IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress Review

IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress

Similar to the Haugesund spring mattress is the Haugsvar mattress in the IKEA’s mattress line. Whilst both of the mattresses offer great value for their price, the Haugsvar mattress is rated better on IKEA’s online store. They differ in a few crucial aspects while most of other details are quite similar or even the same.

If you’re looking for a good yet affordable spring mattress, taking both into consideration would be the best strategy. Here, we will break down all important details as well as customers’ opinions regarding the IKEA Haugsvar spring mattress.

IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress Review

IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress
IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress
IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress


One of the most important differences between the Haugesund and the Haugsvar mattress is in the structure. While the Haugesund consists of the spring layer and one poly foam comfort layer, the Haugsvar mattress is more complexly structured. It consists of the springs layer, made of high quality steel, and two additional layers.

 The first one is a high-resilience layer of cold foam of 1.8 PCF. The second layer is the comfort layer of polyurethane foam which is 1.7 PCF. Such structure significantly increases the quality and the comfort of the mattress, which is important to take into consideration when making a purchase.


The IKEA Haugsvar mattress comes in four sizes; twin, full, king and queen size. The thickness of the mattress is another difference between the Haugsvar and Haugesund IKEA model. The IKEA Haugsvar spring mattress is 28 cm thick, thanks to two additional layers it possesses.

Therefore, he beats the Haugesund for 3 cm and just that much comfort. The number of pocket springs, however, is same in both mattresses which is 594 springs (queen size). The number of springs depends on the size of the mattress.


Besides the high quality steel used in the springs layer, the mattress contains polyurethane and cold foam. The cover and the stretch material are combinations of cotton and polyester. The wadding consists of viscose and polyester while the lining is done with non-woven polypropylene.

The stretch material on the surface of the mattress gives more comfort because it moves along with the springs and follows the movement of your body. Cold foam is also a good material for mattresses because it regulates temperature while you’re sleeping, providing a comfortable surface that doesn’t get too hot nor too cold.

How it feels

According to customers’ reviews on the IKEA store, the Haugsvar mattress is a complete winner with high rating. It comes in dark grey, which is the usual color of a mattress, and it is available in both firm and medium firm versions. The top cold foam layer is highly resilient, releasing pressure in your shoulders and hips. It also keeps the mattress cool during the night, regulating the temperature to provide you a comfortable environment for sleeping.

The overall structure of the mattress allows good blood pressure and ensures complete relaxation during sleep. The individually wrapped coils in the spring layer insulate movement, thus allowing you to turn in your sleep without disturbing your partner. The additional filling adds comfort and completes the picture.

The IKEA Haugsvar mattress is designed for use on one side only so there is no need to turn it over. It comes roll packed, which means it will take a few days for it to get completely straight. Off-gassing is present, of course, since the materials used in this, as well as in any mattress, will release a chemical odor for a few weeks. To help speed up the process, air out the mattress on a balcony or a room with a good air flow at least a few hours per day.

Thanks to the high quality springs and the way they are wrapped, motion transfer is really amazing with the IKEA Haugsvar spring mattress.  The noise is reduced to minimal levels, allowing you to sleep without interruptions. According to customers’ opinions, the overall sleep experience with this spring mattress is outstanding.

IKEA does recommend you to purchase the rest of the bedding that will make the Haugsvar mattress perform its best. The products that go with it are the same ones recommended for the Haugesund spring mattress, which are the Espevar slatted mattress base, the Luroy slatted bed base and the Tananger or Tussoy mattress toppers.

The mattress and bed base serves as a foundation while the mattress toppers are optional, depending on whether you like the original firmness of the mattress. If it seems too firm or too soft for you, getting a topper of corresponding structure will usually solve the problem.

Pricing, shipping and other details

Last but very important difference between the two models we compared in this review is the price. Because of the more advanced structure and material, the Haugsvar mattress is slightly more expensive than the Haugesund. 

However, even when slightly more expensive, this mattress is still one of the best deals on the market, considering the value it offers. It is roll packed for convenient shipping, allowing you to transport it yourself. However, it will take a few days to get back into its regular shape.

As with all IKEA mattresses, the Haugsvar comes with a 25 year limited warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defaults while any customers’ fault is not within its limits.

IKEA is known for offering their customers a one year exchange policy, which allows you to exchange your mattress for any other IKEA’s mattress. To be able to make the exchange, the mattress you bring back must be clean and undamaged. Keep in mind that refunds are not available.

Pros of IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress

  • Affordable
  • High quality and value
  • Temperature regulation
  • 28 cm thick
  • Steel coils, individually wrapped
  • Comfortable
  • Motion stabilization


  • Needs time to get back to regular shape
  • Off-gassing

Is IKEA Haugsvar Mattress Good?

Overall, the IKEA Haugsvar mattress offers a great sleeping experience. A comfortable mattress like this one at a price bellow 1000$ is an amazing deal you shouldn’t miss out on. Especially if the IKEA Haugsvar mattress meets all your set requirements!

IKEA Haugsvar Spring Mattress
  • Our Rating


Overall, the IKEA Haugsvar mattress offers a great sleeping experience. A comfortable mattress like this one at a price bellow 1000$ is an amazing deal you shouldn’t miss out on. Especially if the Haugsvar mattress meets all your set requirements!

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