IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame Review

If you are looking for an affordable bedding solution for your child, IKEA’s Fjellse bed frame is a good deal for you. One of the most affordable IKEA bed frame is available for you in two sizes, just enough for your little ones. In this review, we will go over the positive and negative sides of this bed frame as well as customers’ opinions.

IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame Review

IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame
IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame
IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame


This IKEA bed frame is made of solid wood which is a durable and natural material. However, the centralized beam is not made of galvanized steel, like with most IKEA bed frames. That significantly lowers the durability of the frame as its support beam is made of solid wood.

All parts of the bed frame are made of solid pine which is untreated, giving you an opportunity to customize it by giving it the finishing touches. 

What goes well with it

IKEA recommends several products that go well with the Fjellse bed frame. Since the solid pine wood needs treatment, the products recommended for that job are the Behandla glazing paint and the Fixa paint brush set.

As far as mattresses go, IKEA recommends the Haugsvar spring mattress in twin or full size, depending on the frame size. Since the bed frame does not have adjustable sides, you should follow IKEA’s recommendations to avoid having an issue with the mattress size.

The bed frame does not come with a bed base included in the price, which means you will have to make an additional purchase. The Fjellse bed frame only fits with the Luroy slatted bed base so it is important to buy the right item.

Other details and customers’ opinions

With a high rating on IKEA’s site, the customers are somewhat satisfied with the product. It requires some work on the wood, which gives you an opportunity to customize the frame, choosing the color you like. You can either oil, wax or paint the surface, which will make it more durable in the long run.

Even though IKEA and some customers state that the material is natural and therefore solid, some have complained about a durability issue. More specifically, there have been problems with the bed base falling through the frame, making it unstable and wobbly. The issue can be fixed if you’re willing to do some DIY which requires drilling.

The bed frame is low and close to the ground, which may be an issue for taller kids. Another complaint was placed regarding the legs of the bed and how they stick out, increasing chances of injury. 

This bed frame is available in two sizes; full and twin size. Don’t forget that the slatted bed base is not included in the price, which means the full package will be a bit more expensive. 

As far as taking care of the product goes, keeping it clean is fairly easy. Some mild detergent and a clean cloth will do the job. Stains can also be removed with sandpaper or an eraser as well as with dishwasher detergent or paint thinner. 

The product requires assembly and is shipped in four packages. You can save money on shipping by transporting the packages yourself but keep in mind that the product is full wood and it will be heavy and difficult to handle. You can always opt for IKEA’s shipping service as well.

The warranty that comes with this bed frame covers all manufacturing defaults for 25 years, which is a fairly long warranty period. There is no trial period for IKEA’s bed frames like there is for mattresses.

Pros and cons

As any product out there, the Fjellse bed frame has its own pros and cons which we have listed below. Keep in mind that some of the facts stated below can be pros for one customer but cons for the other, since everything depends on your personal preferences and choices.

Pros of IKEA Fjellse bed frame

  • check
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    Good for kids
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    Custom color (DIY)
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    Solid, full wood
  • check
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    Easy to put together

CONs of IKEA Fjellse bed frame

  • Slatted bed base not included in the price
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    Only suits one bed base – Luroy
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    No adjustable sides
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    No steel beam support
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    Durability issues
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    Too close to the ground

Is IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame Good?

Altogether, IKEA’s Fjellse bed frame is an affordable option for a kid’s room, since it is only available in full and twin size. Its durability is questionable since there is no steel beam support, which makes this bed frame unsuitable for adults.

However, if your little one needs a “big kid” bed, this bed frame might just be the best solution because of its affordable price and the opportunity to customize the color. Even though it only fits the Luroy slatted bed base, that shouldn’t be too big of an issue since you can purchase it at IKEA along with the frame. The Fjellse bed frame is definitely recommended for kids!

IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame
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IKEA’s Fjellse bed frame is an affordable option for a kid’s room, since it is only available in full and twin size. Its durability is questionable since there is no steel beam support, which makes this bed frame unsuitable for adults.

5 thoughts on “IKEA Fjellse Bed Frame Review”

  1. Own this bed frame, definitely would not recommend. It shook apart in less than a year as the screws wiggle themselves free in the soft wood with much motion at all, and since it is so light it doesn’t take much force.

  2. I have been very satisfied with my Ikea FJELLSE twin bed with the Luroy slatted base. It is rock solid after two year. Even though a female (I know we all still think like this really) I put it all together single handed, being sure to tighten the screws etc properly. Would highly recommend. I must say, though, that it hasn’t been put under any undue stress during this time.

  3. I slept on this bed for five years as a 6’4″ guy, over 230 pounds. I would recommend reinforcing it a little but otherwise it’s fine.

    • I know i am responding almost a year later, but how would you recommend reinforcing. considering buying used one off craigslist since I am downsizing. Thanks, Joey

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