7 Reasons Why IKEA is Amazing and Popular

7 Reasons Why IKEA is Amazing and Popular
7 Reasons Why IKEA is Amazing and Popular

Why is IKEA so Amazing and Popular?

There are a lot of things to notice in an IKEA store. Modern style and contemporary furniture are showcased, kitchen equipment is available and there is even food sold. A food court provides traditional Swedish foods, amongst other offerings.

With other department stores available to most of us, the question may be valid. Why is IKEA so popular? What is so amazing about this particular store? Reviewers have weighed in on this question and they have a list of reasons.

1. Price

College students, young families, and others on a limited budget can afford to furnish an entire house for what it might cost to do one or two rooms at another store. The affordable nature of the furniture makes it ideal.

2. Quality

We live in a fairly mobile world. People, especially young people, move frequently. It takes time to save up enough money to purchase a home. When moving, the furniture has to stand up to the move or it’s a waste of money. IKEA furniture can do that.

3. Food

Aficionados of IKEA won’t miss a stop by the food court at IKEA. The Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce are something they don’t want to miss. IKEA keeps the dietary needs of others in mind as well. Those who don’t eat meat and/or can’t have dairy will find food that is suitable for them.

4. Culture

IKEA is aware that the cultures in different countries have different values. They spend time researching these cultures before opening stores in them. This includes going to the homes of customers to see what products they use. They can then design furniture that meets those needs.

5. Commercials

IKEA commercials tend to be sort of quirky. Many people find them enjoyable and watch them rather than use the time for a quick trip to the kitchen for something to eat. That is rather surprising as most people complain about commercials.

6. Community

IKEA commits itself to care for the communities around its stores and manufacturing facilities. They also make a commitment to their suppliers. That commitment may be met with trouble at some franchises, but IKEA is firm. Treat the employees well, avoid inequality based on any reason and follow the IWAY rules. That has been tested in some franchises in the U.S. They wanted to reduce wages and healthcare benefits of their employees. This did not go over well with IKEA and that practice was stopped.

7. Environment

IKEA was working on environmental issues before they became popular. The company believes in sustainable forestry, agriculture, and recycling. The vigorously recycle and at least one store in the UK has gone to zero percent landfill use. That is an amazing feat.

All of these things wouldn’t make it so popular if it wasn’t for one other thing; their employees. Because the company takes good care of them they are more likely to take good care of the customers. Happy, fit employees make for better customer service.

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