IKEA Mattress Base and Bed Base

IKEA Mattress Base and Bed Base
IKEA Mattress Base and Bed Base

IKEA Mattress Base and Bed Base

When shoppers think of a new bed two pieces in their minds: the bed frame and mattress. These two items are arguably the most important to the bed. They’re the meat and bun on a hamburger. They’re the banana and the ice cream in a banana split. They’re the pancakes and syrup in an ultimate pancake platter at IHOP. But they’re all missing something. They need something to go in the middle: veggies and ketchup in a burger, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles in a banana split, and butter on that ultimate pancake platter. A bed needs a frame, a mattress, and a bed base.

Without a decent bed base, a mattress cannot survive. A mattress could be composed of the finest cotton from India, but without a good base, it would sink in on itself. IKEA and many other companies have decent bed bases.

One type of bed base is a slatted one. The slatted bed base is exactly what it sounds like. The base is made up of wooden planks (or slats) with rubber grips that hold it in place. The most talked-about slatted bed base at IKEA is the LONSET. It’s reliable, affordable, and works as expected. Homeowners with this bed base have said that it’s “very stable and better than a box spring.” Others commented that the base is firm, but it’s better for someone who prefers a soft bed.

A couple of competing sellers of slatted bed bases are Ashley Furniture and The Home Depot. These companies sell their bed bases for about the same price as IKEA. One of The Home Depot’s best slatted bed frames is the Titan 7. It’s popular because of its simplicity. One can easily roll it out and set it on the bed, and roll it up when they’re moving. That being said, it likely is not as sturdy as IKEA’s.

A slatted bed base at Ashley Furniture, the Frames and Rails full roll slat, is most complimented on its look. It’s got a pretty white color and looks elegant on the bed. However, it’s pretty thin and does not support a thick mattress well.

The other obvious option for a bed base would be box springs. This is generally what is used for a bed, but base slats are becoming more common. Box spring is more associated with the mattress than the bed frames. Because of this, IKEA’s biggest competitors with box spring are mattress stores.

IKEA’s beds are traditionally made to go without a box spring. This works best for people who dislike a bulky, hard bed. If something softer is needed, IKEA is the best way to go. However, they do occasionally sell make beds with box springs, so they are still an option. They work with those who want to use box springs and have different settings for some bed frames.

Mattress Firm has plenty of sturdy, beautiful box springs. They work well with those who aren’t ready to make the switch to bed slats. Their one downfall is that their box springs are quite pricey.

Choosing a bed base can be difficult. Whether you go with a slatted bed base or a box spring, see what IKEA has to offer.


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