Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. MADE.COM

Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. MADE.COM
Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. MADE.COM


IKEA is one of the top leading furniture stores in the world. They are all about affordability, sustainability, and being the best store they can be. They’re so popular among consumers, that it’s rare that someone would want to be their enemy. But that’s just what MADE.COM is.

MADE.COM is a brand based in London that specializes in designing and selling furniture online. It was founded in 2010. In its short eight years active, the company has earned over $100 million dollars in sales. In a 2017 interview, the founder of MADE.COM said: “We want to be the new IKEA.”  In 2019, the store’s chief executive, Phillipe Chaineux, admitted that they want to try to poach IKEA’s designers and shoppers, while also providing a new experience.

Of course, the store has a long way to go. Before they beat out the star furniture store, they may need to expand to other locations. While IKEA is available in 52 countries, MADE.COM only operates in the United Kingdom and a few select countries in Europe.

One thing MADE.COM has got right is keeping their store online. In the age of technology, they’re saving lots of money by not opening physical stores. However, this also means that shoppers are gambling on products when they order them. Luckily, MADE.COM has a “test” option so shoppers don’t have to fully commit to their furniture. They also have showrooms for those who want to make the trek to see what they’re buying.

IKEA similarly lets you use a digital app to test the furniture in your apartment. You may not have the physical copy, but it will digitally add the piece to the room in question. This helps shoppers make the best decision on furniture.

Both stores are affordable. The prices are pretty similar, and both stores design their own furniture. It’s easy to see the similarities between IKEA and MADE.COM because they are almost one and the same. Both stores even offer a discount aisle, or rather a “clearance section.” This makes the already affordable stores even more desirable.

The big difference between the two is true that one is based on being a physical store, and the other is best known for being online. IKEA needs to have physical stores because it makes them popular. Their cafe brings in more and more customers. This is something MADE.COM cannot do. However, MADE.COM will only expand online and make it easier for those who hate furniture shopping.

For those choosing between IKEA and MADE.COM, it’s best to compare the products. If location and going to a physical store vs. shopping online don’t matter, it should really be about what they want. The stores are similar and are both progressive. MADE.COM is only eight years old, so their store may change with time. It’s impossible to say which is best until they get a little more recognition. They were right about coming for IKEA, though. Their sales over eight years prove they are a growing threat. Until then, IKEA can sit steady and keep thinking of ways to improve their business.

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