10 Steps Guide on How to Paint IKEA Furnitures

A Guide on How to Paint IKEA Furnitures
A Guide on How to Paint IKEA Furnitures

How To Paint IKEA Furnitures

As beautiful as IKEA furniture can be, it rarely seems to be the color shoppers want. The furniture pieces come in neutral colors like black, white, and brown. Luckily, it’s easy to paint IKEA furniture. Video below shows the unique style of painting IKEA furniture!

Here is a step by step guide on how to turn that boring brown bookshelf into a vibrant, stand out piece.

1. Choose a Furniture Piece Compatible with Paint

If a furniture piece has the wrong color, and the homeowner knows they’re going to paint it, their furniture piece should reflect that. It’s a known fact that painting over white is easier than painting over brown. Choose the best color option IKEA has for painting over.

2. Clean the Product

Even though the product is brand new, there may be some stray dust lingering on the wood. Be sure to wipe down every surface of the product before painting.

3. Sand the Product (optional)

IKEA furniture is well-made and often comes in laminated wood. Because of this, it is not necessary to sand the product before painting. However, it may smooth out the piece and giving it a cleaner cut. Overall, it is okay to sand IKEA furniture before painting, but it is not an essential step.

4. Cover the Furniture in Primer

Adding Primer to IKEA furniture is a vital step in the process. The use of primer makes it so sanding is non-essential. It’s up to the homeowner to decide what kind of primer to use. There are oil-based primers that are best used on bare wood. This primer is great at fighting off water-based stains. Another kind of primer is latex. Latex primer is best for softwood, and more solid materials like brick and stone. Latex primer is best used before painting but can work as a sealer following the painting process. Shellac based primer is not as common as the other two but is actually the most effective when blocking out stains. Both oil and latex primer can be applied over this one.

5. Add the 2nd Coat of Primer

Like paint, primer needs a second coat. After applying the first coat, wait for the primer to dry, then add a second coat.

6. Paint the Furniture

This is the biggest step. Paint the furniture with whatever color and paint works best. Most any paint can be used on IKEA furniture like latex paint, chalk paint, and even spray paint. What’s more exciting is that the piece can be painted before being assembled. This way, it’s unlikely to have missing spots.

7. Apply the 2nd Coat of Paint (and maybe a 3rd)

The color of the furniture needs to stand out. After the first coat dries, add a second coat of paint. If the wood underneath is still shining through, feel free to add a third coat.

8. Apply a Primer Sealer (optional)

As I mentioned before, latex primers can act as sealers. This helps bring the piece together with a glossy finish. This step is not needed, though, so don’t do it unless it’s wanted.

9. Assemble the Furniture

It’s time to assemble the furniture! How exciting. Follow the IKEA instructions to put the piece together.

10. Enjoy the New and Improved Furniture

The IKEA piece is surely a lot more fun now. Enjoy the look and relax before painting and assembling another piece!

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