How IKEA Took Over the World

How IKEA Took Over the World
How IKEA Took Over the World

How IKEA Took Over the World

IKEA is well-known for its low prices, Billy Bookcase, and its sweet sweet Swedish meatballs. However, IKEA is so much more than this. It’s inclusive and sustainable and is changing the world one plastic bag at a time.

One way IKEA is using the world’s waste and pollution to create new products. In the fall, IKEA will release a homeware collection called “musselblomma.” These items will be created from recycled plastic found in the ocean. They plan to only use renewable and recycled materials by 2030. The decline of the environment is a problem for everyone, and the world sees the changes IKEA is making.

IKEA is environmentally conscious in other ways, too and have their own sustainability strategies. IKEA has invested nearly three billion dollars in wind power and solar energy. The company is trying to make solar and wind energy an affordable option for consumers as well. They’re using their base to appeal to their customers and make the world a better place.

IKEA has changed the way people buy furniture, too. Not only are the prices affordable, but it changes the way furniture is delivered. Customers don’t have to worry about spending ½ of their budget on a delivery fee because at IKEA they do it themselves. This has changed the way furniture is sold and makes it so consumers are doing the hands-on work themselves.

They target all kinds of consumers and were the first company to use a same-sex couple in their advertisements. This occurred in 1994. Since then, IKEA has done plenty more do encourage progressivity.

IKEA is all about equality, and they try to reflect that in their employment. Out of their nearly 195,000 employees, 48% of them are women. They are constantly working to put women in positions of management. They offer maternity and paternity leave in many countries and commit to equal pay in all their locations.

IKEA strives to be diverse, and make sure everyone has the same opportunities regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, and gender. They also consider diversity among the countries they have stores in. In China, IKEA has many balcony displays because that’s popular in China. In America, they designed bigger glasses because they found Americans were buying vases for their drinks. Their company is more inclusive than most, which gives them power.

They’ve also taken over the world simply by creating an experience in their store. By adding a cafe to their locations, IKEA has encouraged people to make a day of going to IKEA. By having a restaurant in the store, it has made it easier and more enjoyable to go furniture shopping. These cafes have also made the average person love Swedish meatballs way more than they probably should. Every time they eat meatballs, sit down at their table, or even take a book from their bookshelf, the customer thinks of IKEA.

IKEA uses its success to help other businesses grow, too. They have a boot camp in Sweden that works with other small businesses, invests in them, and helps them grow. The company has made something of itself, and they want to do the same for others.

IKEA has done a lot to change the way of furniture stores. They make life easier for the everyday homeowner with their affordability and relaxing store. However, what makes them truly unique is that they use their success to help others. This is how an ordinary furniture store has taken over the world.


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