10 Helpful Housekeeping IKEA Hacks

Helpful Housekeeping IKEA Hacks
Helpful Housekeeping IKEA Hacks

Housekeeping Made Easier with IKEA

IKEA has plenty of affordable furniture. They have great deals on bookcases, tables, bed frames, and more. What’s best about this is that a lot of this furniture can be repurposed to help with storage, and cleaning up the house. Here are some tips on how to do this.

1. Repurpose the Billy Bookcase

There are many different uses for the Billy Bookcase. The obvious thing to use it as a bookshelf. It can be turned on its side to become a kitchen island. Then, bookshelves can be used to store fruit, cereal, and more food.

2. Turn a Spice Rack into a Book Rack

IKEA spice racks are unique in the fact that they can work in more than one way. It can be used as a book rack in a home office or study. It can hold books and journals to help with the organization. 

3. Turn a Dresser into a Desk

IKEA Dressers are great for storing clothes, but they can store so much more. The top drawer can be cut to make a dresser a desk. Then more notes and work can be stored in the remaining drawers. 

4. Slatted Bed Bases as Shelves

IKEA bed bases are only $10. They can be mounted to the wall as shelves. They can be used in any room. They are made of wood, so they match everything. This is the perfect hack to clean up the home.

5. Coasters to Trinket Dishes

IKEA coasters are strong and cute. They can be painted any color and used for trinkets. Coins can be put in them. Jewelry can be put in them. A six-pack of coasters can be bought for $7.99.

6. Lacquer the Furniture

Another way to clean up the home is by making the furniture look nice. IKEA furniture can be lacquered. This helps it look clean, smooth, and shiny. It adds that extra something to the home.

7. Acrylic Cube as a Table

IKEA’s acrylic cube can be used as a nightstand. It adds a shiny look to the room and looks perfect as a table.

8. Use Fabric Paint

Fabric paint can be painted on furniture to make it look better. It gives the home a fresher look. IKEA sells fabric paint for $7.99 in an assortment of colors.

9. Turn a Laptop Desk into a Bar Cart

IKEA’s laptop desks are very convenient for the office, but they can be repurposed into bar carts. Wheels can be added to make the perfect bar car for the dining room. A laptop desk can be bought at IKEA for about $40.

10. Storage Cabinet into Headboard

IKEA storage cabinets can be used as headboards on beds. This way, the bedroom is can be cleaned up. This adds another storage space to the bedroom that also gives it a unique look.

These are just some of the many IKEA housekeeping/storage hacks that help clean up the home. There are many more that can be easily found through Google or Pinterest. IKEA furniture has many purposes, and always looks good in the home.

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