Why is IKEA Delivery so Expensive? Can an IKEA Bed Fit in Your Car?

Why is IKEA Delivery so Expensive? Can an IKEA Bed Fit in Your Car?
Why is IKEA Delivery so Expensive? Can an IKEA Bed Fit in Your Car?

Can an IKEA Bed Fit in Your Car?

Buying furniture from most furniture stores means either having it delivered or taking some form of truck. IKEA furniture comes in a box, so transportation can be less of a problem. That said, can you fit a bed in a car?

That would depend on two things; the size of the bed and the size of the car. Full-sized cars may be able to carry up to a king-sized bed. Smaller cars, such as a Prius, may be able to carry up to a full-sized bed. It’s possible that a larger bed would fit, but it would be tight and it would be wise to take measurements before purchase.

The other option for those with small vehicles and no friends with a handy pickup is to have the furniture delivered. However, as most IKEA shoppers have discovered, this is an expensive option. The cost can be more than the item being shipped, effectively doubling the price. Many shops elsewhere for this reason.

Why is IKEA Delivery so Expensive?

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that IKEA uses a flat rate model for shipping expenses. This means that the rate is exceptionally high if a single product is being ordered. However, many people order furniture for an entire room and those customers will have a lower rate.

There is another reason IKEA furniture costs more to ship. It is more substantial than some other products. Using real wood instead of plywood helps make the furniture more robust, but it also weighs more. The same is true of their metal furniture; they use what is sustainable and that is sometimes heavier.

IKEA does this as part of its commitment to the environment. They know that the high shipping rates on single pieces of furniture will discourage customers who only want in end table or a chair. However, shipping increases the carbon footprint. It is better if the person were to pick it up in the store.

Shipping bulk products are cost-effective for the client and better for the environment. An individual would have to make many trips to get all of the items to their home or business but a delivery truck would only need one.

There are many ways IKEA is working to reduce its carbon footprint. Sustainable forestry, agriculture, and recycling are important parts of the company’s policies. Not only does IKEA use that for its own business, but it also requires that of any suppliers. Those who don’t comply are taught how to be more sustainable.

This commitment helps everyone. Workers exposed to harsh chemicals often become ill. Some are killed by the fumes or develop debilitating illnesses. It helps the children of the world grow up in a cleaner environment and it helps to stem the growing threat of global warming.

Those who wish to shop from IKEA are encouraged to consider these things when they make their purchases. If it’s possible, going to the store may be the better option even if the closest one is a couple of hours away.


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