IKEA Furniture, Couch & Cabinet: How Good Is The Quality?

IKEA Furniture: How Good Is The Quality?
IKEA Furniture: How Good Is The Quality?

Do IKEA Couches, Furniture and Cabinets Have Good Quality?

IKEA is known for its iconic furniture, both modern and eclectic. It is also known for being inexpensive enough to furnish a dorm room at college or for a young person to start out in their first apartment. But, does cheap mean low quality?

IKEA doesn’t believe it has to be that way. Where others use materials that can’t handle being moved, IKEA uses real wood. Each component was made to last as long as the customer wants to keep the furniture. Many come with a twenty-five-year warranty. It’s hard to stand up to that if the pieces aren’t quality.

When it comes to couches, IKEA keeps many things in mind. There are a variety of looks, and they even have some sofa beds. Most of the people that purchase them love them. Families with children or pets will love that the cushion covers are machine washable; at least the cloth variety is.

Those that complain about the thinness of the cushions may have never used an old fashioned couch from the eighteenth century. Those are more board than feathers after all of this time. These cushions are comfortable for lounging and enjoying a television show.

IKEA furniture, including the beds and tables, is made out of sustainably harvested wood and other materials. Most of it can be put together by one person, although a few pieces suggest more than one. Reviewers who have put the furniture together agree… it goes faster if there is a help.

IKEA also wants to make sure that people are comfortable with the furniture. The company’s beds are great for those who are average height and with a normal BMI. Those who are overweight or obese may want to check the product’s specs before purchase.

The cabinetry is something many people like. It is easier to install in a new kitchen rather than when redoing an older one, but it can be done without worry. The hardware is good, although some purchase separate hardware. It depends on what look the customer would prefer.

The quality of everything is important because IKEA believes that good furniture shouldn’t be expensive. IKEA does use medium density fiberboard, known as MDF for some of its furniture, including its kitchen cabinets. They aren’t the only company.

MDF is made from both hard and softwood, rather than just softwood. This holds up better and can be lighter than solid wood. It is easy to clean and to put together. It is also a better product than “wood” cabinets made up of plywood and particleboard.

The instructions sent with this do it yourself furniture can be a bit of a problem. It does not use words; depending on pictures to show how to put the furniture together. However, there are other resources, including an eight hundred number to help if something is unclear.

One thing everyone who reviewed IKEA furniture has said is that the customer should check to make sure all of the pieces are included in the box and that nothing is broken. IKEA is quick to replace items that are missing or broken, but they need to know about it.

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