9 Best IKEA Backpack Review 2022

Best IKEA Backpack

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Best IKEA Backpack

IKEA is simply best at everything they do. Despite the factor that you get exceptional quality with all of their products, you get a surprisingly large range of products that are developed and designed by IKEA. It is a one-stop-shop for everything you might need, and you will also be finding tons of things that you never knew that you needed before. These things will definitely be a welcomed addition and are going to add comfort to your life.

There is a wide range of backpacks by IKEA that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is essential that everyone needs to carry their things around for their daily run to a job, to take it for college, or even travel. A few options that stand out exceptionally from the IKEA range of backpacks are listed below.

9 Best IKEA Backpack Review

1) PIVRING Backpack

PIVRING Backpack

This is the best backpack for students, day job workers, or anyone looking to have a decent-sized space to carry around all day long. The bag offers plenty of space for you to house a 14”’ laptop or tablet with a padded compartment so you don’t have to worry about minor shocks or impacts on your gadgets.

It also features additional space that can house some extra clothes, a water bottle, a lunch box, and some files. Whatever you intend to use this bag for, it will not let you get tired with the right design and comfortable straps to pull around your shoulders. The added mesh pocket is there so you can keep your essentials like a cap handy for use. here...

2) STARTTID Backpack, Golden Yellow

STARTTID Backpack, Golden Yellow

STARTTID is the perfect choice for you if you are travelling frequently and need some things that could not be put into your checked-in luggage or the back of your car trunk. These bags are designed for travelers on short trips specifically with lots of compartments and zipped pockets that help you organize your stuff in an efficient manner and get your hands on something that you might want pretty easily.

The comfortable design makes it easy to wear around and extended handles on the top make it easy to carry as well. The materials used on this one are pretty durable, so you won’t have to worry about minor scratches or cuts either. It can also take a bit of splash without getting your belongings wet.

3) STARTTID Backpack, Pink Red

STARTTID Backpack, Pink Red

If you are looking for some additional space in a backpack to house your clothes, a pair of shoes, and necessities, then this 5 Gallon backpack from the STARTTID series is the best choice you can get. The zippered side opening on this one is perfect to access everything in the main compartment even if your backpack is fully packed.


Furthermore, it offers a separate compartment to house 15” laptop easily. The bag is easily washable by hands and with warm water, so you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance either on the bag. This would be just the choice for you to have a lighter, compatible, and good-looking bag for short trips or carrying some stuff around you daily.

4) SOLBLEKT Backpack, Rattan

SOLBLEKT Backpack, Rattan

Well, not everything is about trips, carrying your clothes around, or having the laptop. Sometimes you have to let loose a bit for trips and this would be the perfect choice for you to have on a beach day.

SOLBLEKT offers you a contemporary design that is perfect to carry sandals, beachwear, towels, and things like that. It has an ample capacity of 5 gallons that can carry whatever you might need to have a good day at the beach under the sun.

The basket essentially is made of handwoven rattan that is durable and renewable. There are two sturdy straps and a hang on a hook on the bag that would make it easier for you to carry the bag.

5) VÄRLDENS Backpack, 7 Gallon

VÄRLDENS Backpack, 7 Gallon

VÄRLDENS series is great to have a stylish backpack that is enough to carry everything that you might ever need. With an extended capacity of 7 gallons, you can carry your lunchbox, helmet, training gear, some extra clothes, and even your computer on it.

There are lots and lots of pockets on the bag making it convenient for you to organize stuff like your headphones, power bank, and other accessories for days that you are away from your home. The bag also has pretty comfortable straps and an ergonomic shape that would make it a perfect choice for a hiking trip as well.

6) VÄRLDENS Backpack, 4 Gallon

VÄRLDENS Backpack, 4 Gallon

This is another cool option from the VÄRLDENS series that you can choose if you don’t need much space but want a stylish looking bag for your run to the gym each day or take it with you to school or your office. The bag comes with a dedicated pocket to hold your water bottle as well, so you can keep your hands free, and stay hydrated all day long.

The materials used on this bag are 90% recycled polyester and Polyurethane, so you won’t have to feel discomfort at any time while you are wearing the bag on your back. A padded compartment for a laptop ensures the safety of your device even if the bag has to go through a minor fall.

7) VÄRLDENS Backpack, 10 Gallon

VÄRLDENS Backpack, 10 Gallon

If you are in love with the VÄRLDENS series and cannot have enough of it, there is no need to be worried about it as they got covered all your needs. With this 10-gallon backpack, you get ample space to house your computer, clothes, shoes, and everything that you will need for a trip.

Rather business, private, or pleasure, you can have this backpack with you that is cabin-sized and easy to carry around. Comfortable straps make it easier to carry around and additional padding on the back would not let you feel that you have weight on your shoulders for a moment.

8) FÖRENKLA Backpack, Wheeled Carry-On Bag

FÖRENKLA Backpack, Wheeled Carry-On Bag

This bag is one of the best things you can get if you are a frequent traveler and want an all-in-one option. This bag is a carry-on bag that has straps at the back for wearing in on the back, it got a sturdy aluminum handle to carry and wheels as well to taxi it around.

The bag is packed with smart functions that would be great for your commute and short traveling needs. It got plenty of space for you to organize and store things close at hand that you might need for traveling.

9) DRÖMSÄCK Backpack


DRÖMSÄCK is the phenomenal choice for you if you like the old rucksack styled backpacks. It has a timeless design that can help you carry anything that you might want to around. It has ample space that can take a laptop, lunch box, mobile phone, training gear, and some shoes as well.

This is not just an ordinary backpack but a style symbol that would be the right choice for you to speak up your styling sense. It would complement any sort of casual dressing and dark color will not only stand out but will save your bag to look dirty after a rough day usage and can take a few dust stains as well.

Choosing The Best IKEA Backpacks

IKEA backpacks are the perfect choice for you to carry your things around in style. These IKEA backpacks not only have the contemporary design that stands out, but they are also highly comfortable and do not put any sort of strain on your shoulders, thanks to the ergonomic design and soft straps.

There are padded compartments for your laptops as well, keeping in mind the needs of everyday backpack users these days. You can choose from these great IKEA backpacks depending on the size, and design preference for you.

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