20 Best IKEA Mattresses Review 2022

IKEA Mattresses

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IKEA Mattresses

Choosing a mattress can be a gruesome process. With different sizes, shapes, and textures, mattress shopping becomes overwhelming and arduous. The worst part is that the exhaustion from mattress shopping can’t be channeled anywhere because there is no comfy mattress to head home to.

Luckily, IKEA has plenty of mattress options that can be tested in store. This way, shoppers can find what they need and know they want it. In many places, people even take naps in the beds at IKEA. It is best to match an IKEA mattress with an IKEA bed frame.

Many of IKEA’s mattresses come at low prices. Anyone can buy an IKEA mattress. An IKEA mattress is suitable for any home. They’re comfortable, of great quality, and affordable.  Here are 20 of IKEA’s best mattresses.

20 Best IKEA Mattresses Review

1) Matrand Mattress

Matrand Mattress

The Matrand mattress is the perfect mattress for those who love a good cuddle. The snug mattress molds to the body, creating a sleeper’s paradise. The mattress is layered in the most comfortable material: memory foam.

The memory foam helps relieve pressure in stress in the neck and back. It also helps support the shoulders and hips. The mattress is easy to move, too. It’s a roll-up mattress, so it can go everywhere. This is a particularly great feature for those who are constantly on the go. This mattress can move everywhere.

The mattress comes with a 25 year warranty, so if the customers are dissatisfied, they can consult the warranty and get a refund. The mattress pairs well with a slatted bed base or a mattress base. It’s very affordable, too. It costs $329 and is a full size.

2) Haugesund Mattress

Haugesund Mattress

The Haugesund mattress is an affordable mattress starting at $179. It comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. It can also be purchased in firms, or medium firm. This is great for those who like firm beds. IKEA beds are known to be soft, so it’s great to have an option. The bed is great for comfort. It has pockets springs that match the contours of one’s body to ensure extra stability.

There is also stretch fabric on the mattress that moves with the owner when they sleep. This also makes washing the mattress so much easier. Simply remove and wash the fabric, and voila, the bed is clean.

The haugesund mattress is super convenient and very popular. It has over 450 reviews, and is rated 4.3 /5 stars. It looks great with every bed frame and is worth the cost. This is a perfect mattress.

3) Haugsvar Mattress

Matrand Mattress

The Hauvgsvar mattress is sturdy, affordable, and perfect for every person.  It comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. It can also be purchased in firm, or medium firm.

The bed is great for those who don’t want to sink into their bed. It comes in a cool dark grey color and matches most bed frames. The bed has individually wrapped pockets that are work to match the sleeper’s body.

With each sleep, the bed becomes more suited to its owner. There are also response coils that make it so one’s movements does not disturb their partner. The bed is of higher quality, so it costs a bit more than other IKEA mattresses. The starting price of this bed is $299, but it is well worth it.

4) HASVAG Mattress

HASVAG Mattress

The Hasvag spring mattress is described as “firm meets soft.” It is one of IKEA’s most affordable mattresses, with the starting price as low as $129. It is supports the body perfectly. It is made of polyester, cotton, and has a very nice and soft filling. This bed is one very soft and has great back support. The bed is commended for its comfort.

This is definitely a bed everyone should test for themselves at this store. What make matters better is that it is easily moved. It rolls up and move anywhere. This bed is the best of both worlds: it’s sturdy and soft. This bed, though simple, is perfect for everyone. It a definite crowd-pleaser at IKEA.

5) Knapstad Mattress

Knapstad Mattress

The Knapstad mattress is one of the most expensive mattresses at IKEA. The lowest price this mattress can be bought at is $629. Despite this, it’s still more affordable than most mattresses at other furniture and mattress stores.

The bed comes in three sizes: full, queen, and king. It comes in medium firm, so it’s great for those who don’t want a rock had bed. The bed is memory foam, so it helps at comfort to the bed. The bed has plenty of soft filling so it adds maximum comfort to the bed. The bed can be rolled up so it is easy to move. It pairs with a slatted bed base or a mattress base. This is one of IKEA’s newer beds, and worth trying out.

6) Hesstun Mattress

Hesstun Mattress

The Hesstun mattress should be called the pocket spring mattress. It has individually wrapped pocket springs that are covered in mini pocket springs to add an extra level of comfort. It is then topped with memory foam to create the ultimate mattress.

The bed comes in three sizes: full, queen, and king. It also comes in medium firm and firm which is great for those who like the bed, but want a specific texture. The bed has a soft filling that makes it so much more comfortable and cozy. It’s of great quality and has a starting price of $479. This bed is perfect for everyone because it fits to the contours of the body, and comes in different sizes and firmness levels.

7) Myrbacka Mattress

Myrbacka Mattress

The Myrbacka mattress is made of memory foam that is super soft, and molds to the body of the sleeper. It’s comfortable, firm, and overall a great mattress. The bed provides pressure and stress relief throughout the bed.

The bed is special. It comes with lamb wool stuffing so it stays at a consistent temperature. The high resilience foam in the mattress follows the body’s movements to get a perfect night’s sleep. The bed is made of polyester, foam, and filled with 100% lamb wool. The bed comes at a starting price of $479 but is well worth it. The bed comes in full, queen, and double so anyone can buy this mattress.

8) Morgedal Mattress

Morgedal Mattress

The Morgedal mattress is very special and unique compared to other IKEA mattresses. It absorbs movements of the body and provides plenty of support and comfort to the body. The bed has plenty of pressure relief for the back, neck, hips, and shoulders. The mattress cover is easily washed, so there is no stress of constantly cleaning the mattress. The bed has a nice soft filling that makes it extra comfortable and cosy.

The bed has a 25 year warranty so if there are issues with the bed at any point, the owner can consult IKEA and figure out a way to get a better service. The bed comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. The bed has a starting price of $199, which makes it very affordable.

9) Hjellestad Pillowtop Mattress

Hjellestad Pillowtop Mattress

The Hjellestad Pillowtop mattress is a great mattress for couples. It comes in sizes queen and king. The pillowtop memory foam molds to the body of each person. It’s soft and the perfect mattress.

This bed also has mini springs that connect to the shape of the body. Each little bit of this bed is made to maximize comfort. The soft filling makes the bed extra cozy and warm. The bed a protective cover that makes it easy to carry anywhere. It is easily transported everywhere, and makes moving easier. The bed is durable and lasts a long time. This makes its $699 starting price understable, and still affordable for the product.

10) Mausand Mattress

Mausand Mattress

The Mausund mattress is not for those with a latex allergy. It is a natural latex mattress that comes in a twin, full, queen, and king size. It’s comfortable, sturdy, and a great quality. It is very expensive compared to IKEA products. It is priced at $799.

The bed is made of natural materials: coconut fiber, cotton, and wool. These make the bed softer and take away the moisture. It has more soft filling that adds more comfort to the bed. This bed is great for the environmentalist. It is made of over 50% of renewable materials. This is a newer mattress at IKEA, and one that is paving the way for the future.

11) Meistervik Mattress

Meistervik Mattress

The Meistervik mattress is a thin mattress that is perfect for a quick mattress fix. It is affordable, soft, and good for those on a budget. It has a starting price of $150.

The bed comes in a twin, full, and queen size. The bed has all-over support and is great for a kids bed frame. It’s comfortable, and comes with a 25 year warranty. This mattress can be used for overnight guests, or on camping trips. It’s a roll up mattress, so it can really travel anywhere. This mattress is a great deal and perfect for everyone. It makes comfort and accessibility so much easier.

12) Minnesund Mattress

Minnesund Mattress

The Minnesund mattress is a very thin mattress that can make other mattresses more comfortable. It’s soft, sturdy, and very thin. It comes in three sizes: twin, full, and queen. It is great to add a little extra comfort, and can be used on its own for those who don’t need a lot of support. The mattress has a starting price of $90.

It is a strong, foam mattress. It is easy to take anywhere because it is roll packed. The bed is like many others. It is made of polyester and cotton. It’s the best take away mattress. It’s a soft material, and makes sleeping so much simpler. This mattress is also great in sleeping bags, or on top of couches for overnight stays.

13) Holmsbu Mattress

Holmsbu Mattress

The Holmsbu pillowtop mattress is a thick, medium-firm mattress with gel infused memory foam. The bed has maximum comfort. It has one layer of pocket spring, that is topped with another layer of small pocket springs. Gel activated memory foam is added to the pillow top that molds to the body. The bed also comes with soft filling which makes it extra durable and supple.

The bed comes in two sizes: queen and king. The bed is great for couples, and those moving into new homes. It is fairly large, so it is best for people who are settling in one place. The bed is fairly new, so whoever gets it now will be unique among friends. The bed is expensive with a starting price of $799.

14) Myrbacka Mattress

Myrbacka Mattress 1

The Myrbacka mattress is made of latex, and matches the contours of the body to make it make more comfortable. The bed is possible to recycle after use, so this mattress is great for environmentalists. The holes inside the mattress allow space for the air to circle and make the supple bed feel more comfortable. The bed has plenty of pressure and stress relief for the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. The bed has three sizes and has a price starting as low as $479.

The bed has a 25 year limited warranty so if there are any issues, the owner can consult IKEA. This is a great deal for particularly expensive products.

15) Tanager Mattress

Tanager Mattress

The Tanager mattress is thin and soft. It’s not the most conventional mattress, but it’s great for people on the go. It’s a roll up mattress that can be transported everywhere. It’s a foam mattress that is best taken camping, put over other mattresses, used as a secondary bed, or put anywhere to make places more comfortable.

The memory foam helps contour to the body and helps sleepers relax more completely. The mattress does need to get used to specific temperatures, so it should be given time to develop to new settings.

The mattress comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. The starting cost of the Tanager mattress is $89.

16) Husvika Mattress

Husvika Mattress

The Husvika mattress is a simple, twin mattress that is great for single beds. This mattress is perfect for dorm rooms, day beds, and children’s beds. The bed comes with Bonnell springs that make it extra comfortable. The bed is made of an ordinary blend of cotton and polyester.

It has soft foam, and is great for those who need a mattress on a budget. It costs $120 and really is the perfect, plain bed. The bed can be slept on immediately, but it will take 72 hours to regain it’s natural size and shape. This mattress is great for anyone.

17) Underlig Mattress

Underlig Mattress

The Underlig mattress is one of the cheapest mattresses IKEA has to offer. It is a foam mattress made for junior beds with the dimensions of 27 ½ x 63. The foam of the bed has two different surfaces, so children can choose how soft they want their bed. It is also very easy to clean because it has a simple- wash mattress cover.

The bed is made of cotton and polyester. The bed is very cheap and costs about $50. It’s great, and looks perfect in the on daybeds and kids’ beds. This bed is great for children, teens, and tweens. It’s soft, and great for those who have kids that are constantly growing because it doesn’t cost much.     

18) Pelleplutt Mattress

Pelleplutt Mattress

The Pelleplutt mattress is a simple, foam mattress meat for a crib. It’s thin, durable, and comfortable for a baby. Its measurements are 27 ½ x 52. The bed is easy to remove which is great when it comes to baby spit out, blow outs, and any other stains a baby might induce. IKEA includes fitted sheets that fits this mattress perfectly.

The bed has fire resisting properties that make it the perfect, safety, mattress. This mattress really is the best one for cribs. It is the safest mattress for babies, and can be bought at a low price of $45. The bed has plenty of great reviews and is completely free from harmful chemicals.

19) Plutten Mattress

Plutten Mattress

The Plutten mattress is made for extendable beds. It’s thin, comfortable, and soft. It’s made of foam and can be turned on both sides. If one side is dirty, it can be flipped over so the other side is used. The inner cover adds a fire safety element to the mattress to make the mattress extra safe.

The bed has three lengths that make it expendable. As a child grows, the mattress can cater to his length. If a friend stays over, the bed can be lengthened or shortened to the guest’s height. The mattress is easily washed. The cover can be cleaned in the wash. The bed is cheap at a mere $55.

20) Jattetrott Mattress

Jattetrott Mattress

The Jattetrott mattress is the perfect crib mattress. It is made with pocket springs that help circulate air so children can have a more relaxing and deep sleep. The mattress has dimension that meet the criteria for IKEA cribs. The size of the mattress is 27 ½ x 52.

The cover is easy to remove so stains can be frequently washed out. IKEA provides fitted sheets for this mattress as well. The mattress is thick and comfortable. Babies that sleep on this mattress will be so comfortable, they will never want to wake up at night.

The mattress is a bit expensive for a crib mattress, but is well worth it. The mattress costs $100 and is very durable. It’s truly a great bed for a newborn.

Choosing The Best IKEA Mattresses

IKEA mattresses are perfect for everyone: babies, kids, teens, and adults. They are great for beds in dorm rooms, and beds for new couples. Their mattresses are versatile, and great for everyone. The best part is that they can be tested at the store.

Many of these mattresses come with matching bed frames as well. Shopping at IKEA is an experience. A whole bedroom can be found in IKEA. The mattresses are sturdy, comfortable, and they have something for everyone. These are only some of the many mattresses IKEA has.

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