Are IKEA Bed Sizes Standard or Different?

Are IKEA bed sizes standard or different?
Are IKEA bed sizes standard or different?

Are IKEA bed sizes standard or different?

IKEA has all sorts of furniture for every person’s needs. They have bookcases, desks couches and whatever else a home needs. IKEA is unique in the fact that it’s furniture strays from the ordinary. In fact, their bed frames have their own unusual size.

IKEA bed frames follow tradition sizes. They offer bed frames in small single, single, queen, double, king, and super king. The width of IKEA bed frames is the same as ordinary beds. However, the length of the bed is a few centimeters longer than the everyday bed. Because of this, shoppers often question if they have to buy both bed and bed frame from IKEA.

There’s no way of saying if an IKEA mattress is necessary for an IKEA bed frame. It’s truly dependent on the bed frame bought. If there is only a small 1-2 centimeter gap, there should be little issues. It may be best to research the exact size of an IKEA bed frame, as well as the mattress used.

The compatibility issues of IKEA bed frames with standard mattress sizes are dependent on the country. Countries in Europe have fewer issues because there are mattresses are measured by centimeters. Other countries use inches, which is where the gap comes from. Countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States suffer the most from this problem.

The reviews on whether or not an IKEA bed frame is compatible with a mattress outside varies. Some fit perfectly together. With others, the mattress is too wide, or too short. Some shoppers have had situations with gaps at the end of the bed.

There is an option to buy a customizable mattress size from various mattress stores. This is especially convenient for those who don’t want an IKEA mattress. The biggest complaint about IKEA mattresses is that they are too soft.

For shoppers who like soft mattresses, though, it may be best to get a mattress from IKEA. It is possible to get a standard size mattress for an IKEA bed frame, but there are risks that come with it.

One of IKEA’s most popular bed collections is the Malm. Matching a standard-sized mattress with a Malm seems to be alright. Many reviews say they have no difficulties setting up a non-IKEA mattress with this bed frame.

There are IKEA bed frames that have adjustable sides to fit any mattress. Examples of this are the Hemnes bed frame and the Malm bed frame. There are a number of these in IKEA. They may not fit perfectly with the standard size mattress, but it does give some leniency when choosing a mattress.

These are the options when choosing a mattress to go with an IKEA bed frame. There is no exact science to say what works best, but there are options for those who want them. If it’s terribly worrisome, the best thing to do is buy an IKEA mattress.


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