8 Common Problems With IKEA Tarva Dresser

problems with ikea tarva dresser
problems with ikea tarva dresser

IKEA Tarva Dresser is a simple structure made out of solid wood.

It is pure wood and has a subtle finish, making it a perfect choice for people who like to customize their furniture pieces according to their taste.

Its simple texture gives you a choice of staining or painting it. The dresser has a set of drawers giving you ample space for storage.

For your product’s extended life, it is recommended to oil, paint, or give a wax finish to your dresser.

The Ikea dresser is a great piece for storing your extra stuff giving you space to place your decorations on the top shelf.

Along with all this, the dresser has some major problems; like any other product, it has its pros and cons.

The main problems with the Ikea Tarva dresser are discussed below with their quick solutions.

IKEA Tarva Dresser is one of the most popular dressers available in the market.

However, a few common problems can occur with this type of dresser due to its size and quantity of drawers. Some of the common issues with IKEA Tarva dressers include the following

  • Dresser gets Jammed
  • Dresser gets unstable
  • The Drawers Get Stuck
  • The Handles Come Off
  • Difficulty In Assembling Dresser
  • The Finish Gets Worn Away  

Here’s how you troubleshoot and fix some of the common problems associated with IKEA Tarva dressers

Problems with IKEA Tarva Dresser

1. Fix a Jammed Dresser

One common problem with IKEA Tarva dressers is that the drawers can become jammed or difficult to open and close.

The overtime buildup of dust and debris in the drawer tracks causes the jamming.

You can try cleaning the tracks with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to fix this problem.

Another reason you can experience your drawers being jammed is due to the wear and tear of the dresser over time; this prevents them from fitting correctly back to their original place after use.

In this case, carefully remove your dresser’s drawer from its rail. If the jamming is due to the rail, change the rails but if it is due to some tear in the wood, try scrapping it or sanding it.

Make sure not to sand too much at a time; this may change the drawer size, which may not fit the dresser, so try sanding a little at a time.

If the tracks are still not functioning properly, you may need to replace them.

2. Secure an Unstable Dresser

Another common issue is that the dresser may become unstable if it is not properly secured to the wall.

This can be dangerous, as tipping over a dresser can cause serious injuries. This can be a safety hazard, as the dresser could tip over and cause injuries.

If talking about your house safety, while buying any household product, be it electric or furniture, we are usually informed by the product label if it is hazardous or has certain safety requirements.

The IKEA dresser is not considered dangerous as it’s just a product you stick on the wall. Still, its instability and improper assembling can cause serious damage.


According to CPSC, which is Consumer Product Safety, an average of 20 thousand to 30 thousand consumers faced serious wounds, amongst which were many children as they played with everything and anything they saw, which caused the furniture to tip over them. 

Kids are at a higher risk of getting themselves in the emergency room if your Ikea Tarva Dresser is unstable.  

 To prevent your dresser from getting unstable, follow the instructions for anchoring the dresser to the wall. 

You can also try adding extra support by placing a book or other heavy object on top of the dresser.

Follow the IKEA Tarva assembly manual instructions to prevent this from happening, and use the provided wall anchoring hardware.

You can also try attaching the dresser to the wall with furniture straps or L-brackets.

3. Don’t Overload the Dresser

Another common problem is that people tend to overload the dresser with too much weight, especially if your dresser is in your kids’ room or you have kids at home. 

Some people are hoarders. They tend to stuff their drawers with everything they have at hand, which can cause your drawers to overload.  

It can cause the dresser to become unstable and even tip over.


This can be dangerous, as tipping over a dresser can cause serious injuries, and you can land in an emergency room. 

To prevent this, ensure not to overload the dresser with heavy items. 

Clean and de-clutter your drawers after a couple of weeks. Ensure nothing gets stuck in your drawers to have a smooth-running drawer.

4. Fix Stuck Dresser Drawers

A stuck drawer is very stressful; there are many reasons why your drawer is stuck, such as overloading your drawers and causing the things to stick to the upper rack.

Try placing a thin metal tool in your drawer and pressing the things in the drawer, making space for the drawer to open.

Re-arrange all of your stuff, so you don’t face this issue again.

Another reason your IKEA Dresser drawer might be stuck is because the rails that help slide the drawer are defaced or damaged.

You need to pull the drawer out with full force and change the sliding mechanism.

If the drawers on your IKEA Tarva dresser are becoming stuck, it is likely due to a misalignment of the drawer tracks. 

To fix this problem, you can consider adjusting the position of the tracks. If this does not work, you may need to replace the tracks entirely.

5. Secure Dresser Handles

various screws

One of the most annoying problems with IKEA Tarva dressers is that the handles often come off.

This can be caused by a loose screw, a faulty handle, or improper assembling of the handles at the time of installing your dresser. 

Identify why your handles are coming off. If it is due to the loose screws, to fix this problem, you can try tightening the screws.

If you are unsure how to get this done, you can consult the IKEA Tarva assembly manual for instructions.

Another reason could be that your drawer handles are damaged or broken; in this situation, you would have to replace them.

New handles can be found at the IKEA store, or you can find them in any hardware store and online.

6. Difficulty in Assembling the Dresser

Another common problem is that the dresser may be difficult to assemble. This is often because the dresser comes in a flat pack and requires assembly by the customer.

While IKEA provides detailed instructions, putting them together can still be tricky as it has many pieces, making the assembly process a little confusing.

If you have difficulty assembling your IKEA Tarva dresser, you can try watching an online assembly video or contacting customer service.

service support

This is often because the instructions can be confusing, or the parts may not fit together properly.

7. The Finish Gets Worn Away

One issue that occurs over time is that the finish on the dresser may become worn away, making it look old rustic, and unappealing to the eye.

This is because of everyday use, wear and tear, due to acetones, nail colors, or placing hot items on the dresser.

 To prevent this, you can try using coasters or placemats when placing hot items on the dresser. Avoid putting cotton soaked in acetone.

Be careful with your cleaning supplies, as harsh chemicals can damage the wood finish

You can also try using furniture polish to help protect the finish.

If you polish your dresser or use wood oils and wax on it, you will likely not face this issue.

There you have it! These are a few of the most common problems associated with IKEA Tarva dressers.

You can troubleshoot and fix these issues by simply following the tips above.

All these tips are easy and can be done at home in no time.

8. Contact IKEA

contact professional

These are some of the problems that can occur with IKEA Trave dressers.

Following the instructions properly while assembling the dresser is important to solve these problems.

Additionally, regular maintenance, such as dusting and cleaning the dresser, can help to prevent some of these problems.

Contact IKEA customer service for assistance if you have any further questions about problems concerning your IKEA Tarva dresser.

Finish Line:

Ikea Tarva Dresser is a customer’s favorite in terms of the storage it provides, and it also levels up your interior.

As with every product, you face some problems, so with the IKEA dresser, some of the problems are the drawers getting stuck, instability of the dresser,

inability to assemble it easily, and many others mentioned above.

But with every problem comes a solution, all the possible problems and their easy-to-do solutions are all given in this blog.

If you still face any issues, contact IKEA customer service to further resolve your issue.

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