Can You Disassemble an IKEA Bed?

Can IKEA Beds be Disassembled?
Can IKEA Beds be Disassembled?

Can IKEA Beds be Disassembled?

IKEA is unlike any other furniture store. Their products are sold in boxes that the shopper can assemble at home. Most furniture companies charge a large sum of money to move the product for others. At IKEA, the furniture is cheap because the individual does it himself.

This can be extra convenient for those who are always on the go. As unfortunate as it is to disassemble and then reassemble furniture, it’s better than buying new furniture every time. The question is, how easy is it to do this? Products like desks and dressers are easy to set up, but is it worth it to take an IKEA bed on a move.

It’s certainly possible, and many have done it in the past. It’s important to take every precaution when doing so. The nails should not be screwed in too tight when assembling the product in case it needs to be moved. It’s also important to label the pieces during the assembly process.

IKEA is always thinking ahead, and it is no different in this scenario. IKEA carries instructions for how to assemble and disassemble every product they own on their website. For their popular MALM bed, there are only six steps to take it apart.

Of course, it may not go as smoothly as IKEA anticipates. To avoid any error, it’s smart to take pictures of the product when putting it together. That way the owner will have something to go off of other than instructions.

The most difficult part of moving an IKEA bed is likely to be the move. The heavy pieces may thrash about in the car. It’s best to hold onto the box the bed frame comes in. That way, customers can move their furniture the same way they bought it.

Of course, there are more ways to keep furniture safe when moving. Using a U-haul is always a quality option. Bubble wrap can help the pieces stay intact. Blankets can help, too. Like moving any other furniture, it’s best to be prepared. These steps help avoid bumps and dents.

For bed frames that come with storage spaces, it’s possible to simply remove the drawers and move the bed on its own. Depending on the bed, owners may be able to remove a couple of pieces and leave the rest intact. Smaller beds like singles or doubles are much easier to move without disassembling them. Removing one piece, such as the headboard, would help reduce the hassle of moving multiple pieces. The headboard is also the biggest piece, so it is easier to leave it on its own.

What it comes down to is that an IKEA bed can be moved as many times as an IKEA shopper needs. However, it may not hold its steady frame after the first couple moves. It does have the convenience, though, to take with wherever they may go. At the end of the day, that’s a luxury many bed frames cannot offer.


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