Can You Paint IKEA Furniture and Pax Door?

Can You Paint IKEA Furniture and Pax Door?
Can You Paint IKEA Furniture and Pax Door?

Can You Paint IKEA Furniture and Pax Door?

Finding the perfect piece of furniture is not as simple as it may seem. No matter how perfect the piece, it seems that the color is never quite right. There’s always the option to paint a piece, but there’s no way to know if it will show on the furniture.

IKEA, one of the most popular furniture stores in the world, has lots of neutral colors. Most of their furniture pieces come in black, white, and brown. These are great for matching the home but are not perfect for eccentric homeowners. Crazy colors like purple, lime green, yellow, and anything in between are harder to find in the store. Luckily for IKEA shoppers, IKEA furniture can be painted.

The first step is to use a primer. IKEA furniture should not be painted without primer. It laminates the surface of the furniture and can act in lieu of sanding it.

Any kind of paint can be used to color the furniture. Roll on paint works, and so does spray paint. Decorating the furniture is dependent on the shopper. It’s also important to paint the furniture before it’s assembled so there are no missing spots. After applying the first coat, a sealer should be added. Then the final coat can be added, and the piece can be left to dry.

For more inventive pieces, check out YouTube or Pinterest. There are plenty of tutorials on how to decorate and refurbish furniture. The good thing about IKEA furniture is that it is easy to disassemble. If the paint chips, or if a spot is missed, it can be fixed by taking it apart. Some of the best pieces to paint at IKEA are the pax doors. They are made of laminated wood. This material is simple to paint and looks really good.

Shoppers who are extra spunky can even use chalk paint to decorate their IKEA furniture. This paint is perfect because it doesn’t need a primer or sealer. It’s easy to paint as is. It will not have the same glossy finish as ordinary paint, though.

Anyone who doesn’t want to risk painting IKEA furniture will be pleased to know they can purchase some pieces separately. The doors for IKEA cabinets can be bought in different stores in a variety of colors.

But if the painting is the way to go, it’s best to buy white cabinets for an easy color. This way, the paint color will match the closest to the consumer’s choice. The furniture might look wonky if rainbow colors were mixed with neutrals. Of course, that is also up to the consumer.

Overall, IKEA furniture can be painted. They have plain colors that are easy to paint over. The furniture can be disassembled to reapply paint. And best of all, IKEA furniture is very cheap, so if the paint job is messy, it’s easy to replace. But really, find a youtube tutorial and it should look great.

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