How IKEA Uses e-Commerce?

how ikea uses e commerce
how ikea uses e commerce

People love stepping into IKEA for their furniture needs and Swedish meatballs. Furniture shopping can be a huge pain. Sometimes more than the Swedish meatballs are needed to endure the strain of finding a new bed.

Or a new desk. Or a new couch. That’s why shopping online makes pursuing IKEA so much easier.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Consumers who need a product are more likely to pull up Amazon than head to Target. IKEA has taken up this trend, too.

They still have physical furniture shops, but their online store has widely expanded. They embraced the change in 2016, and their store has changed since.

IKEA will not be closing down any physical locations, but they are taking the time to stop building franchises.

They want to make smaller locations to showcase furniture that is being sold online. The first of these shops will open in New York City this year. How does IKEA make the best out of e-commerce?

How IKEA Uses e-Commerce

IKEA has embraced the possibilities of e-commerce and leveraged it to the maximum to build a competitive advantage.

Through its online presence, IKEA has increased its reach far beyond the physical boundaries of its stores, enabling it to target customers across the globe.

The company also utilizes e-commerce tools such as virtual and augmented reality to create a unique online shopping experience for its customers.

Through these tools, IKEA can provide a 3D visualization of its products, giving customers an immersive look into the various items they can purchase from the company.

IKEA has also used e-commerce platforms to offer customers convenient online ordering and delivery options.

Customers can order furniture items directly from the company through its online platform without visiting a physical store.

IKEA also offers installation services, which significantly reduces the time required to assemble products purchased by customers.

IKEA’s delivery service allows customers to have their products shipped directly to their homes, eliminating any need for customers to visit a store physically.

In addition, IKEA has succeeded with its mobile application, which provides customers with an easy way to shop and access product information on the go.

The app includes product recommendations, in-app purchases, virtual shopping carts, and Through e-commerce, IKEA has reached a wider audience and provided an enhanced shopping experience for its customers.

The company’s commitment to leveraging technology has enabled it to increase its customer base and build loyalty among existing customers.


IKEA’s success in making the best out of e-commerce has increased its overall sales and strengthened its position as a leading home furnishings retailer.

IKEA is taking its e-commerce to a whole new level. Instead of simply selling their products online, they use new, innovative ways to draw more people in.

An example of this is IKEA Place. IKEA Place is an app where users can take a picture of a room, they need new furniture. 

Everything you need to know about IKEA Place?

IKEA Place is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that allows users to place 3D models of IKEA furniture into their own homes using their smartphone or tablet camera.

It uses Apple’s ARKit technology and requires iOS 11 or newer.

It was released not so recently as part of IKEA’s commitment to providing new and innovative ways for people to shop for their furniture.

With IKEA Place, users can virtually “try before they buy” by viewing a realistic preview of various pieces of furniture in the context of their home.

The app has an extensive selection of 3D models from the IKEA catalog and is continually updated with new products and features.

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It also has a “Price Check” feature that allows users to quickly compare the cost of an item in different sizes and colors and an “IKEA Store Locator” feature that helps shoppers locate their nearest IKEA store.

Additionally, a helpful “How-To” section offers easy-to-follow instructions for assembling and caring for IKEA products.

It is easy to start with IKEA Place; all users need is an iOS device (a smartphone or tablet) running at least iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Once the app is installed, shoppers can begin browsing the catalog of 3D models and place them in their homes using the camera view on their devices.

The app’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to move, rotate and scale items before making a purchase decision.

IKEA Place is an innovative AR tool that allows shoppers to preview furniture products before heading to the store or placing an online order.

This can save time and money and reduce the risk of buyer’s remorse.

With this app, IKEA continues to revolutionize the furniture buying experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable for shoppers worldwide.

The app was developed with input from designers to ensure high-quality visuals, accurate measurements, and textures.

 It continues to be updated regularly with new products and features, making it a valuable resource for all IKEA shoppers.

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Now, there’s no need to guess how an item will look or fit in a space; users can get a realistic preview right from the comfort of their own homes.

They can then use the app to place different pieces in the room to get an idea of what it would look like in their home.

IKEA has even partnered with Amazon and sells some of its products on the Amazon site. They also sell smart light bulbs partnered with the Amazon Echo.

They also do a great job with e-commerce through social media marketing. They have a site on every notable social media site: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

What helps IKEA stand out online, though, is Pinterest. If a product goes viral on Pinterest, it is almost guaranteed to sell out of the store that week.

IKEA has significantly been trying to increase sales in Asia. One way they are doing this is by increasing their WeChat platform.

WeChat is a very popular app in Asia. If a user follows IKEA, they’ll be notified of flash sales. They then can order the products directly from WeChat to their door.

IKEA is supposed to cut 7,500 jobs because of its growing e-commerce business. However, IKEA employees should not fret. Their growing e-commerce strategy will offer 11,500 new jobs within the company.

IKEA introduced another app this year that combines the store experience with the online experience. The shopper can use the app in the store.


They can point their phone at a product and see various colors, textures, and settings where the product would fit.

IKEA did not join the e-commerce game until 2016, but they quickly compensated for the lost time. The way the world shops are changing and IKEA is changing with it.

Is the IKEA e-commerce strategy effective?

The IKEA e-commerce strategy has been highly successful since its launch in 2000.

The company’s online store features an extensive catalog of home furnishings and accessories that can be browsed, selected, and purchased with just a few clicks.

From the customer’s point of view, IKEA offers convenience, affordability, and high-quality products.

One of the key elements of IKEA’s e-commerce strategy is its commitment to providing customers with a wide selection of products and services.

The online store offers everything from furniture and decor to kitchen appliances, bedding, rugs, lighting fixtures, and more – all at competitive prices.

IKEA has developed a comprehensive search system to make it easier for customers.

The store also offers a variety of delivery options, so customers can choose the most convenient way of having their purchases delivered to them.

Another element of IKEA’s e-commerce strategy is its focus on providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

The company’s website is designed to be clean and easy to navigate, with all the necessary information laid out.

The store also offers a chat feature that lets customers get quick answers to any questions about products or services.

IKEA has incorporated mobile technology into its e-commerce strategy. Customers can now access the online store via their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to shop anytime and anywhere.

The company has also developed apps that enable customers to take advantage of in-store promotions and discounts and provide virtual walkthroughs of its showrooms.

The success of IKEA’s e-commerce strategy is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing customers with an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

The company’s extensive selection of products, competitive prices, and focus on mobile technology have helped it to establish a loyal customer base.

With a well-designed needite and comprehensive search system, IKEA has managed to make the online shopping experience as easy as possible – ensuring that customers return time and again for their home furniture and decor needs.

In conclusion, the IKEA e-commerce strategy has effectively met customers’ needs and expectations.

The company’s commitment to providing an enjoyable shopping experience, combined with its focus on mobile technology, has enabled them to establish a loyal customer base that continues to return for its home furnishing needs.

As a result, IKEA has become one of the most successful e-commerce retailers in the world.

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