IKEA Furniture Comparison: Malm vs. Kullen

IKEA Furniture Comparison: Malm vs. Kullen
IKEA Furniture Comparison: Malm vs. Kullen

Malm vs. Kullen IKEA Furnitures

Choosing the perfect piece of furniture can be tricky. Not only is it important to choose the best store, but then a product has to be chosen. IKEA has a variety of furniture options. They have plenty of dressers, couches, beds, and more. It’s hard to know which option is the best.

Some of IKEA’s highest-rated pieces are in the dresser department. Both the Malm and Kullen are fan-favorite brands. These are both great pieces that fit in the house. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each piece before a decision can be made.

Both products are of great quality and they last. They look great at homes and are sturdy. In regards to price, they are both affordable, but Kullen is cheaper. It uses plastic slides instead of metal like Malm, so the price is reduced. That also means the authenticity and look is better on Malm. It’s a stronger piece, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.

Malm is better for people who plan to move it. It’s a tough dresser, so going through big moves won’t affect the quality. Kullen wouldn’t. The material is cheap, so it’s a gamble every time it’s moved. However, it’s easier to move than Malm. It has simple plastic materials that are much simpler to set up than Malm’s metal ones. If setting up furniture isn’t the homeowner’s strong suit, that may be reason enough to go with Kullen.

Kullen has shallow dressers. This could be a make or break situation for someone with lots of clothes. Even though the product is strong and cheap, it’s better for minimalists. Malm has deeper drawers but is still not a dresser that should be overstuffed.

Kullen is a line that only sells dressers. They sell two, four, and six drawer dressers. For those who want to stand out, Kullen is the better option. Malm dressers are not as unique. They are more popular, so many people have them. They also have a line of bed frames. If it’s essential to match a bed frame and dresser, Malm is a great product to have.

It should be mentioned that, though the Malm dresser is okay now, it has been recalled in the past. A couple of years ago, the product did not pass a safety test. It was said that it could fall down on its own if it is not attached to a wall. This issue is no longer a problem but is something to consider when choosing between the two products.

A pro for Kullen is that it’s easy to make one’s own. Many people have shared their “Kullen hacks” online. Because the product is so cheap, they can decorate and make it into something special.

Overall, both of these products are great. Neither of them is cause for disappointment. In general, Malm is probably the best choice over the two, but each of them is a great option. It is up to the homeowner to determine what works best for them, and how much they want to spend.

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