IKEA Beds Base: Lonset vs Luroy

ikea beds lonset vs luroy
ikea beds lonset vs luroy

IKEA is known for its do-it-yourself furniture options. When it comes to beds, this can be somewhat tricky. Human beings spend a great deal of time in bed, up to a third of each day. Making sure the bed is right is important.

Traditional beds tend to be very heavy. IKEA beds aren’t, and that can be either good or bad. It will depend on which type is purchased and the correct construction methods.

The foundation, other brands usually use springs or other standard materials, is made of slats. Cost, construction, and the number of slats will determine the outcome.

IKEA slats are made from wood. The primary wood is birch with veneers of other trees, including beech and eucalyptus. Birch is a bendy wood, which allows for a good fit.

The number of them differs in different models. More slats mean better support and stability but also a higher price.

Let’s discuss two popular IKEA bed bases and compare the two – Lonset and Luroy.

IKEA Beds Base- Lonset vs Luroy

Price Cheaper Option Expensive
Number of slats 17 30
Slat Slag over time Common Relatively Sturdy
Warranty 25 years 25 years
Replacement of Damaged parts Difficult to find Easily Avaliable
Nature of Bed Base Hard Softer
Adjusts to body weight Not always yes

IKEA Luroy Bed Frame

The Luroy Bed Base has few slats but provides good support. It is a cheaper option with a lighter price tag and solid slats, resulting in better support.

This option is also sturdier and lasts longer than the Lonset. This bed base also has a good reputation for being solid; however, complaints of it being too hard for some users to have been noted. 

The Luroy slatted bed is less expensive than the Lonset but still features seventeen slats and is relatively easy to put together.

If the foundation is put together properly, it should fit the IKEA frame well and not be a problem. However, you might face an issue if it isn’t put together right or another structure is used.

Ikea luroy

A disadvantage of investing in this bed frame is that it isn’t as common as the Lonset. This means that finding replacement parts or a new one altogether can be difficult and costly.

Other than that, customer reviews have been favorable, with people saying it’s a great bed for the price.

The Luroy is a good choice for those who want extra support while they sleep. It’s also a good investment if the correct methods are used to put the bed together.

sleep bed

Those who wish for an easy-to-find and lower-cost option should go with other options on the market.

IKEA Lonset Bed Frame

Lonset is a low-cost option with fewer slats. The price reflects this, as it is usually low. It is believed to be a soild reputation, but some users have found that it sags after a few months of use.

Adding an extra support layer, such as plywood, can be remedied.

It uses thirty slats using both solid birch and solid beech. The veneers are similar to that of the Luroy.

They cost more, but the additional cost is worth it for many. One con listed for this foundation; it is much more complicated to put together. This can lead to problems, as seen with the Luroy foundation.

The customer reviews have been good, with most people happy with their purchase. The next question many may ask is; why buy a bed from IKEA if it is complicated and may not work? There are several reasons for that.

The company offers a twenty-five-year limited warranty on the bed.


This warranty includes factory defects, which could occur with any manufacturer.

Standard beds are heavy, especially those made of solid wood. Even a twin bed can take two people to move, especially if it needs to go up a flight of stairs.

The IKEA beds are much lighter. Standard foundations are hard to keep clean. These beds require a mild detergent soap and a cleaning rag. That alone makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Our Pick Of Choice:

IKEA Lonset

The Lonset is our pick of choice because it offers the best value for the price. It is also one of the most common models, making it easier to find replacement parts if needed.

The bed is also more comfortable than the Luroy, as it has twice as many slats. This means that there is less chance of the mattress sagging.

The Luroy is easier to put together than the Lonset. This is because it has fewer slats, which makes it simpler.

IKEA Luroy Bed Pros:

  • 17 slats
  • A lower price than Lonset
  • easier to put together


  • not as common, so replacement parts may be difficult to find
  • may be uncomfortable for some sleepers

IKEA Lonset Bed Pros: 

  • 30 slats
  • a good choice for those who want extra support


  • higher price than Luroy
  • difficult to put together
  • may sag over time

While there are some cons to the IKEA beds, they offer a good product for the price. They also have a warranty and are easy to keep clean, which are both definite pluses.

IKEA bed frames come in many different sizes, from twin to king. There is also a variety of styles, from contemporary to more traditional. The pricing reflects this, as the more expensive beds have more features.

ikea beds

These beds do come in a good range of sizes. They don’t offer a California king, but everything from a twin to a standard king. The prices are affordable as well.

Where else can a king-size foundation be for sixty dollars? While shopping, don’t forget to pick up linens for the new bed…and maybe a comforter and some pillows too.

Importance of a Good Bed Base

 The average person spends one-third of their life in bed. That’s a lot of time, and it’s important to be comfortable. A good bed will provide the following:

  • Correct Support – The spine has a natural curve. That curve must be supported when lying down to maintain alignment and avoid pain.
  • Good Blood Circulation – When lying down, the body’s weight should be evenly distributed to avoid placing extra pressure on any area and causing pain or circulation problems.
  • Relaxation of Muscles – The muscles need to relax when sleeping fully. If they’re not, it can lead to pain and tension headaches.

bed frame

Regarding IKEA bed bases, the choice between Lonset and Luroy will come from the budget and personal preference. If cost is a major factor, Luroy may be the better option.

However, if comfort and durability are more important, Lonset may be worth it. 

It’s also a good investment if the correct methods are used to put the bed together. Those who wish for an easy-to-find and lower-cost option should go with other options on the market.

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