12 Best IKEA Foam Mattress Review 2022

Best IKEA Foam Mattress

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Best IKEA Foam Mattress

A mattress is obviously a very important part of any home. Your bed is where the mattress is, and you probably spend a big chunk of your day sleeping on your bed, just like anyone else. This is why buying a mattress can be a complicated task, although it doesn’t need to be this way.

One of the many products that IKEA has in store for its customers is their mattresses. We’ve given a review for the 12 best foam mattresses that IKEA has to offer. These reviews highlight the strength and weaknesses of each of these products so that you can finally decide which IKEA mattress is ideal for you.

12 Best IKEA Foam Mattress Review

1) MORGEDAL Foam Mattress

MORGEDAL Foam Mattress

The IKEA MORGEDAL is a great foam mattress that is highly comfortable. It is capable of providing support and relieving pressure to each and every part of your body thanks to its high resilience foam. There’s also a layer of soft filling between the mattress that adds to the overall comfortability. You can also select the exact type of firmness that you want when purchasing the MORGEDAL.

IKEA allows you to select from standard firmness or medium firmness. IKEA MORGEDAL is also very easy to clean. You can simply separate the product’s cover and wash it in a machine in the case that it ever gets dirty. There’s also a 25-year warranty, meaning that you can trust the mattress will last you a long enough time.

2) MINNESUND Foam Mattress

MINNESUND Foam Mattress

The MINNESUND can be a great or bad mattress depending upon the person using them. This is due to the fact that it is quite thin when compared to other mattresses. Because of this, it is much more comfortable for children as compared to adults. If you’re looking to buy a mattress for an adult then this is definitely not the option that you’d want to go with. On the other hand, it is great for kids thanks to its width and thinness.

One issue with the MINNESUND is that it is mainly only compatible with other products that IKEA offers. This makes it an ideal option if you own a children’s bed or daybed from IKEA, but it isn’t the ideal mattress if you don’t. Overall, it is quite comfortable and great for kids, but not for anyone else due to the thinness.

3) MATRAND Memory Foam Mattress

MATRAND Memory Foam Mattress

Whether or not this mattress is comfortable is up to the person in question. Most people find soft mattresses very comforting, but not all of them are fans of firm mattresses. As the IKEA MATRAND is a highly firm mattress as well, it is widely considered as a relatively uncomfortable option.

However, those that like firm mattresses as opposed to soft ones should love this option. Like a few other options, this product also has a soft filling layer which adds to the support aspect of the mattress.

Apart from the firmness, the other qualities of this mattress are good enough for most people. It is quite easy enough to clean when it comes to the cover, but you shouldn’t try to clean the mattress protector in any way. MATRAND also has a 25-year warranty to support its durable design.

4) MEISTERVIK Foam Mattress

MEISTERVIK Foam Mattress

The MEISTERVIK is another great option for children and toddlers alike due to its thinness. As you would expect, it isn’t exactly a great option for adults, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for kids. The mattress is very comfortable despite its thin shape and is also capable of keeping its shape for a long time. It is a great fit in nearly any children’s bed and is an ideal option for a bunk bed.

They are a bit firm, meaning that you’ll have to consider your options if your child prefers to sleep on a softer mattress. The product also does its best to ensure that it stays safe from children, as there isn’t a tab on the zipper. Using a paper clip and sticking it through the loop is enough to replace the tab and you can simply take the clip out once you’re done.

5) MYRBACKA Memory Foam Mattress

MYRBACKA Memory Foam Mattress

This is a great option for all those that have problems sleeping on most mattresses. The MYRBACKA features memory foam which is highly resilient. This is capable of providing your back the support it needs in order for you to enjoy a good night’s rest.

There are also comfort zones that provide added support, and the mattress isn’t too soft either. To add to the comfort, the product also has a lamb wool filling which is used to maintain the mattresses' temperature.

The only real complaint that anyone can have with the MYRBACKA is the fact that it is a bit too firm for their liking. This is fine though, as the mattress is intended to be firmer than most in the first place. Cleaning and maintaining the mattress is easy to thanks to the easily removable covers which can be washed in a machine.

6) PELLEPLUTT Foam Mattress

PELLEPLUTT Foam Mattress

The IKEA PELLEPLUTT is one of the best options that the company has in store when it comes to mattresses for cribs. The product is meant only for babies and is to be fitted inside of a baby’s crib. It is very comfortable and pretty simple.

The Pelleplut is a plain and soft foam mattress that most babies would enjoy sleeping on. To add to the advantages of this mattress, it also keeps an eye out for the safety of the child sleeping on it.

There’s a small little pocket in the mattress which is used to hide the pull tab from kids. There’s also a fixed inner cover that allows you to easily put the sheet back on after washing the product’s cover. This fixed cover is also great for ensuring that a child can’t put the inner contents of the mattress in their mouth.

7) VIMSIG Foam Mattress

VIMSIG Foam Mattress

This is much like the previously mentioned product, but there is one key difference between the two. VIMSIG is a foam mattress that is only intended for use in extendable beds. The product is great for children of any age. You can purchase it for your child when he/she is an infant. As they grow more and more, you can simply extend the mattress more and more.

This makes the IKEA VIMSIG a great option by all means, as it is considerably cheap and will be useful for multiple years. The product is also baby-proofed in the sense that it protects its inner properties from being eaten by children. It is also easy to clean as its cover can be removed and can be machine washed at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. VIMSIG is also more than capable of easily fitting into any extendable bed that IKEA offers.

8) KRUMMELUR Foam Mattress

KRUMMELUR Foam Mattress

This is another foam mattress made for cribs and is a cheaper option compared to most. While it is less expensive than some other options, the KRUMMELUR makes absolutely no sacrifices when it comes to the overall quality of the product.

In fact, it is a very comfortable product for children and will allow them to enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is quite soft and stays in shape even after a lot of use, making it an ideal long-term option for your baby’s crib.

It also features the same safety precautions as other IKEA mattresses for children. There’s even an extra fixed cover that is used to protect the mattress for children. Speaking of covers, the product’s cover is also removable and can be washed in a machine in a warm setting. Overall, it’s a great and efficient foam mattress for infants at a cheap price.

9) NYHAMN Foam Mattress

NYHAMN Foam Mattress

This is a slightly different foam mattress when compared to others on the list. It is mainly used to pair with the IKEA sofa-bed, which is also called NYHAMN. To put it more simply, it is mainly a mattress intended to be used with sofa-beds and works best with the NYHAMN sofa bed from IKEA. This makes it ideal to have for extra visitors, as you can just offer them a good night’s sleep on your sofa-bed thanks to this mattress.

You don’t have to worry about comfort and cleanliness either. This foam mattress is very comfortable and is a good option given its cheap price. It is also a good option for children if you can fit them in their beds. Keeping it clean is easy too and any mess made on the NYHAMN mattress can be easily cleaned by simply machine washing the covers.

10) UNDERLIG Foam Mattress

UNDERLIG Foam Mattress

UNDERLIG is another great and cheap option for children. It is different than most other mattresses as it offers your child to choose their preferred type of bed. To be more specific, the foam has a couple of different surfaces that can be changed to match your child’s preferences.

One side is medium-firm while the other side is a standard firm. This is helpful, as it’s always to have options so that your children can get the best sleep possible.

Other than this, the product is pretty similar to other children’s mattresses that IKEA can offer. It has all the similar safety precautions needed to protect the mattress and your child at the same time. It also features the removable covers which you can take off and wash at any time you want. The fixed cover can also be cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

11) PLUTTEN Foam Mattress

PLUTTEN Foam Mattress

Extendable foam mattresses are starting to get more and more popular due to just how convenient they are. One of the better options when it comes to these kinds of mattresses is the PLUTTEN by IKEA.

This is a great product that features 3 different length options that can be changed to match your child’s growth. The size can be altered in seconds thanks to the convenient design. The different sizes make the mattress great for just about any child.

PLUTTEN isn’t only a good option because of its quality. This product is also completely safe and very budget-friendly. It comes at a low price and still offers many baby-proofing features. These features keep the foam mattress and the baby safe at the same time.

Because of this, PLUTTEN is a safe-buy for anyone looking to purchase a new extendable mattress for their children’s extendable bed.

12) SKÖNAST Foam Mattress

SKÖNAST Foam Mattress

Lastly, we have another great option for baby cribs. The IKEA SKÖNAST is great for a number of reasons, but the main one has to be the fact that it provides a lot of great features at once. All these features are also presented at a very affordable price, making the SKÖNAST a great low-budget crib mattress for your child.

You can also rest assured due to the fact that the product is quite good despite its low price. It is very comfortable and baby proof in most ways that you would imagine it to be. It is also easily cleanable meaning that any messes made on the mattress can be easily cleaned.

All you have to do is make sure that there isn’t any space between the crib and the corners of the SKÖNAST. Once you do this, your child will be able to enjoy their sleep in the safest manner possible.

Choosing The Best IKEA Foam Mattresses

As you can see from all the IKEA foam mattresses that we’ve reviewed, there are a lot of good options that you can choose from. There are all kinds of different mattresses, including those meant for cribs, sofa-beds, and normal beds as well.

Most of these IKEA mattresses have lengthy warranties and all of them are safe buys thanks to the one-year-long return policy that IKEA has for all their products. You can try any of them out and you won’t be disappointed because they’re all great at what they’re meant for.

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