My IKEA Screws Are Missing – What Should I Do?

Missing IKEA Screws
Missing IKEA Screws

Buying furniture at IKEA can mean a great deal of effort. There are a lot of parts to this furniture, and when all is said and done, there can be missing parts. As one former employee explained, this is the bane to an IKEA purchaser’s existence.

That said, there are ways to cope. It can depend on several factors because sometimes it is better to replace the screw than it is to use the ones that come with the Product. This is particularly true when installing shelving in IKEA furniture.

Most of those who do furniture hacks with IKEA products have mentioned that the screws that come with the shelving are too short. They recommend purchasing screws one-eighth of an inch longer than those provided.

That said, IKEA knows that parts can be missing from the products. They have protocols for this problem, and the answer tends to be a phone call away.

There is an eight hundred number on the instructions that will get you the help you need.

Alternatively, you can go to the IKEA store and ask for use at the returns desk. They will ask for your receipt and the missing part number printed on the instructions or on the Product itself.

Let’s dig deeper into the issue, how to prevent it, and what to do next if you face it.

Missing IKEA Screws- What To Do?

  1. Check the Product as Soon as it Delivers:

When your furniture arrives, check it for missing parts. It is easier to solve this issue before you start putting the table together rather than after. The sooner you figure out missing out on a piece, the better.

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It will help save time. If you don’t unpack the package at the earliest, you won’t know whether you’re missing out on a part. Once you figure it out, you’ll have to wait for the spare part to be returned.

  1. Check all the Packets:

Sometimes a screw or part can be in another packet or mixed in with the extra pieces that come with the Product. Check these packets thoroughly before assuming a part is missing.

Check the Floor. Sometimes a small part may fall off during the delivery or assembly process. Once you’re sure about the missing part, call the number in the instructions.

  1. Check for Alternatives:

If you’re missing a screw or nut, check if something else on hand (such as a different-sized screw) can work in its stead before contacting IKEA. If not, it’s time to call that number and receive help from the company.

  1. Remember to Keep the Receipt and Packaging:


The receipt and packaging will come in handy during this process, so hold onto them just in case they’re needed for reference or proof of purchase.

And with that, hopefully, you can solve any missing screw issue smoothly and quickly.

  1. Visit the Nearest IKEA outlet.

If you have already assembled the furniture and found something missing, do not fret. Head to your local IKEA store and approach a customer service representative for further help. Show them the Product and explain what part is missing.

They can check the inventory and provide you with a spare part if it is available in-store.

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If not, they can order it for you or offer a refund or replacement for the Product. You can always call IKEA first to ensure they have a spare part available for the Product before heading over there.

If the phone call wasn’t helpful, or if you don’t have the time to wait for a delivery, visit your nearest IKEA outlet.

They’ll likely have spare parts on hand that they can give you. It is also possible to order spare parts from their website. This might take some time, but at least it’s

  1. Check Online Ordering Options

If you cannot visit an IKEA store, or if they do not have the missing parts in stock, you can always try ordering them online.

The website has a section called “Spare Parts,” where you can search for the missing part and order it to be delivered to your home. Depending on availability, it might take a few days or weeks for the spare part to arrive.

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Sometimes, IKEA may offer an exchange or refund for the Product instead of just sending out the missing parts. This is usually the case if the Product is damaged or missing multiple parts.

Overall, it is important to remember that missing IKEA screws or any other part are not the ends of the world. If you address the issue quickly and efficiently, it can be resolved without hassle.

Additional Tips

Another tip from the former employee is to purchase items in batches rather than an entire room at one time.

This way, you’re already going back to the store. It would be easy to go to the right department and ask for the replacement parts.

Or, if you have a local store nearby, it might be easier to go in person and speak with a customer service representative rather than going through the phone or online process.

They can check their inventory for the missing part and give it to you immediately or order it.

Several IKEA customers have reported that it doesn’t take long for replacement parts to arrive. IKEA wants to keep your business and will usually bend over backward to help you get what you need.

It may take a day or two, so if you live close enough, another visit to the store might be faster. And remember to bring along your receipts and the packaging for proof of purchase. 

In the end, missing parts from IKEA furniture or other products should not be a major inconvenience. These steps can help ensure a quick resolution and allow you to enjoy your new purchases without delay.​

If the item is needed sooner rather than later, take one of the screws to a hardware store. An employee can help you find a replacement for it fairly quickly.

Screws are usually not that expensive and may be faster and cheaper than returning to the store. Just make sure it’s the right size.

It’s smart to ask a friend or family member for spare screws before going to the hardware store, as they may have some similar ones in their toolbox.​

No matter what, don’t panic and try to find a solution calmly and logically. And hopefully, your issue will be resolved in no time.

It may be cheaper because of how IKEA is laid out. They want to get you in a buying mood, and the first part of the store is designed to do that. There are all kinds of inexpensive, interesting gadgets and products that can be very tempting.

But try not to make an impulsive purchase and stick to what you came for.

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This way, you won’t have extra parts or products lying around that may cause confusion in the assembly process. Eventually, it saves time, money, and frustration. These products are in other parts of the store as well.

If something does catch your interest, write it down and look for it in that department. The idea may have dissipated by then, and you’ll save a lot of money.

The employee who wrote about shopping from his perspective also said that it is best to go straight to the department you want by the fastest route. Ask an employee for directions if you don’t know your way around the store.

This way, you won’t be tempted by all the extras and will stick to what you came for. Along with not impulse buying, this will save time during the assembly process because you won’t have extra parts that may cause confusion.

Make a list and know exactly what you need before heading to IKEA.

One other point he made is important for those searching for missing parts. Always be polite. No one wants to help someone rude. If you aren’t getting anywhere, ask for the duty manager. He or she will help.

Overall, extra planning and organization can save time, money, and frustration with missing parts from IKEA furniture or other products. These steps ensure a quick resolution, and enjoy your new purchases without delay.​

Concluding Thoughts:

It is important to remember that missing parts from IKEA furniture or other products can be resolved with a little patience and the right steps.

Shopping in batches, bringing along receipts and packaging, searching for spare screws at home, and staying organized can all help make the process smoother.

If IKEA takes too long to send you a replacement, go to the local hardware store for a quick solution. Screws are cheap and easily replaceable.

And above all else, always remember to be polite when seeking assistance. This will make it easier for store employees to help you find a solution.

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  1. Hi…My husband is missing one dozen screws for the Micke drw #50213080 cabinet.
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    Thank you! Ann and Bill

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