IKEA slatted bed bases reviews

A slatted bed base is a necessary component of any bedding setup. In combination with a slatted bed base, every mattress will perform much better than it would without it. Certain mattresses have the slatted bed base included in the price while many of them don’t, which means you will have to purchase it additionally. IKEA offers three different slatted bed bases, from the most basic one to the most advanced one. They got creative with their products and created bed bases where you can adjust the slats to add firmness or softness to the bed or even adjust the head or foot section for increased comfort. Since a bed base is a must when it comes to setting up a bed, let’s get into the reviews of the three IKEA’s bed bases in the offer!

LUROY slatted bed base

This slatted bed base was designed to be used on an IKEA bed frame. If you are planning to use it on a frame from another manufacturer, make sure to check the construction and whether this bed base would fit. The Luroy slatted bed base consists of 17 slats of layer – glued birch that adjusts to your body weight and supports the mattress.

The materials of this bed base consist of include eucalyptus veneer, pine veneer, adhesive resin as coating, polyester and polypropylene, beech veneer, and birch veneer. The product is rated 3.4 on IKEA’s store, as customers had plenty of complaints regarding one specific issue.

Namely, the problem with this bed base is that the slates often drop out of the frame and fall to the floor, causing the mattress to dip and be uncomfortable. There have also been complaints about the base getting creaky over some time and making annoying noise when under pressure. While those are some serious complaints that would make a person not want to buy this product, there have also been customers who have found it perfectly functional.

They stated that the key to this product being functional is the installation process. If the slatted bed base is not placed on the frame properly, it is likely to fall out or make noise. Therefore, those who had issues with the slates falling out to have the most likely places the bed base incorrectly, causing it to perform badly. On another note, some customers have stated the Luroy bed base is overpriced, as the quality you get with it is not worth the money it costs.

Besides the negative reviews, the Luroy base has received positive ones. It is easy to maintain as you can clean it using a cloth and some mild detergent. This bed base is available in all four sizes; king, queen, twin, and full size. The king-size goes for the price of 60$, queen size for 50$, full size for 50$ as well, and twin size for 30$. As usual with IKEA’s product, you will get a 25-year limited warranty that covers all manufacturing defaults.

Pros and cons

  • Affordable
  • Available in all sizes
  • Easily maintained
  • Easily assembled
  • 17 slats of layer – glued birch
  • Gets creaky
  • Slats may fall out
  • Only for IKEA mattresses

LONSET slatted bed base

This IKEA slatted bed base is an improvement from the Luroy base. For a slightly higher price, you will be getting much more quality and comfort that you will appreciate in the end. Just like the Luroy base, this slatted bed base was designed specifically for IKEA’s bed frames, meaning if you want to use it with another frame, you will have to check whether the structure matches.

The Lonset slatted bed base has 30 slats of layer – glued birch, which is a huge improvement over Luroy’s 17 slats. As far as materials go, this product consists of beech veneer, birch veneer, foil, adhesive resin as coating, polypropylene, synthetic rubber, beech plywood, birch plywood, solid beech, and solid birch.

The slats are designed to adjust to your body weight, thus creating comfort zones that improve your overall sleep experience and increase the performance of the mattress. With a 25 year warranty, limited on manufacturing defaults only, the Lonset slatted bed base is a good choice for your bed setup and much better and more comfortable than the Luroy base.

The product has a 4.1 rating on IKEA’s online store, with one major complaint. The complaint is about the bed base being too difficult to assemble. Each of the 30 slats must be woven through the cloth strap and inserted in place. Considering that the cloth strap is quite fragile and that the king-size bed has double the number of slats, the process will take hours. However, the customers have stated that it was completely worth it, as their quality of sleep has improved drastically.

Many customers who have purchased the Lonset slatted bed base did so to replace the old Luroy one. Every customer stated that the Lonset is far more comfortable, durable, and sturdy, compared to the Luroy base. The product comes with a 25-year limited warranty which covers all manufacturing defaults. Any damage was done by the user won’t be covered. Therefore, you have to be careful when assembling the product because if you damage any part of it you won’t be able to replace it.

This slatted bed base comes in all four sizes, which are the king, queen, full, and twin size. The king-size goes for 100$, queen size for 80$, full size for 80$, and twin size for 50$. For a slightly higher price than the Luroy base, you will be getting far more quality and durability, which is worth the investment.

Pros and cons

  • High quality, durable
  • 30 slats of layer – glued birch
  • Adjusts to your weight
  • Improves the performance of the mattress
  • 25 year warranty
  • Improves quality of sleep


  • Too difficult to assemble
  • Designed for IKEA bed frames only

LEIRSUND slatted bed base

The Leirsund slatted bed base is the most expensive and the most advanced IKEA’s bed base. Its adjustable mechanism makes it stand out above other two models, which justifies the drastic jump in the price. This slatted bed base is suitable only for foam or latex mattresses, as the adjustable mechanism does not work with spring mattresses.

This bed base consists of 45 slats of layer – glued birch, which is far more than what the Luroy and the Lonset bed bases have to offer. It features five comfort zones that adjust to your body, giving you more support and better overall sleep experience. This slatted bed base is firm enough to adjust to your weight without sagging and causing the mattress to dip.

The most advanced feature of this bed base is the adjustable mechanism which allows you to adjust the head and foot sections. This feature is perfect for people who love to comfortably sit on their bed, watching TV or reading, or even people who need to sleep on elevated surfaces for medical reasons. However, the fact that the bed base is adjustable is the reason why it cannot be used with spring mattresses, which, for some people, could be a deal-breaker.

There is one more amazing feature on this bed base that is not present with neither the Luroy nor the Lonset base. That is the possibility to adjust the firmness of the slats and control how much support you want your mattress to have. The Liersund slatted bed base has six slats with adjustable firmness that allow you to take control of your comfort.

The materials this product consists of include solid beech, birch veneer, beech veneer, adhesive resin as coating, foil, high impact polystyrene, galvanized steel, and polypropylene. This combination of materials and the structure of the adjustable bed base call for great quality and durability that will last for years. Unfortunately, there are no customers’ reviews nor ratings on this product to let us know how it feels to experience it first hand.

However, judging by the information IKEA has provided, the Leirsund slatted bed base is the most expensive IKEA’s bed base for a reason. It offers exceptional quality and features that will impress any user. With the ability to comfortably lay in bed with the raised head section, you will love your bed base as it provides you comfort and freedom of how you want to spend each night. This slatted bed base significantly improves the quality of sleep, especially since the firmness can be adjusted to anyone’s personal needs.

The product, of course, comes with a 25-year warranty which is limited to manufacturing defaults only. Therefore, any damage done by the user will not be covered by the warranty. This slatted bed base is available in four three sizes only, the king, queen, and full size. The king-size goes for 240$, queen size for 210$, and full size for 180$. It is true that the price of this bed base is quite high but the quality, comfort, and versatility you get with it are more than worth it!

Pros and cons

  • Adjustable head and foot sections
  • 45 slats of layer – glued birch
  • 6 adjustable firmness slats
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • 5 comfort zones
  • Adjusts to your body weight
  • 25-year warranty
  • Not suitable for spring mattresses
  • Designed for IKEA’s mattresses only
  • Expensive
  • No twin size available


All together, a slatted bed base is necessary to complete your bedding set up. Sometimes it is included in the price of the bed frame your purchase but most of the time it has to be purchased separately. IKEA has only three slatted bed bases in their offer. However, those three products were designed in a way to provide you everything you need at the prices you can afford. Even though their offer isn’t large, it stretches from 50$ all the way up to 240$, with many features to choose from. The Luroy slatted bed base has proven to be the least quality bed base at IKEA, which is why it is the cheapest.

The Lonset slatted bed base holds its sport in the middle, being a good quality product that can do the job properly. However, there is nothing interesting about it. On the other hand, the Leirsund bed base is where things get more advanced. It has plenty of features that will surely impress you while offering high quality and durability that will last for years. Therefore, take a good look at the options you have with IKEA’s slatted bed bases. If you don’t want to invest too much money on the adjustable one, the Lonset bed base would definitely be a better choice over the Luroy one.