How to Add and Install Shelves to IKEA Wardrobe

How to Add and Install Shelves to IKEA Wardrobe
How to Add and Install Shelves to IKEA Wardrobe

How to Install IKEA Wardrobe Shelves

IKEA wardrobes come with shelves and instructions, but there are some tips and tricks to putting them in. One of them is to prevent them from sagging after a while. This can be done with a little extra effort, either when installing or afterward.

The first step is to go shopping. Take a shelf with you, so you can have an exact fit. Go to the hardware store and look for U-shaped metal that will fit the shelf. Get enough for all of the shelves, as you will want to do this for all.

There are also some tools you might need if you don’t have them at home. A metal cutting tool, such as a hack saw, is a must. You will also want a metal rasp so that sharp edges can be smoothed. Blood will stain the shelf otherwise.

You will also need some extra wood screws and if you are putting it together for the first time, some wood glue. These will all help make a sturdier piece of furniture. Once you have all of these things, it’s time to get started.

When putting it together for the first time, apply some wood glue to the joints. This will help them stay together. Wood glue is not like superglue nor is it like school glue. It is more similar to school glue, however.

While that is drying, measure a piece of metal that will slide onto the back of the shelf. It should be short enough so that it leaves a couple of inches on each side while it sits in the middle. Cut some for each shelf and rasp the edges smooth.

The reason for the screw purchase is that you really need longer ones. Not a lot longer; an eighth of an inch will do. This gives the screw more purchase without going through the back of the wardrobe. Use these to attach the shelf holders according to the instructions.

There are other items that can be used in IKEA wardrobes. Pull out trays are a lot like shelves, but it makes it easier to find things. The trays are not as sturdy as the reinforced shelves, so keep that in mind. Trays are for lightweight items such as jewelry.

Some IKEA customers add drawers instead of shelves or trays. This helps to organize things like shoes. However, the drawers need a bit of a hack as well. Cut a piece of wood that will go between the sides of the drawer under the bottom.

When that is cut, tack or glue it in place. Glue can also be added to the drawer before the bottom goes on. In this case, choose something like gorilla glue as it is stronger and will last longer. If gorilla glue isn’t available, check a craft supply store for their recommendations.

Amazon sells kits for reinforcing IKEA drawers, as well. These kits are metal rather than wood and maybe sturdier. IKEA furniture doesn’t have to sag.


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