What You Need To Know About IKEA Touch Up Paint

What You Need To Know About IKEA Touch Up Paint
What You Need To Know About IKEA Touch Up Paint

IKEA Touch Up Paint

It can happen to any piece of furniture or appliance. It may be a child banging on it with a toy or a pet scratching it. However, there is a scratch in the paint on your IKEA furniture. How are you going to handle it?

While IKEA sells some paint, it isn’t necessarily touch up paint. Naturally, you can go to the store. If you ask an experienced customer service representative, they may be able to scrounge something up for you, but many IKEA shoppers don’t live near a store.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of other ways of getting the right paint for the job.  The first question is, of course, whether or not now is a good time to repaint the entire thing. Perhaps the color never really appealed to you. If so, it is much easier; no matching required.

Most of the time, people want a quick way of fixing the damage. Here is where the internet comes in handy. Many companies sell kits that allow touch up of slightly dinged furniture and cabinetry. Simply match the color, click and wait.

One of these companies, Mohawk Consumer Products, carries repair sticks in the most popular of IKEA’s paint colors. The good thing about this product is that it can do more than cover up a scratch. Let’s say Junior ran his toy truck into the bookcase, creating a small gauge mark. Paint won’t cover that up.

However, the repair stick will. It’s also good for some of the problems that can happen while assembling IKEA furniture, such as hammer marks and other slips. These sticks are designed to be a color match and don’t require a lot of looking around.

Once you have your choice of product, it is time to make the repair. The first question is; what material is the product made from? The repair will be different for different materials. If you don’t remember what the piece is called, there is usually a sticker somewhere on it that will say. Once that is done, you can look it up on IKEA’s webpage.

Unless you are repainting the whole thing, it isn’t necessary to take it apart. Depending on the material, you may want to sand it. Laminate materials don’t require it. Metal doesn’t unless it is rusty. Solid wood does.

Again, primer can be skipped unless repainting the entire thing. If you are using any sort of repair stick, it will have instructions on it for how to use it. Sticks and pens tend to be the fastest way to touch up paint, although an artist’s paintbrush can also be used. Once the repair is made, allow it to dry.

Scuff marks, which can happen during a move or in general wear and tear, may require a regular paintbrush. In this instance, it may be easier to remove the damaged piece before painting it. That will help prevent drips or runs of paint. However, that isn’t necessary and sometimes isn’t practical.


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