How IKEA Works to its Success

how ikea works to its success
how ikea works to its success

The concepts behind the success of IKEA appeal to many different aspects of life. The general concepts are:

  • Inexpensive furniture.
  • Fun products.
  • Good employee/employer relations.
  • Paying attention to the local economy and the environment.

There are other aspects, many found on Youtube, which also can be delightful. One of those is a flash mob wedding proposal.

Furniture from the past has often been bulky, heavy, and expensive. One bought a table for a lifetime rather than for a few years.

With IKEA, that table can be changed out when the mood strikes rather than being a piece to hand down to the grandchildren.

How did IKEA rise to it’s heights of success?

IKEA’s success can be attributed to a combination of factors. Of course, IKEA’s low-cost strategies have allowed them to offer its customers quality products at affordable prices.


In addition, IKEA has developed and implemented innovative supply chain and distribution models that enable the company to keep costs down while expanding its reach.

Their customer-centric approach has also been a key factor in their success, as IKEA places the utmost importance on creating an enjoyable customer experience.

From its showroom format to free design services and solution-oriented furniture, IKEA has developed many strategic tactics that help distinguish it from other furniture retailers.

IKEA’s clever marketing strategies, such as its frequent sales and product collaborations, have also played an important role in its growth.

IKEA’s sustainability-focused initiatives have attracted customers looking for affordable furniture with a positive environmental impact.

Ultimately, this combination of factors has allowed IKEA to become one of the most successful furniture retailers in the world.

In recent years, IKEA has continued to expand its reach and explore new markets.

marketing strategy

Its unique approach to design, customer service, sustainability, and pricing has allowed it to remain competitive and relevant in a constantly changing retail landscape.

 As IKEA continues to innovate and create new products and services, the company will likely continue to be a furniture industry leader for many years.

Despite its success, IKEA still faces several challenges. The company must stay ahead of trends and innovate and differentiate itself from other retailers while providing customers low-cost options.

IKEA must remain mindful of the environmental impacts of its products and operations to remain competitive.

Despite these challenges, IKEA’s commitment to its core values and customer-centric approach has enabled it to grow and succeed continuously.

As long as IKEA keeps these two things in mind, there is no telling how far the company can go.

How did IKEA leave its counterparts behind?

IKEA has been able to leave its counterparts behind by innovating in various ways.

Most notably, IKEA is renowned for its “do-it-yourself” philosophy, which encourages customers to assemble their furniture and customize it to fit their needs.

This helps keep prices low and enables customers to have greater control over their purchases.

IKEA has revolutionized the way furniture is displayed in its retail stores.

Instead of a traditional showroom layout where customers are presented with fully assembled pieces to view and purchase, IKEA’s stores contain large open spaces filled with display rooms that showcase unassembled pieces so that consumers can get a better idea of how their furniture will look in a space.

IKEA has also adopted an agile business model, allowing it to rapidly adapt to changing consumer trends and preferences.

This allows IKEA to respond quickly to market shifts and remain ahead of its competitors.

IKEA has taken steps to make its products more eco-friendly and sustainable, as well, by introducing more recycled materials in its products and investing heavily in renewable energy sources.

IKEA has focused on providing excellent customer service online and through its physical stores.

 The company allows customers to order furniture online and have it delivered quickly – or pick up pieces from their local store when available.

It has a good return policy, allowing customers to exchange or return products any time within the year.

Finally, IKEA has successfully created a strong brand identity for itself and positioned itself as a lifestyle choice rather than just another furniture store.

The company has created a strong emotional connection with its customers through its clever marketing campaigns and product design choices.

These factors have enabled IKEA to differentiate itself from the competition, stay ahead in the market, and remain a popular go-to destination for furniture shopping.

IKEA’s Employees are its strength 

IKEA’s Employees are its strength and pride. IKEA offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees, including paid vacation time, health insurance, and other perks.

The company also invests in its employees’ development by providing training programs, apprenticeships, and other professional growth opportunities.

IKEA is strongly committed to sustainability and embraces the circular economy principles of reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling resources.

The company encourages employees to work together towards sustainability initiatives, such as reducing energy consumption and using sustainable product materials.

IKEA also encourages its employees to develop a sense of ownership in their work and to be innovative in their approach.

ikea employee

IKEA is an inclusive workplace that values diversity and inclusion.

The company is committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect where all employees are treated fairly and with dignity regardless of gender, age, race, or ethnicity.

IKEA also commits to supporting the communities in which they operate through charitable giving and community-based programs.

IKEA’s culture of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity has fostered a workplace that values its employees and the communities it serves.

Its commitment to creating a positive work environment for staff and customers alike makes IKEA an employer of choice.

IKEA’s Employees are its strength and pride. IKEA can attract and retain the best talent by investing in its development and providing a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

The combination of competitive salaries, benefits, and a commitment to sustainability makes IKEA an ideal workplace for employees looking for career growth opportunities.

IKEA stands out in an age where many employers take advantage of their employees.

New parents, whether male or female, automatically get leave after a child is born. A group of stores in one country decided to strip down employee benefits.

Corporate stepped in and told them they were not allowed to do that. Most employee reviews for this company are favorable.

The store could easily have put many local businesses out of business in another country. A lot of other companies wouldn’t have minded… less competition.

However, IKEA looked for ways to work with the local and national economies. They hired some of those businesses to put together furniture.

They bought in-country products to manufacture and provide products. This attention to detail makes success in that country more likely.

The environment means a great deal to IKEA. They have a program called IWAY, which defines their social and environmental policies.

One of the first rules is that low-cost furniture should never harm people or the environment.

As a result, IKEA has committed to using only renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power in their stores.

They also strive to make their products from sustainable materials and processes. They support numerous causes focused on conservation, recycling, and other global initiatives.


Their packaging is made from recycled materials, and they have eliminated plastic bags in their stores.

IKEA has also implemented several programs to reduce its carbon footprint.

They use LED lighting in all their stores and warehouse locations and have implemented advanced energy management systems for more efficient electricity use.

In recent years, IKEA has taken major steps to reduce its use of hazardous chemicals.

All products are tested for substances that are known to be harmful and are then eliminated from the production process.

And it has implemented a sustainable forestry policy, which ensures that all wood used in its products is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

That translates to several policies that are environmentally sound. For example, the wood they use in their products must come from forests that can prove they are sustainably managed.

Companies that don’t comply aren’t summarily excluded from sales.

 Instead, IKEA works with them to make sure that they can comply. Education is as important in protecting our environment.

Some stores have achieved a goal very few could. Landfills are a necessary evil, but IKEA stores in the UK have managed to go one hundred percent zero landfill use.

There is a social policy that many people in the West don’t think about. Child labor is something that still exists in many areas of the world.

IKEA disapproves of this and works with international organizations to prevent it. UNICEF and Save the Children are two of the organizations.

Child labor hurts more than just the child. It hurts the family, the community, and the country.

IKEA may seem to some like the Walmart of the furniture world, but it is much more than that.

It is a company that works to improve life for those who work for them and those who work around them.

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