Why Is IKEA So Cheap?

why is ikea so cheap
why is ikea so cheap

IKEA is a well-known furniture store, popular because of its sturdy designs and affordable prices.

The quality of their products has customers wondering why IKEA’s furnishings are so cheap. Here’s the answer:

Why is IKEA so Cheap? 

  1. They Decide the Price of the Item Before they Make it

Before an IKEA product is made, its price is determined by IKEA. The designers then use this price to choose materials and budget on how to finish the project with the predetermined price.

This helps the designers establish a sturdy plan while maintaining a specific budget.

  1. They Use Cheap, but Sturdy Materials


IKEA uses inexpensive materials with a quality vibe. They often use wood, plastic, and glass to reduce design costs.

They hollow out the wood to reduce the amount of material they use. They also use the concept of “board on the frame,” which means they fill the empty spaces in their furniture pieces with cardboard.

They use an efficient design with these materials to make a long-lasting product. They also try to use renewable and recyclable materials.

  1. Customers Assemble the Furniture Themselves

IKEA furniture is sold boxed with simple instructions. Customers are expected to put their furniture together themselves.

This eliminates the cost of delivery and labor. Cutting out those costs severely decreases the price of the furniture.

This caters to people who frequently move or are renting a place. It is easy to set up and easy to take with them.

  1. Their Pieces are Simple

furniture store

Most of IKEA’s furniture is created from simple designs focused on sustainability.

These designs are often re-used and provide a layout for future designs. Because of this, they can use similar or the same materials on various items.

  1. They Cut Out the Middleman

IKEA is the manufacturer, retailer, and distributor of their products. This means they can save on costs because there is no intermediary between them and the customer.

This cuts out any additional cost for a third-party seller, which allows IKEA to offer a much lower price for its products.

IKEA can keep their prices low by using inexpensive yet sturdy materials, having customers assemble the furniture themselves, creating simple designs that are reusable, and cutting out the intermediary in their process.

These strategies have allowed them to provide quality furniture at an affordable price. This is why IKEA has become so popular with its customers.

They can provide quality furniture without breaking the bank. The combination of design, affordability, and convenience makes IKEA an attractive option for many shoppers.

  1. There is Minimal Staff in the Store

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IKEA has little need for employees in the Store. This is because most of the shopping and heavy lifting can be done by the customer.

Additionally, there is information about the products at each of their displays.

This reduces the questions the customer would ordinarily ask, which means the stores don’t need as many employees.

Customers can pick up the displayed items at a self-service area when they finish shopping.

  1. They’re Always Striving to Be Better

IKEA is an affordable store because it wants to be an affordable store. The company is always looking for ways to reduce the cost of its products.

This is reflected in their business model. The idea is that they want “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

  1. They Make their Products in Bulk

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As mentioned before, many of IKEA’s materials can be used on more than one product.

Because of this, they’re able to make their products in bulk. They can buy more supplies at once and then sell more products in-store.

They then thrive to use all the materials they have left over, not to waste anything. They become valued customers with suppliers and get deals because they buy so many products.

  1. They Package their Products Efficiently

In addition to making products that are easy to set up by oneself, IKEA saves money on packaging, too.

Their products are packaged flat. This helps save money on transporting products. 

These reasons are what make IKEA’s furniture reasonably priced and sustainable.

How does IKEA manage to keep its prices so low?

IKEA employs a variety of strategies to keep its prices low. IKEA designs and produces most of its products in-house, allowing them to control costs and quality while cutting down on shipping expenses.

In addition, IKEA relies heavily on self-service processes and flat packaging that helps reduce labor costs.

IKEA operates a large, global supply chain that allows them to source materials at competitive prices.

They strive to keep their overhead costs as low as possible by operating leanly and avoiding advertising expenses.

All these strategies combine to help IKEA offer its customers quality products at an affordable price.

IKEA regularly works with suppliers to ensure their prices remain competitive. This allows them to maintain their commitment to providing quality products at an affordable price.

IKEA’s ability to keep its prices low is the result of carefully balancing design, production, supply chain management, and overhead costs.

The company is continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs so that its customers can enjoy quality products at affordable prices.

This strategy has enabled IKEA to become one of the world’s most successful furniture retailers.


By offering competitive prices, they have managed to attract a large customer base and build a strong brand name.

Their low prices have become the go-to destination for those looking to furnish their homes without breaking the bank.

The success of IKEA’s pricing strategy benefits customers and the company itself.

By keeping costs down and offering competitive prices, they can remain profitable and grow their market share.

IKEA’s ability to keep its prices low is a testament to its foresight and commitment to providing quality products at an affordable price.

Their success in this area has made them an industry leader and allowed them to expand into new markets worldwide.

This strategy has enabled IKEA to remain competitive in a rapidly changing global market. By leveraging their low prices, they have been able to attract new customers and gain an edge over their competitors.

Despite the ever-changing landscape of the furniture industry, IKEA continues to provide quality products at affordable prices.

This is largely due to their commitment to keeping costs low and providing quality products at competitive prices.

marketing strategy

The success of IKEA’s pricing strategy is an example of its innovative approach to cost management and its dedication to customer satisfaction.

By leveraging its purchasing power, global supply chain, and lean operations, IKEA has kept its prices low and remained profitable for over 70 years.

This commitment to low prices has enabled IKEA to become one of the world’s most recognizable furniture brands, demonstrating why their pricing strategy is so successful.

By providing quality products at an affordable price, IKEA has built a loyal customer base that trusts its brand and keeps coming back for more.

How does IKEA make a profit despite keeping its price low?

IKEA makes a profit by leveraging economies of scale. By manufacturing products in bulk, IKEA can purchase materials at a lower cost and reduce production costs.

IKEA operates a flat organizational structure with minimal staff and low overhead costs, contributing to its overall profitability.

IKEA also purposefully designs its stores for efficiency so that customers can easily find what they need and purchase items quickly.

IKEA relies heavily on its in-house designs to keep costs low.

By designing their furniture, IKEA can cut out the intermediary and control the cost of production. IKEA offers various services, such as delivery and assembly, which help increase its profit margin.

IKEA utilizes a low-price marketing strategy that emphasizes bargain prices and discounts.

IKEA can profit despite keeping its price low by leveraging economies of scale, utilizing its designs, offering a wide variety of services, and using a low-price marketing strategy.

These tactics help IKEA generate profit while keeping prices accessible to their customers.

Does IKEA maintain quality with its low prices?

Yes, IKEA maintains quality with its low prices. All of their products are designed to last, and they use quality materials in construction.

The company is well known for its strict product testing standards, which ensure that all products meet rigorous safety requirements.

IKEA has a robust return policy that allows customers to bring back products that need to meet their expectations.

The company strongly focuses on sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Therefore, you can trust that IKEA’s products will provide good value for your money.

Concluding Thoughts:

IKEA’s success is largely due to its commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices.

They have achieved this through leveraging economies of scale, utilizing their designs, offering a wide variety of services, and using a low-price marketing strategy.

This allows them to remain competitive and keep their prices low while remaining profitable. 

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