IKEA Bed Base: Lonset vs Luroy

IKEA Bed Base: Lonset vs Luroy
IKEA Bed Base: Lonset vs Luroy

IKEA Bed Base: Lonset vs. Luroy

IKEA is known for its do it yourself furniture options. When it comes to beds, this can be somewhat tricky. Human beings spend a great deal of time in bed, up to a third of each day. Making sure the bed is right is important.

Traditional beds tend to be very heavy. IKEA beds aren’t, and that can be either good or bad. A lot of it will depend on which type is purchased and the correct construction methods. The foundation, which other brands usually use springs or other standard materials, is made of slats. Cost, construction and the number of slats will determine the outcome.

IKEA slats are made from wood. The primary wood is birch with veneers of other trees, including beech and eucalyptus. Birch is a bendy wood, which allows for a good fit. The number of them differs in different models.

The Luroy slatted bed is less expensive than the Lonset. It features seventeen slats and is relatively easy to put together. If the foundation is put together properly, it should fit the IKEA frame well and not be a problem. However, if it isn’t put together right or another frame is used, things could happen.

The biggest complaint about the Luroy bed is that the slats sag, sometimes to the ground, when someone is lying on it. This makes the mattress sag and the sleeper is uncomfortable. This has caused quite a few customer complaints. Those who don’t have a problem with the bed point to improper methods of putting the bed together.

The Lonset foundation is more robust. It uses thirty slats using both solid birch and solid beech. The veneers are similar to that of the Luroy. They do cost more, but for many, the additional cost is worth it. There is one con listed for this foundation; it is much more complicated to put together. This can lead to problems, as seen with the Luroy foundation.

The next question many may ask; why buy a bed from IKEA if it is complicated and may not work? There are several reasons for that. The company offers a twenty-five-year limited warranty on the bed. This warranty includes factory defects, which could occur with any manufacturer.

Standard beds, especially those made in the 1960s or earlier, are very heavy. Even a twin bed can take two people to move, especially if it needs to go up a flight of stairs. The IKEA beds are much lighter. Standard foundations are very hard to keep clean. These beds require a mild detergent soap and a cleaning rag. That alone makes it more ideal for allergy sufferers.

These beds do come in a good range of sizes. They don’t offer a California king, but they do offer everything from a twin to a standard king. The prices are affordable as well. Where else can a king-size foundation for sixty dollars? While you are shopping, don’t forget to pick up linens for the new bed…


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