What Are All The Countries That Know IKEA?

IKEA and Its Worldwide Operations
IKEA and Its Worldwide Operations

What are All The Countries That IKEA Operates in?

IKEA is a furniture store unlike any other. They sell disassembled pieces, Swedish meatballs, and they keep their prices low. IKEA is a furniture store delicacy that people all around the world can enjoy.

IKEA is paving the way to open stores in nearly every country. With the exception of Antarctica, IKEA is located on every continent. They operate stores in 25 countries around the world, but actually have stores in 52 countries. The stores in the remaining 27 countries are owned and operated by franchisees outside of the IKEA group. Nonetheless, 52 countries can enjoy cheap hot dogs and billy bookcases.

The country with the most IKEA stores, surprisingly, is Germany. They have 53 IKEA stores all over their country. The store with the second most IKEAs is the United States. They have a total of 50 stores in the country, but not every state has one.

There are other countries that only have one IKEA. Places like Kuwait, Iceland, Qatar, Jordan, Indonesia, and others have to travel to get to IKEA. However, it’s only a matter of time before the franchise opens more stores in these countries.

IKEA intends stores in even more countries. They have plans to open stores in 15 countries. The newest countries will be Ukraine and Slovenia. The stores will open this year. Stores in Mexico, Chile, and the Philippines will be opened in 2020. The other countries have yet to determine a date.

The newest country to get IKEA is Estonia. It only opened an online store and brick and mortar location, but they plan to open a large store for the future. The online store was released on August 29th, 2019.

Another country with a few stores is South Korea. It only has two IKEA stores, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Their capital’s store, located in Seoul, is the biggest IKEA store in the world. They hold that title for now, but when the Philippines opens its store, the title will be passed to them. Some of the other largest IKEA stores are in Berlin, Goyang, Bangyai, London, Sydney, all IKEAs in Japan (they are all the same size), Montreal, Shanghai, and Stockholm.

IKEA stores are not the same in every country either. They cater to their stores so they match the country they are located in. IKEAs in China showcase their balcony units because of how common they are in the country. IKEAs in India have more seating options because it is more common to host guests in India.

IKEA is a store that is exceeding what is expected of a store. They want the customers to come first, which makes them very popular. They are sustainable, affordable, and make it so stores are unique to their location. They incorporate culture into their stores, so shoppers feel more welcomed when to visit.

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