What Are IKEA’s Competitors?

What Are IKEA’s Competitors?
What Are IKEA’s Competitors?

Here are 3 of IKEA’s Competitors, and Why

IKEA is known mostly for its furniture, but it has quite a few other departments. That means that its competition may not sell furniture, and most sell more than furniture. So who is the competition for this Scandinavian company?


This Company is based in Japan, but it has branches in other countries. Like IKEA, it sells furniture and a variety of other things. Need a pen? Muji sells them. How about some clothing? Again, they are available.

Muji also has an online store. Products can be ordered and shipped to the home or other location. Their company philosophy is different from IKEA. They believe in a rationalist approach and aim for products “that will do” rather than “that’s exactly what I want.”

That said, they are not exactly minimalists. They simply want to orient themselves towards the basic necessities of daily life. This attitude is seen in everything, including the packaging of products to be shipped.

Ashley Furniture

This company is the main competitor of IKEA, but the quality of the company’s products is not as high as that of IKEA. They also have a reputation for bad customer service. In the UK, it is well known that there are problems with furniture from this company.

Those in the UK “change houses” often, especially young people. One person wrote that a wardrobe purchased from Ashley Furniture was so poorly designed and constructed that they had to leave it behind.

Some point out that the sofas at Ashley Furniture are softer than those from IKEA. That would most likely depend on which sofa was purchased from IKEA, as some are softer than others.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Contrary to popular belief, Bed, Bath and Beyond do compete in the furniture line as well as others. It is a much-loved store by those who shop there, just as IKEA is loved by its fans.

The company has a good reputation, excellent customer service and does have a web ordering option. They also allow folks to order online and pick up in stores. This can help, especially when it is holiday season and the stores are crowded.

There are a lot of interesting items in this store. Unusual dishes, some food and a large section of scented candles. The store also offers assembly services for items that come in a flat box. Custom designers are available with their interior decorator service.

Bed, Bath and Beyond also carries bed sheets with high thread counts. This can help ensure that the sheets last and that sleep is optimized. Little details can make a big difference when it comes to sleep.

IKEA is an iconic company that has carved a niche for itself. It is doubtful that any of these stores will ever outcompete IKEA, although they do have their own market share and fans. Muji is an up and coming company that will likely take off even further and develop its own niche.

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