. The redesign is a big part of 3D modeling, too. The designer and suppliers can see what doesn’t translate from page to model.

Something on a sketch may seem pertinent but doesn’t fit with the actual product.

Another thing that must be considered when creating IKEA furniture is that the customers must assemble it.


The product needs to be made with larger pieces that will lay flat in a box. In addition to this, IKEA tries to use sustainable raw materials. They use wood, cotton, metal, glass, and rattan.

However, IKEA likes to focus more on durability rather than uniqueness.

 This means their products are plain and straightforward to design. Their top-selling product, the Billy Bookcase, is a short, tall, six-shelved bookcase. Nothing particularly notable about the bookcase, but it sells out all the time.

Another thing the designer must consider is safety. IKEA is where families can make their homes together. Because of this, IKEA designers have to consider children when creating products.

They don’t want to make a product that could easily hurt a kid.

So, when looking at IKEA products, you can trust that they’ve been made with a lot of thought and care – everything from the materials to the shape has been considered to create a safe and functional product.

Regarding furniture, IKEA is a go-to source for many people. They offer a wide range of products, from sofas and chairs to tables and beds. And they’re known for their affordable prices.

But there’s more to IKEA than just low prices. A few things make IKEA furniture stand out from the rest.


IKEA furniture is designed with functionality in mind. The pieces are meant to be used and loved; not just looked at. And they’re made to last.

IKEA furniture is built to withstand everyday use, so you can be sure it will last for years.

Another thing the designer must consider is safety. IKEA is where families can make their homes together.

Because of this, IKEA designers have to consider children when creating products. They don’t want to make a product that could easily hurt a kid.

After the grueling process of redesigning a product until it’s at its best, it will be manufactured. Most of the design process occurs in IKEA’s home country, Sweden. From there, it is shipped to IKEA stores around the world.

The company owns and operates many of its factories, which helps keep production costs low. 

That being, the products are mainly manufactured in Asia. The products are primarily made in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar. In Europe, they are manufactured in Poland and Romania.

There was an IKEA factory in the USA, too, but it was shut down.

The next step is to deliver the product to the customer. IKEA’s global reach means that its products are available in many countries.

The company has a network of stores and an e-commerce site that helps customers get the products they need.

IKEA’s focus on design and functionality makes its products very popular.

The company is always looking for ways to improve its products and make them even more appealing to customers. IKEA is constantly innovating and developing new ideas to improve its products. 

What is IKEA’s Furniture making strategy?

IKEA has a very efficient and cost-effective furniture-making strategy. Their furniture is designed to be flat-packed so that it can be quickly shipped and assembled by the customer.

This allows IKEA to keep its costs down and pass those savings on to the customer.

IKEA designs its furniture to be modular so that it can be easily customized to fit the customer’s needs.

marketing strategy

This flexibility allows IKEA to offer a wide range of products that can be adapted to any space.

IKEA also uses a variety of materials in their furniture so that they can provide a wide range of price points. This allows them to appeal to a broader range of customers.

IKEA furniture is also designed to be durable to withstand years of use. This helps to create lasting value for the customer.

IKEA’s furniture-making strategy is based on offering a low-cost, high-quality product that the customer easily assembles.

Their use of modular design and various materials allows them to create furniture pieces customized to fit the customer’s needs.

IKEA’s furniture is also designed to be durable and to last for years. This combination of features makes IKEA’s furniture an excellent value for the customer.

The advertisement is very creative; it’s like a story that you want to know what will happen next. IKEA’s ad says that their furniture is “low cost, high quality,” “modular,” and “durable.”

These are all qualities that would be important to me when choosing furniture. IKEA’s philosophy of making furniture that is “flat-packed” and easy to assemble also appeals to me.

IKEA’s furniture-making strategy seems to be focused on offering a product that is both affordable and high quality. Their use of modular design and various materials allows them to create furniture pieces customized to fit the customer’s needs. 

Enlist Characteristics of IKEA furniture

  • IKEA furniture is known for its simple, functional design.
  • IKEA furniture is often made of wood or plastic and is designed to be assembled by the customer.
  • IKEA furniture is usually less expensive than other brands of furniture.
  • IKEA furniture is often shipped in flat packs, which makes it easier to transport and store.
  • IKEA furniture is often produced in mass quantities, which makes it more affordable.
  • IKEA furniture is available at many retail locations and online.
  • IKEA furniture has many styles, making it easy to find something to match any home décor.

Does IKEA offer Furniture Customization?

IKEA does not offer furniture customization at this time. However, they offer various services that can help you customize your furniture to fit your needs. These services include:

  • IKEA Home Planner: This online tool allows you to input the dimensions of your room and then experiment with different furniture arrangements. You
  • IKEA Assembly Service: This service offers the professional assembly of IKEA furniture in your home.
  • IKEA Delivery Service: This service offers IKEA furniture delivery to your home.
  • IKEA Installation Service: This service offers professional installation of IKEA furniture in your home.

With 957 million store visits per year and 2.5 billion online visits, the company has to assemble furniture quickly and efficiently.

After extensive product testing, the table is allowed in the store. If anything changes following product testing, IKEA will determine if it needs to be tested again. They want the best products in their store at the lowest price.

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