Are IKEA Mattresses Any Good?

Are IKEA mattresses any good?
Are IKEA mattresses any good?

Are IKEA mattresses any good?

IKEA is known for its inexpensive furniture that the customer puts together once they get it home. This is good for a lot of people; especially students and those just getting started in life. These products are good quality, but are they for everyone?

IKEA is very clear to its potential customers about the mattresses they have to offer. Those with a body mass index over twenty-five should look elsewhere for a mattress. It’s a good thing that they say this upfront because it will prevent a lot of dissatisfied customers who end up with a sagging mattress and foundation.

That does not mean that the mattresses aren’t good. They provide a good quality of sleep for those who are in the right weight range, and that is a lot of people. They come with an excellent warranty, and the product comes with information about who should or should not use the product.

It is interesting how these mattresses are made… and where. A lot of mattresses are made in China. The production tends to be subpar, with cheap materials. These mattresses are then shipped from China to other countries. That increases the carbon footprint of the companies that make the mattresses.

The mattresses, when shipped, are often tightly packed together. That means that they may lose some of their ability to last, as well as their ability to be comfortable. IKEA doesn’t go that route.

Instead, the products are made in North America. Some IKEA mattresses are rolled before shipping, allowing them to maintain their many benefits. When debating between a standard mattress made in China or an IKEA mattress, no matter the weight the IKEA mattress wins.

IKEA also invests in the communities it manufactures in. While many think of this in terms of developing countries, that is across the board. The people who work for IKEA work in the community with the company’s blessing.

IWAY is a set of policies that IKEA has set up to protect their employees, suppliers and their employees as well as the environment. This has taken on new meaning in the United States of America. Employers in this country often take advantage of their employees. Some companies, such as Walmart, are known for it. They reduce wages, cause people to work overtime without pay and other practices IKEA does not approve of.

At least one franchisee tried that in the USA. This did not set well with the corporate office, who removed the offending managers and replaced them with others who would follow IWAY. This means a great deal to those who work for IKEA, as the company covers healthcare, provides a decent wage and works at being an equal opportunity company.

How does this make IKEA mattresses better than others? Happy employees do better work. Employees who are healthy do better work. With the high cost of healthcare in the USA, these are important issues. That is one other factor to take into consideration when choosing a mattress.


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