How IKEA Uses Instagram and Pinterest Successfully

IKEA is Thriving Through Instagram and Pinterest
IKEA is Thriving Through Instagram and Pinterest

How IKEA Uses Instagram and Pinterest

Technology is changing every day. Teens interact through Snapchat instead of texting. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone. It’s even possible to use your phone to buy products. The tech world is constantly changing, and companies need to keep up. Advertisements through mail and billboards don’t have the same effect they did 20 years ago. If companies don’t use social media, they’ll miss out on a huge demographic.

IKEA utilizes various social media platforms to help their company thrive. They use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Unlike other companies, Pinterest is one of the most important social media accounts IKEA has.

Pinterest is used for various things. Users can find different hairstyles, clothes they like, they can plan their dream wedding, and plan their dream house. IKEA furniture often ends up on Pinterest’s homepage. When it goes viral, that furniture piece usually sells out.

IKEA has its own page that they post their furniture on. They link their products to specific keywords like “dorm ideas,” and “dorm room organization”. These are used during college move-in dates and helps increase IKEA’s sales. Not only are college students on Pinterest, but so are their parents. IKEA is hitting many demographics by being on Pinterest.

Another thing that helps IKEA is that they link pins back to their website. If a Pinterest user finds something they like, they can order it directly from the link. There are also articles posted on Pinterest like “20 Great IKEA Hacks,” and “The Best IKEA Items for a Stylish Home on a Budget.” These articles aren’t necessarily advertisements, but draw users in with keywords like “hacks,” and “budget.”

Through Pinterest, they can also cater to the season. Some pins on IKEA’s page right now are “Holiday Hosting guide: Extra seating for guests” and “Quick IKEA tips for a Perfect Holiday Bash.” They use their page to connect with the current season.

IKEA is also prevalent on Instagram. Instead of simply creating an Instagram account, they made a website through the social network. They post pictures on their Instagram, that users can then click on. This will put up a page that says “in this picture,” which links users to the products and their prices. They also encourage shoppers to take pictures of their IKEA furniture, and IKEA may share it on their Instagram. This helps forge a connection with shoppers. Users can feel validated by their design choices and will want to come back for more. Others will see how the furniture fits in others’ homes, and how cozy it looks.

Like IKEA’s Pinterest, they share posts related to the season. The weather is getting colder, so IKEA is sharing photos of their duvets. They also recently shared a picture of pans that fits with the idea that the holidays are approaching, which means lots of family dinners.

Many companies have a strong online presence. IKEA is one of these because they connect with the audience, come up with new ideas, use keywords, and relate their furniture to the current season.


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