Does The IKEA Malm Bed Come With Slats? (Slat Alternatives)

does the ikea malm bed come with slats
does the ikea malm bed come with slats

If you’re considering purchasing the IKEA Malm bed, you may wonder if it comes with slats. The answer is yes; the bed does come with slats.

However, some people have found that the slats are sturdy than they would like and have had problems breaking or bending over time.

If you’re worried about the quality of the slats, consider purchasing a different bed frame or investing in a sturdier set of slats.

There are a few different options available, so be sure to research before making a final decision. A few other alternates to slats include:

Does the IKEA Malm Bed Come With Slats?

1. Plywood Boards:

You can purchase plywood boards that will lay flat on the floor and support your mattress. This is a more solid option than slats, but it may be more expensive.

Yes, you can use plywood for the slatted frame. They should be at least 1/2 inch thick, 2 inches wide, and about 4 inches apart.

plywood board

These are bolted together or at two ends with pad straps fastened to the underside of the slats between the ends.

If the bed is more than 4 feet wide, add a center support beam that attaches to the headboard and footboard so that the middle of the slat partially rests on it.

If you have a bad back, increase the thickness of the slats to about 1 inch, so the slats stay in place more securely.

Plywood has good strength and bending properties, but it may need to be flipped over if bent too much.

2. Mattress Topper:

Another option is to purchase a mattress topper. This will add an extra layer of cushioning and support to your bed, making it more comfortable to sleep on.

3. Air Mattress:

If you’re looking for a temporary solution, try using an air mattress. The air mattress provides a comfortable place to sleep, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a permanent solution.

air mattress

Air mattresses are a very practical alternative to sleeping areas. Unfortunately, it cannot be used on regular bed frames.

This is because a standard wood frame has 3-5 slats for support. They could be more effective in supporting the long term.

4. Metal Grates:

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can purchase metal grates to put your mattress on.

The metal grass will provide excellent support and ensure your mattress doesn’t sag over time. These offer more support than slats but may need to be more comfortable.

Metal slats are often much more stable than wooden slats. If your current frame has wooden slats, we recommend replacing them with metal ones.

To attach the slats to the metal bed frame, you must drill additional holes to allow the new slats to be screwed on.

Ensure the new slats are the right size and do not stick out compared to the existing slats (as they can make the bed uncomfortable). Then put each metal slat inside.

5. Solid wood boards:

solid wood board

Another option is to use solid wood boards. This is a more expensive option but will provide a sturdy bed frame.

There are a few different options available regarding the IKEA Malm bed. If you’re concerned about the quality of the slats, consider purchasing a different bed frame or investing in a sturdier set of slats.

6. Use a Solid Platform (no slats)

If you want to avoid any issues with slats, you can use a solid platform instead.

A stable platform provides a sturdy base for your mattress and will eliminate any concerns about the slats breaking or bending over time.

This is a more expensive option, but it’s worth the investment if you’re concerned about the quality of the slats.

If you prefer a solid platform, The slatted bed base is more durable than the bed base without it, and it won’t move or break, so it’s a good choice if durability is your priority. It can, however, feel stiff.

The Benefits of beds that use the solid platform are that the pads don’t break easily and are cheap and suitable for heavy people. The Disadvantage of using beds with a solid platform is that heavy mattresses feel firmer.

They are more expensive (average) pads if you choose a platform without slats, but if you are heavy, you would want a more solid platform that won’t shift or break or one with a firm feel of a mattress.

The bed bases can be of different types. The difference between a slatted and a non-slatted base is subtle, and for a mattress thickness of 25cm and above, the difference is often barely perceptible.

However, Solid bases make a softer mattress feel firmer, while the slat maintains the original feel of the mattress. The slatted frame is suitable for soft and thin mattresses, while the solid base frame is suitable for the firm and heavier people.

7. Use A Box Spring

Use a box spring if you want a more traditional feel to your bed. This will provide a firm foundation for your mattress and help extend its life.

However, it’s important to remember that a box spring is less sturdy than a solid platform, so choosing one made from high-quality materials is essential.

The Slatted Frame Supports The Mattress:

The slatted frame’s first significant advantage is that it provides firm support for the mattress on the bed. Without the slats, the mattress will start to sag and shift when you lie on the bed.

The slatted frame keeps the mattress stable in one place for a good night’s sleep. The bed base evenly distributes your weight.

bed base

The second significant advantage of a slatted frame is that it distributes your weight evenly across the bed. This will prevent you from sinking while lying in bed. So you can rest well and sleep soundly. That’s why IKEA beds need slatted frames.

Are IKEA Slatted Frames Affordable?

 Yes, IKEA slatted frames are affordable. Most slatted frames offered by IKEA are the best price and can be easily purchased by most people. Customers who have used IKEA bedplates say they are also of excellent quality.

What Are IKEA Slatted Frames Made Of?

The IKEA slatted frame is made of wood. Most of IKEA’s bed frames are made of wood and have a ribbon-like material that holds them in place.

If you are concerned about the wood used for the slat frame, IKEA says they use different types of wood, such as bamboo, ash, birch, and beech, to make their slat frames.

For the Slats, IKEA always ensures that their frames are of the highest quality and strength.

Advantages of slatted frames

Bed Slats are less expensive than box spring mattresses, and Bed slats are more durable than box spring mattresses.

The slats are very simple and easy to assemble. The slots between the slats improve airflow around the mattress.

Slat Disadvantages

There is a possibility of Potential Sagging. The slats are 2-3 inches apart, which can cause the mattress to sag.

advantage disadvantage

There is also the risk of Misalignment Hazards; If the slats are not correctly installed, they may move or fall. This may cause injury or damage to the person, and the mattress or bed frame may get broken.

Comparison Between IKEA Leroy And Lonset Slats To See Which One Is Better.

The Leroy Advantages

They are priced at low rates. The Leroy Slatted Frame is affordable for everyone. There is a large selection to choose from. The Leroy slatted frame is available in a variety of sizes.

It has an easy maintenance mechanism. The Leroy slatted frame is extremely easy to assemble and maintain. It uses Birchwood; Leroy bed slats are 17 Birchwood slats that are glued together.

Leroy Bed Frame Disadvantages

The bed makes squeaky sounds. The Leroy bed frame is reported to be squeaky. There is also a risk of Falling which can be hazardous. The Leroy slat frame can fall out, which could lead to injury.

Benefits Of The Lonset Slat

The lonset frame is durable; therefore, it is of fantastic quality and offers excellent durability.

ikea lonset

You can also get more comfortable and better-quality sleep. It also has a superior weight distribution.

The Lonset slat frame offers excellent weight absorption and distribution. It also has a long-lasting warranty: Some sources claim that the Lonset slatted frame comes with a 25-year warranty.

Lonset Slatted Frame Drawbacks

It is difficult to assemble as the assembly process for the Lonset Slatted Frame is a little complicated. To choose between IKEA Slatted Frame Concave or Convex IKEA, the convex slatted frame is the preference.

Concluding Thoughts

In general, the IKEA Malm bed is a good option for those who are looking for a stylish and affordable bed. However, if you’re planning on using it daily, consider investing in a more durable option.

There are a few different options available, few of them have mentioned in this article- a comparison has also been draw- so be sure to research before making a final decision. Thanks for reading!

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