Are IKEA Bed Frames Sturdy and Good?

Are IKEA bed frames sturdy and good?
Are IKEA bed frames sturdy and good?

Are IKEA bed frames sturdy and good?

The true sign of becoming an adult is not turning 18. It’s not being legally allowed to drink, knowing how to do laundry, or having a savings account. The sign of becoming an adult is something a few 18-25 year-olds achieve. They have a bed frame.

But even adults struggle. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a frame that’s compatible with its mattress. “Will it be sturdy enough?” “Is the quality good?” “How do I choose the right one?” These are questions that clutter the minds of bed frame shoppers every day. Among these questions, the shopper also has to ask where to buy their bed frame. And affordability is always a bonus.

The first place many go for their furniture needs is IKEA. They’re known for selling durable products at a low price. A bed frame is something that is along for the long haul, though. It needs to last. So, are IKEA bed frames sturdy?

An IKEA bed frame can last up to 10 years if properly maintained. They can be expected to be made of one of IKEA’s most featured materials, wood. The bed frames are said to last and are not at all squeaky. Some of the bed frames also include storage areas. There are drawers in the material of the frame that better helps support the mattress. The IKEA bed frames are good for those who move, too. They can be quickly assembled and reassembled.

The Malm bed frames seem to be exceptionally popular at IKEA. These tend to last the longest and are the most highly reviewed. They are simple designs that are made of wood and have a storage component.

IKEA doesn’t only make wood bed frames, though. They make metal ones, too. These are not as well-liked but still, have rave reviews. The metal bed frames have a more modern look and can hold more weight. They’re better for those who need a bed that is easier to assemble.

Most people think IKEA’s beds are sturdy, long-lasting, and worthwhile. Nonetheless, there are some who disagree.

It is advised not to buy the cheapest IKEA bed frames because they, like most cheap things, don’t last long. Some reviewers say their bed has lasted 10 years, and some have said that theirs has barely lasted one. Others say they had great difficulty assembling their beds. It seemed that the process of putting it together is not always as easy as anticipated. It’s worthwhile to read other reviews of the bed being invested in.

The very convenient thing about IKEA is that customers can physically go to the store to see and test the products, and then order them online. IKEA has many options. There is something for everyone, but not all may be the best quality for a product that’s intended to last a long while.

However, the majority of IKEA bed frames a review of 4 out of 5 stars or more. They seem to be solid and well made enough to ease anyone into adulthood.


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