9 Effective Fixes If IKEA Malm Bed Screws Don’t Fit

IKEA Malm Bed Screws Don't Fit
IKEA Malm Bed Screws Don’t Fit

IKEA Malm beds are easy to assemble, but some people have found that the screws don’t seem to fit properly. This can be frustrating, but you can do a few things to troubleshoot the problem.

Fixing IKEA Malm Bed Screws that Don’t Fit:

  1. Holes in Furniture Not The Same Size

There are a few possible reasons why the screws might not fit properly. Sometimes the holes in the furniture are slightly too large, or the screws are too small. It’s also possible that the threads on the screws are incompatible with the furniture threads.

When the screws are too small for the holes in the bed frame, you can fix this by finding screws that are the correct size or by using a drill to enlarge the holes in the bed frame.

Be careful not to drill big holes, or the screws will be loose, and the frame will be unstable.


If the threads on the screws are incompatible with the furniture threads, you may need to replace the screws. This is not always necessary, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re having difficulty assembling the bed.

One possibility is that the holes in the bed frame are not lined up correctly with the screw holes in the headboard or footboard.

This is an easy fix – unscrew the headboard or footboard and line up the holes correctly before screwing it back into place.

  1. Make sure the screw direction is correct.

If your Malm bed frame came with wooden slats, they might have directional arrows. These arrows should point up or down. If they don’t, flip them around.​

The screws with the bed frame may be designed to fit in only one direction. The heads of these screws are usually asymmetrical, so if you put them into the wrong hole, they won’t fit properly.

Check your screw head against a flat surface like your tabletop or floor to ensure it is symmetrical and that the screw is the right way up.​

Try a different screwdriver if you can’t get your screws to fit. Other types of screwdrivers work better with certain types of screws.


For example, Phillips-head or flathead screwdrivers might not be compatible with the type of screws used on your Malm bed frame. Use a screwdriver specifically designed for the type of screws you work with.​

If your screwdriver still doesn’t work, try using pliers or another tool to help turn the screw.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get enough torque on the screw without stripping it. If you need extra leverage, try using a pair of pliers or another sturdy tool to hold the screw in place and turn it.​

If your screw is still very difficult to turn, you may have stripped the head of the screw.

If this is the case, try using a power drill with an appropriate-sized bit to drill out the screws. Start by removing any excess material around the screws, and then use your drill to remove the rest of the screws quickly.​

Once you’ve removed all the screws, check to see if your Malm bed frame is still in one piece. It is always a good decision to take it to a professional for repairs or replacement if it isn’t.

Otherwise, put the slats back into their slots and put your Malm bed frame together.​

  1. Use A Variation Of Screws

 Try using a different type of screw. If that doesn’t work, you can try sanding down the edges of the holes in the furniture so that they’re a little bit smaller. You can also try using a different size screw.

various screws

  1. Check Compatibility

It’s also important to ensure that the screws you use are compatible with the furniture. Some screws are not meant to be used with certain types of furniture. Make sure you check the compatibility before you start assembly.

It’s very rare for the IKEA Malm bed to come with screws. IKEA doesn’t sell them like that anymore. Because of this, we will have to buy different packages of screws and see which ones fit best.

To check compatibility, you can do a few things. Begin with looking at the packaging on the screws to see if they are specifically listed as compatible with the Malm bed.

You can also check online for reviews and recommendations on different types of screws compatible with a Malm bed frame.

You can reach out to customer service or other people who have previously assembled an IKEA Malm bed to ask them which screws worked well for them.

Once you have determined that the screws you are using are compatible with your IKEA Malm bed, it is important to ensure that they fit properly in each of the screw holes.

This can be done by comparing the screw size and depth to those indicated on the assembly guide for your particular bed model.


If any screws do not fit properly, you can use a bit of sandpaper or emery cloth to file down any edges gently.

You can also try using other screws compatible with your bed frame and see if they fit more smoothly. If none of these solutions work, try an alternate bed frame.

  1. Use A Different Drill

You can also try using a different drill bit to make the holes larger. Just ensure you don’t make the holes too large, or else the screws will be loose and won’t hold the furniture together properly.

If all else fails, you can try adding an adhesive to the holes to make them tighter. This will help ensure that the screws fit properly and hold the furniture together securely. However, this solution is temporary and may not work for very long.

If your screws don’t fit properly in IKEA furniture, there are several things you can try to address the problem.

Whether it involves trying different drill bits or using an adhesive to make the holes tighter, multiple options are available to help you fix this issue.


The best solution entirely relies on the severity of the problem and your preferences and skill level.

Be sure to explore your options before deciding on a course of action.

  1. Tighten The Screws Slowly

Another tip is to tighten the screws slowly and carefully. They’re more likely to strip the threads or break if you try to force them in.

One of the most common complaints about IKEA’s Malm bed is that the screws don’t fit properly, which can lead to stability problems and even damage the frame.

To avoid this problem, it’s important to tighten the screws slowly and carefully. This will help ensure that they thread in correctly without damaging or stripping the screw holes.

If you find that a screw is still loose or doesn’t seem to be fitting properly, try using a lubricant or applying pressure to the screw with a rubber mallet.

rubber mallet

This can often help the threads to seat properly and result in a secure fit, so you can rest assured that your bed frame will stay stable for years to come.

  1. Use A Screwdriver

If you’re still having trouble, try using a screwdriver to help guide the screws into the holes. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of extra help to get them started.

  1. Get in Touch with a Carpenter

If you’ve tried all these things and you’re still having trouble, it might be time to get in touch with a carpenter. They can help you figure out what’s happening and might even have tips for fixing the problem.

 A carpenter has better tools and more experience than you, so they’ll know how to resolve the issue faster. If it’s a major problem, they can make repairs pretty quickly.

If you need help fixing your IKEA Malm bed screws that don’t fit, get in touch with a carpenter today.


Whether you need someone to come and install the bed for you or give you some advice on how to fix it, they’ll be happy to help. Contact a local carpenter today and fix your bed as quickly as possible!

  1. Order a Replacement

If none of these solutions seems to work, you may need to replace the screws altogether. Fortunately, IKEA sells replacement screws that should fit perfectly. 


If your IKEA Malm bed screws are not fitting properly, there are more than a few things that can be done you can try to fix the issue.

These may include using a different drill bit or setting the screws slowly and carefully as you insert them.

If these solutions do not work, it may also be worth getting in touch with a carpenter for additional help and advice.

You can also try replacing the screws with a set designed to fit better in IKEA furniture. Whatever solution you choose, it’s important to address this issue quickly to ensure the safety and stability of your bed frame.

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