Go Camping With 17 IKEA Products!

go camping with ikea products
go camping with ikea products

IKEA Products Are Good For Camping

Camping is a fun way to travel and get away from it all. However, there are things that campers need that might not be required at home. One of them is deciding what type of camping they will be doing.

Will it be in a tent, a travel trailer, or an RV? What about a conversion van? Watch the video below if you want an IKEA haul for your RV!

Camping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of options for camping gear that can make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

If you’re planning on taking your RV on an adventure this summer, we recommend checking out these 17 great IKEA products to help add some extra convenience and comfort to your trip!

Once that decision has been made, a trip to IKEA might be in order. The company sells more than just furniture. Even backpackers may find something useful at IKEA. That would include a handy backpacker’s stove.

Go Camping With IKEA Products!

1) Laundry Hamper

When camping with a family, a few things will make things easier. For instance, a foldable laundry hamper will be very useful.

laundry hamper

IKEA sells them, and they can be put into a corner of the tent or other vehicles to hold dirty laundry. The basket itself detaches so it can go to the laundromat.

2) Rug

Even if the floor of a tent does not have carpet, a rug can make it more comfortable. IKEA sells them in various sizes and colors. They are easy to carry in a backpack or storage container.

3) Backpacker’s Stove

This is another great item for hikers and campers carrying their food. A backpacker’s stove uses ethanol as an energy source. It has no smoke, so it does not attract bugs or other unwanted critters.

4) Lamp

A cordless lamp will be more convenient for campers than a traditional one with cords that have to be plugged in and take up space on the floor. IKEA has a few of these for camping.


5) Pots and Pans

Pots, pans, and other cooking items are important to any camping experience. They can be carried in a storage container or pack to protect them from damage.

Also, do not forget the coffee pot! IKEA sells cookware that is perfect for camping, especially if the cook will be roughing it for a time.

The great thing about IKEA products is that most of them are easy to put together when you arrive at your destination. That makes it simpler to set up a tent or store the items in an RV where they will remain safe and secure.

6) Cooking Knife

There are multiple options to choose from at IKEA. However, one of them is essential for campers who want to cook meals while they are away on vacation. A good knife can be used to cut up food or open cans. 

cooking knife

Cooking knives are important when camping, but if they are in a camping box, it is easy to get cut.

However, IKEA sells cooking knives for camping that comes with a sheath. That keeps the fingers safe while allowing the cook to have the proper tools.

7) Dinnerware Sets

When camping, having the proper dinnerware is essential. Not washing it after every meal can become a hotbed for bacteria and other illness-causing germs.

IKEA makes dinnerware sets that are easy to clean and carry in an RV or storage container.

After the cooking is finished, it’s time to think about eating. Paper and Styrofoam plates are wasteful, but the weight has to be considered.

Instead of buying disposable items, there are dinnerware sets and silverware sets made for camping at IKEA. These can be washed and reused.

8) IKEA Flashlight

It can get very dark out, especially for those who are tent camping. While flashlights are a useful and needed item, lanterns cast more light.

ikea flashlight

This helps to prevent tripping over tree roots on the way to the restroom. IKEA’s lantern has glass inserts, and a reviewer stated that it didn’t go out even when it was windy.

9) IKEA Camping Table

There isn’t always a picnic table in a camping area. There are also times when one picnic table doesn’t have enough space. For those times, IKEA has tables that can be used.

That doesn’t mean the kitchen table, either. There are camping-type tables for small spaces!

10) IKEA Bag Sets

Bags are important in camping because they separate things like food and clothes. IKEA has sets that can be carried easily. These will also help to streamline packing, so items do not get mixed in with the dirty laundry.

At home, there are drawers and rooms to hold the things we use daily. First aid supplies, grooming gear, and so forth are easy to find. There aren’t any convenient drawers on a camping trip, especially tent camping.

IKEA sells bag sets that make finding what’s needed much easier.

11) IKEA Camping Chair

An outdoor chair is a nice thing for anyone who goes camping. It gives a place to sit and relax after a long hike. IKEA sells several that are easy to carry and assemble but won’t break while sitting on them.

12) IKEA Sleeping Bags for Baby

If you’re camping with children, a sleeping bag for the baby makes things easier. It will keep the child warm.

There are openings so the infant can be placed inside without putting one’s hands inside to get them out of the bag. IKEA sells sleeping bags that are perfect for the youngest campers.

13) IKEA Sleeping Bags for Adults

When camping with children, it’s important to keep them warm at night. However, adults also need a good night’s sleep to be productive during the day. IKEA also has sleeping bags for adults that are perfect for camping.

No matter how hot the day is, the nights are cold in most places. Sleeping bags are great for sleeping, but what about sitting around the campfire?

It takes more than just the fire to stay warm enough. If you have a baby or toddler, do consider the IKEA sleep sack!

14) IKEA Sleeping Pads

A sleeping pad is essential for sleeping on the ground while camping. Rather than buying one of those cheap ones that do not provide much cushioning, you can get one from IKEA.

The pads are durable and comfortable, helping everyone to rest well.

15) IKEA Cooler Baskets

It’s important to stay hydrated while camping, which means keeping cold drinks on hand. Rather than bringing an ice chest with you, you can get a cooler basket from IKEA instead.

These baskets are made from sturdy materials and easily hold food and drinks for several people.

16) IKEA Sleeping Bags for Pets

A sleeping bag is a necessary plan to bring your pet along on your camping trip. These bags are made specifically to keep dogs warm and comfortable at night. They are also durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor use.

17) Blanket

Don’t worry; IKEA makes blankets for camping. Whether you need one for yourself, your baby, or your pet, IKEA has a selection of blankets that are perfect for camping.

These blankets are comfortable, warm, and durable, making them the ideal choice for a great night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

These blankets can be used in other ways, as well. They can go under the air mattress or between the sleeping bag and the tent floor for added insulation. They can be used on the sleeping bag for more warmth if needed.

Surprisingly, IKEA has everything a camper might want. It is all there, from cooking utensils to camping furniture. When you are ready to go camping or hiking, just check out the selection at IKEA!

Before heading out on a camping trip with your family or friends, check out IKEA’s amazing selection of products.

From flashlights and tents to sleeping bags and camp tables, this iconic retailer has everything you need for a successful camping excursion. So why wait? Start planning your next outdoor adventure today!

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