IKEA Sheets & Bed Slats: Are They Good?

IKEA Sheets & Bed Slats: Are They Good?
IKEA Sheets & Bed Slats: Are They Good?

Are IKEA Sheets and Bed Slats Good?

IKEA sells more than just furniture. It carries sheets and comforters to go with the beds they sell. These sheets are made from cotton which is sustainably farmed. They aren’t as expensive as they can be found in other locations.

That said, the question is, are they good quality? That will depend on an important term: thread count. Low thread counts in sheets can mean that they don’t last as long with regular use. One reviewer stated that the sheets purchased only lasted one year. Investing in higher sheet counts is wise.

Another reviewer, who probably did purchase a higher thread count, absolutely loves the sheets. They stated that it was comfortable and seemed durable.

The use of cotton over polyester is good for the planet and part of IKEA’s commitment to sustainable, earth-friendly products. The cotton grown for IKEA is not sprayed with the same chemicals most cotton crops are. It also prevents microplastics from entering the food chain.

The bed slats are part of the base for the company’s beds. The quality of them isn’t questioned so much as the quantity is. The Luroy beds have had some customer complaints, but not because of the slats break. It is because there are fewer of them than in the other bed models.

Many people who purchase the Luroy beds upgrade later to the Lonset. These beds do have more slats and the noise complaints from them are absent. However, more slats do make it harder to put together. Once it is together, people love them.

A lot of people are looking into adjustable beds. Raising the head or feet can help certain medical conditions, particularly those with breathing disorders. IKEA has developed a bed system for that, as well. It is called Leirsund.

The Leirsund has forty-five slats, making it the most difficult to put together all of the beds. However, it has five comfort zones that make it useful for getting a good night’s sleep. That can be tricky for many people; having a comfortable bed is important.

The slats IKEA uses are made from the wood of birch trees. They are glued together in thin strips, which help to strengthen them. Birch is a hardwood, and very strong. It is related to the oak tree, though not closely. It is also very heavy.

This wood is a favorite for woodworkers because it has a straight grain. That makes it easier to split. It is used a great deal in IKEA’s furniture and other wood products along with another closely related tree, the beech.

All of the trees used for the company’s furniture are sustainably grown. This is another part of the commitment to sell products that are good for the planet. They are equally committed to the people who work for them and shop from them.

This practice is called IWAY, which gives the rules that the company works under. Following those rules are also required by the companies that sell products to them.

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