10 Best IKEA Bed With Drawers and Storage Review 2022

IKEA Bed With Drawers and Storage Review

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IKEA Bed With Drawers and Storage Review


NORDLI Bed frame with storage

The IKEA Nordli bed is the perfect bed frame for those who never seem to have enough closet space. The bedframe is a simple design made of renewable wood. It is boxed shaped with six drawers that are placed beneath the mattress.

The bed is a modern white, and perfect for the closeted minimalist. The cost of this bed is a measly $399. It has been given rave reviews for how compact and convenient it is. The bed itself does not have a headboard. This makes it the perfect bed for small spaces, while still having space to stretch out.

The Nordli bed is truly a bed and dresser, all in one piece of furniture. There are many other products in the Nordli line that would look great paired with a Nordli bed frame.

2) Malm Storage Bed

MALM Storage bed

The Malm collection is one of IKEA’s most popular brands. The wood is simple, sleek, and is of high quality. The Malm storage bed is no different. The pristine bed comes in both a black-brown, and a modern white. The bed comes in both full/double and queen sized.

There are plenty of options for this bed. The bed is also considered a storage unit. The owner can flip up the bed base, and “voila!”, there is space for all the extra summer clothes. Long gone are the days of losing stuff under the bed. With the Malm storage bed, everything that goes under the bed is intentional.

The bed is great for those that want an elegant, but natural look. The bed comes with an ordinary headboard that would match any color room. The Malm storage bed is the ultimate IKEA bed. Its lowest price is $499.

3) Songesand Bed Frame

Songesand Bed Frame With 2 Storage Boxes

The Songesand bed is one of IKEA’s more affordable bed frames. The lowest price for this bed is $199. The bed frame comes in both full/double and queen. It is also available and white and brown. Like many of IKEA’s other beds, the Songesand is equipped with storage space underneath it. It has two drawers on each side of the bed. The bed is made of a combination of fiberboard and steel, so it’s very sturdy.

The bed is about 38 inches tall, so it’s great for those on the shorter side of life. In addition to this, it’s great for people who have a harder time climbing into bed. The headboard is short and simplistic, and ties the whole bed together. The Songesand is one of IKEA’s best beds, and well worth the affordable price.

4) Brimnes Bed Frame

Brimnes Bed Frame With Storage And Headboard

The Brimnes bed frame is one of IKEA’s more unique designs. It is a frame that is more storage unit than actual bed. The Brimnes has shelves on the headboard, and drawers on each side of its base. It is a bed frame that is almost completely made out of wood.

About 80% of the Brimnes bed frame is made from wood, and 50% of its headframe is made from wood. The Brimnes bed frame is great for the eccentric IKEA shoppers who want a stand out piece. It truly does not fit the societal norm of a bedframe. The bed comes in black and white, as well as in sizes full, queen, and king.

It is the perfect bed for a newlywed couple settling down in a new apartment because it is only $349. It’s sleek, fresh, and a one of a kind design. And best of all, it’s adjustable. Mattresses of any size thickness can be used on the Brimnes.

5) Hemnes Bed Frame

Hemnes Bed Frame With 4 Storage Boxes

The Hemnes bed frame is relatively unknown at IKEA. It is one of their pricier bed frames with its lowest cost being$529. What it lacks in affordability, it makes up for in design. The Hemnes is a straight-forward design. It’s tall, strong, and has a headboard.

What makes it special is that it also has four storage units underneath the bed. In addition to this, the Hemnes has many options for a bed base. Shoppers have the option of choosing the Leirsund, the Lonset, or the Luroy.

The bed is perfect for anyone who wants to cater a bed to their specific needs. The bed is also one of the few beds IKEA offers in grey-stained color, as well as white and black-brown. It comes in three sizes: full, queen, and king. The Hemnes is unheard of, but definitely worth looking into.

6) Hemnes Day Bed

Hemnes Day Bed Frame With 3 Drawers

The Hemnes day bed is the perfect bed frame for kids who are eager to try something new, or for college kids who need the extra space. The Hemnes daybed is a simple single bed that can double as a double bed.It comes with three drawers underneath that are perfect for storage. This bed isn’t particularly large, but is great for those who need to cut down on space.

The bed can be a single bed, but can also pull out to be a double bed. It can work as both a bed and a sofa. The bed comes in a cool white, which is perfect for decorating. For kids of a young age, this bed can be used for many years.

Make it a single bed in the early years, and turn it into a double as they get older. This is truly a sleek and fascinating design. It’s also perfectly priced at a little over $200.

7) Slakt Bed Frame

Slaekt Bed Frame With Storage Slatted Bedbase

The Slakt bed frame is the ultimate dorm room bed. It is cheap, cute, and perfect for space. The Slakt is a single bed that sits atop four drawers. In addition to the drawers, there are also two shelves to add a little decoration. The bed is best used when propped up against a wall.

In takes up little space, so the rest can be used for activities or more decorations. The bed itself is only $279 and is great for small rooms. Another great feature is that 50% of the bed is made of wood. The bed comes in an off white color that would look great in any location. If necessary, the bed can be easily painted over. This bed is one of a kind, and great for the disorganized teen.

8) The Flekke Daybed

Flekke Day Bed Frame With 2 Drawers

The Flekke daybed is the perfect bed for sleek adults who wish to take up little space. The Flekke is a single bed frame that comes in a dark brown-black color. This bed is perfect for those who want to class up their tiny studio apartment. This bed can both double as a couch and a bed. Another great feature is that it comes with two storage drawers underneath the bed.

Prop this bed up against a wall and it gets a free headboard. This bed is small but functional. For the minimalists in the world, it’s truly the perfect solution. The Flekke is a classy bed made out of real wood veneer. It can turn any dingy studio into a classy bachelor pad. The cost of this bed is affordable at $279.

9) Hemnes Bed Frame with Two Storage Boxes

Hemnes Bed Frame with Two Storage Boxes

The Hemnes bed frame with two storage boxes is exactly how it sounds. Unlike its larger counterpart, the Hemnes bed frame with two storage boxes is much smaller, and only comes with two storage boxes.

The bedframe is a single size and great for kids and preteens. The Hemnes takes up a little space and pairs nicely with any comforter. It comes in three colors: black-brown, gray stained, and white stain. The bed is great for kids to store their GI Joes or American Girl Dolls.

It’s definitely a great bed for parents with many kids because of its price. It’s a low price of $344 and matches most everything. This is one of IKEA’s best single beds because of its simplicity, storage, and versatility.

Homeowners can choose between five mattress bases for this bed. The Hemnes truly has every feature.

10) The Songesand Bed Frame with Two Storage Boxes

The Songesand Bed Frame with Two Storage Boxes

Much like the name, the Songesand bed frame with two storage boxes has two storage boxes. They are directly underneath the Songesand bed frame, which greatly helps reduce the clutter that appears under the bed.

This bed only comes in a single size and is great for children. It is a sleek, modern design that comes with plenty of storage. The bed offers a choice of bed base. The options are the Luroy or the Lonset. The bed can also come in either white and brown. This bed is best for preteens because it’s not so childish, but is still perfect for their size. It also blends nicely into any room.

It’s a very simple design, so the comforter and decorations can still be the standout pieces in the room. The Songesand is one of IKEA’s most affordable single beds, priced at $229. This bed is a high seller, and has a nearly perfect review.

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