IKEA Skarsta Desk One Side Not Working? (8 Solutions)

ikea skarsta desk one side not working
ikea skarsta desk one side not working

The IKEA desks usually come with a warranty of 10 years, making them easily replaceable and getting the services at a very low price if you face any issue with your desk.

The desk is specially manufactured for people who work long hours.

Sitting continuously can be dangerous and can cause several health issues. The IKEA Skarsta desk allows changing your position.

You can work while sitting, or you can choose to work while standing. This allows body movement, making you feel fresher during work hours. 

The height of your IKEA desk can be changed electronically.

This feature is loved by consumers but can also be why you may need help with your desk working from one side.

The IKEA Skarsta Desk On One Side Is Not Working.

The IKEA Skarsta Desk is a customer favorite for its simple design and low price point.

However, some customers have reported issues with the desk, specifically with one side not working properly.

If you’re experiencing this issue, you can take a few potential troubleshooting steps to fix it. 

Fixing an issue with your IKEA Skarsta desk may require some troubleshooting to identify the root cause of the problem.

If one side of your desk is not working, it could be due to several factors, including a loose connection, damaged wires, or a defective switch.

 There could be a few other reasons your IKEA Skarsta desk’s one side is not working. Here are some possible causes and solutions to try:

Ikea Skarsta Desk One Side Not Working:

  1. Ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply

Check the power supply. Make sure that the desk is plugged into a power outlet and that the outlet is working.

If the desk is plugged into a surge protector, make sure that the surge protector is turned on.

Each system has different power requirements. It depends on what voltage of power supply you use for your desk.

In some cases, the desk may need a low voltage supply where as your power connection has a high voltage; for this, you can use an adapter to manage your voltage according to the desk.

power on

In other cases, if you were using your IKEA desk in an office with a power supply connected through cables and shared among four or five desks simultaneously, you may face the issue of your desk not functioning properly due to an interrupted power supply.

For this, get heavy-duty cables to share the power so that each desk gets equal uninterrupted power.

If you are using adapters for your desk, make sure they are switched on and are of excellent quality.

If not, they will work for a shorter period and can also damage the efficiency of your Ikea desk.

  1. Switch On Power Switch

The IKEA desk works electronically; each desk is manufactured in a safe way and cannot be damaged by any infant by constantly pressing the elevating and down button. You will find a button under your desk to start its operation.

There is a power switch on the underside of the desk. Make sure that this switch is turned on. Check the desk’s power switch. 

If the power switch is turned off, flip it to the “on” position. Then tighten all connections; make sure that all connections are tight.

This includes the connection between the desk, the power outlet, and any connections between cables and components.

If you have followed all of these steps and the problem persists, there is likely a more serious issue with the desk.

outlet switch

In this case, it is best to contact IKEA customer service for further assistance. You can contact them through your IKEA login or directly through their website.

  1. Reset the Circuit Breaker

The recent power systems cope with enormous power networks and large numbers of linked electrical equipment.

 In case of a circuit trip, fault, or another type of power fault, cable defect, high current will run throughout your equipment and the power network itself.

This high voltage of current may harm the desk and networks permanently. 

To protect these parts of your equipment and all your power networks, the foible current should be treated and fixed from the system as quickly as possible.

Even after the defect is removed and fixed, the system should come to its usual working condition as soon as it gets fixed.

For distributing reliable excellence power to the getting ends. Other than that, diverse switching operations need to be performed for appropriate control of the power system.

If you have a circuit breaker, reset it and see if that fixes the problemTo reset your breaker, you need to follow the following instructions

  • Turn off any lights that are switched on
  • Unplug all the electronic devices
  • Look at the breaker that has tripped
  • Pull it upwards to switch it ON 

After doing all these steps, if your breaker flips back off again and again, try contacting an electrician you’re breaker might need replacement.

  1. Check for Damaged Wires

damaged wires

If the desk is not getting power, the wires may have a problem. Check for any damaged or frayed wires and replace them if necessary.

Some indications of your wires being old, outdated, or damaged are as follows.

You may experience some flickering or buzzing when connected to the socket, and your desk might not get elevated or function properly.

If your wire is broken or damaged, you can easily fix it home by soldering it.

Soldering is a process in which you add an extra piece of wire covering on the cables and heat the covering to shrink and fix on top of the damaged part making your wire secure and safe to use again.

It is one of the best and cheap methods to repair your damaged wire.

  1. Replace Defective Switch

Another reason your IKEA desk is not working is that the switch in which you have plugged your desk is likely defective if none of the above steps fix the problem.


You will need to replace the switch to get the desk working again.

To check whether or not your switch is working, plug in another electronic device other than your desk; if the device you plugged in also does not work, it’s time to change the switch

To change your switch, first cut the powers and unscrew your switchboard. Identify the type of switch you’ll need for the replacement.

Connect the wiring to the new switch by losing the old terminals. Once the switch is replaced, your problem will likely be solved.  

  1. Check Control Panel

All electronic desks come with a control panel responsible for the equipment’s functioning.

The Control panel has different buttons which allow you to switch on the desk’s motor to move the desk up and down.

There could be a default in the control panel of your desk, due to which one side of your IKEA desk is not working.

Check the desk’s control panel. A button or switch on the control panel may need to be turned on for the desk to work.

After turning on the desks button, if your desk still does not work, it is recommended to get your control panel fixed by the specialist at IKEA.

They will guide you on how to fix the problem or what other options can be available. 

  1. Seal Desk Legs

When putting your desk together, you accidentally make a mistake and do not lock the legs of the desk in the right place, or the legs need to be tightly secured. The desk will not work. 

Upside down your desk and check the desk’s legs. If one of the desk’s legs is not properly seated in its socket or is loose, the desk will not work. 

Ensure all four legs are properly seated, tightened, and secured.

  1. Contact Customer Care

Contact IKEA customer service. If you have tried all of the above troubleshooting steps and the desk still does not work, contact IKEA customer service for further assistance.

They provide up to 10 years of warranty on their products which is a great deal. You can easily get assistance on your desk without any hassle or expense.

To Summarize It: 

  • Check the power supply: ensure the desk is plugged into a working outlet and that any surge protectors are turned on.
  • Switch on the power switch: there is a switch on the underside of the desk; make sure it’s in the “on” position.
  • Tighten all connections: check that all wires and cables are connected properly.
  • If the problem persists, contact a professional. You may need a new switch.
  • Check the control panel: there may be a button or switch that needs to be turned on.
  • Check the desk legs: make sure all four legs are seated properly in their sockets.
  • Contact IKEA customer services online or visit their store for further assistance if you have applied all the above-discussed troubleshooting methods. 

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