7 Reasons Why IKEA is Amazing and Popular

why ikea is amazing and popular
why ikea is amazing and popular

There are a lot of things to notice in an IKEA store. Modern style and contemporary furniture are showcased, kitchen equipment is available, and food is sold. A food court provides traditional Swedish foods, amongst other offerings.

The question may be valid with other department stores available to most of us. Why is IKEA so popular? What is so amazing about this particular store? Reviewers have weighed in on this question and have a list of reasons.

Why IKEA Is Amazing And Popular?

  1. Price

The main concept that has helped IKEA become a major player in home furnishings is its special pricing.

Most of the furniture at IKEA comes with a flat rate price, which covers not just the purchase price but also the cost of transportation and assembly. Nowadays, it is common for all these costs to be borne by the customer.


However, customers can take advantage of these low prices by assembling their own furniture, which IKEA facilitates through free tools and instruction manuals that come with each purchase.

By emphasizing its “all-in-one” pricing scheme, the company has been able to price its products competitively to attract customers looking for quality items at affordable prices.

Another aspect of IKEA’s pricing that has contributed to its success is its practice of sourcing directly from manufacturers rather than buying through wholesalers or retailers.

This approach allows IKEA to keep costs low and pass savings to their customers through affordable prices.

They can control the entire process from design to delivery, which gives them greater flexibility and allows them to remain agile in a rapidly changing market.

College students, young families, and others on a limited budget can afford to furnish an entire house for what it might cost to do one or two rooms at another store. The affordable nature of the furniture makes it ideal.

  1. Quality

Beyond pricing, IKEA has also gained popularity with consumers by offering high-quality products that are stylish and functional.

The company’s designers have carefully considered every aspect of their furniture, from aesthetic appeal to ergonomics, to create attractive and practical pieces.


 This commitment to quality has helped IKEA to distinguish itself from competitors and become one of the leading brands in the home furnishings industry.

We live in a fairly mobile world. People, especially young people, move frequently.

It takes time to save up enough money to purchase a home. When moving, the furniture has to stand up to the move, or it’s a waste of money. IKEA furniture can do that.

  1. Transparency:

IKEA is one of the most successful companies in the world, with millions of loyal customers around the globe. But what is the secret behind IKEA’s success?

Many potential factors could contribute to IKEA’s success. Some suggest that their commitment to quality and design keeps customers coming back.

Others point to their low prices and innovative business model as the key drivers of their success.

However, at the heart of IKEA’s success is a deep commitment to transparency in all aspects of its business.

This commitment manifests itself in an open organizational structure that gives employees a voice and allows them to contribute ideas freely.


It also includes a focus on ethical sourcing of materials, which ensures that all IKEA products are made using sustainable practices.

In addition to these internal factors, IKEA is also highly transparent about its business performance and goals.

The company publishes detailed financial reports each year and an annual sustainability report outlining its environmental and social impact.

Transparency has been a key ingredient in IKEA’s success.

By being open and honest with their customers, employees, and stakeholders, IKEA has built deep trust and loyalty among its audience – essential to long-term success in any industry.

  1. Food Court

Aficionados of IKEA won’t miss a stop by the food court at IKEA. They don’t want to miss the Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce.

IKEA keeps the dietary needs of others in mind as well. Those who don’t eat meat and can’t have dairy will find food suitable for them.

The basic reason behind setting up a food court in IKEA stores is to give its customers a quick, inexpensive, tasty meal.

IKEA food

The food court caters to the needs of a diverse range of customers by offering global cuisines like Swedish, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Italian. The food courts also have healthy options such as salads and wraps.

IKEA believes that when customers are well fed, they are more likely to stay longer in the store, shop more and thus increase its sales.

Food courts are typically located in the center of the store, making them convenient and easily accessible compared to other restaurants or fast-food outlets located on the outskirts of a shopping mall or elsewhere.

In addition, offering food at IKEA stores is a unique way to differentiate the brand from its competitors, who typically do not provide food and beverage options as part of their retail model.

Another important factor that drives IKEA’s decision to include a food court in its stores is cost efficiency.

The company believes that setting up its own outlets instead of outsourcing can save on costs and pass these savings along to the customers.

IKEA’s food courts are designed to reduce operational expenses, such as taking care of waste management and reducing energy consumption.

ikea meatball food

Including a food court in IKEA stores has been instrumental in boosting sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  1. Culture

IKEA is aware that the cultures in different countries have different values. They spend time researching these cultures before opening stores in them.

This includes going to customers’ homes to see what products they use. They can then design furniture that meets those needs.

  1. Commercials

IKEA commercials tend to be sort of quirky. Many people find them enjoyable and watch them rather than use the time for a quick trip to the kitchen for something to eat.

That is rather surprising, as most people complain about commercials.

  1. Community

IKEA commits itself to caring for the communities around its stores and manufacturing facilities. They also commit to their suppliers. That commitment may be difficult at some franchises, but IKEA is firm.


Treat the employees well, avoid inequality based on any reason and follow the IWAY rules.

That has been tested in some franchises in the U.S. They wanted to reduce wages and healthcare benefits of their employees. This did not go over well with IKEA, and that practice was stopped.

The keystone of IKEA’s philosophy is the interests of its employees.

One important aspect of IKEA’s business model is its community-focused approach.

This commitment to caring for communities can be seen in various ways, from supporting local suppliers and vendors to working with management to ensure fair wages and benefits for employees.

At the core of IKEA’s philosophy is its commitment to putting people first and treating everyone fairly, regardless of their background or personal circumstances.

This commitment is reflected in the company’s supplier codes of conduct, which set clear standards for how suppliers must treat their employees and ensure equality in the workplace.

 8. Sustainability-A Key Ingredient in IKEA’s Recipe for Success

Ikea is a popular and well-known home furnishing company with a worldwide presence. As with many other businesses, Ikea’s popularity can be attributed to several key factors.

However, sustainability – or their commitment to minimizing the environmental impact – may be one of the most important reasons for their success.

At its core, Ikea is a Swedish company, and a large part of its belief system is based on sustainability.

One way this commitment is expressed is through resource conservation – the company strives to use only those necessary resources for business operations and production processes by minimizing fuel.

Ikea’s commitment to sustainability also extends to the products they sell and how they are produced and sold. The company is dedicated to offering customers high-quality, attractive home furnishings at reasonable prices.

 However, this does not mean that Ikea sacrifices quality for quantity or vice versa. Ikea carefully selects the materials used in its products based on whether they are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its products’ marketing and sale.

  1. Environment

IKEA worked on environmental issues before it became popular. 

The company believes in sustainable forestry, agriculture, and recycling. They vigorously recycle, and at least one store in the U.K. has gone to zero percent landfill use. That is an amazing feat.

These things wouldn’t make it so popular if it weren’t for one other thing; their employees. Because the company takes good care of them, they are likelier to take good care of the customers. Happy, fit employees make for better customer service.

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