15 Best IKEA Drawer Dresser Review 2022

IKEA Drawer Dresser

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IKEA Drawer Dresser

Drawer Dressers are some of the most delightful treasures in the room. They have plenty of storage and make the bedroom a more accessible and clean space. Dressers are fun, and can add extra color to the room. Dressers can be small or big, tall or short, and have lots of drawers or few.

The best dresser depends on a person’s preference. There are so many to choose from, but that should not discourage shoppers. There are furniture stores that specialize in helping customers find their perfect piece of furniture.

IKEA has so many furniture collections, and lots of products. They have lots of dressers to choose from, and can help shoppers find one that most suits their needs. Here are 15 of IKEA’s best drawer dressers. 

15 Best IKEA Drawer Dresser Review

1) Nordli 8-Drawer Dresser

Nordli 8-Drawer Dresser

The Nordli 8-drawer dresser is beautiful, full-bodied dresser that comes with lots of extra space. It has eight drawers that are deep and wide. This dresser is the perfect piece for shopaholics, and those who have lots of clothes.

One drawer can hold up to 10 pairs of pants and 20 t-shirts. Couples can share this dresser, too. This dresser can be designed to suit the owner’s style. The dresser comes in white and black, but can be personalized even more. The drawers that come with the dresser can be painted or bought in different colors. This gives the dresser a more artistic feel.


The dresser is also perfect for those who have to wake up early, and want to keep the noise down. There is an integrated damper in the drawers that stops it from making a loud boom when drawers are shut. This dresser has adjustable feet so it can sit level on every floor.

The Nordli 8-drawer dresser is more expensive than most, but it’s worth it. The dresser costs $339, but is very durable and chic. This is an amazing product. This dresser can sit on the floor, and can be attached to the wall.

2) Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser

Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser

The Hemnes 8-drawer dresser is a gorgeous dresser with four drawers. Four drawers are situated at the top of the dresser in a horizontal line. The remaining four drawers are longer and wider, and are situated beneath the top four with two on each side.

The drawers in the middle are slightly larger the dressers at the bottom. This gives the dresser a unique look, and provides an adequate area for undergarments. This dresser is an incredible size.

Overall, the dresser is 63 x 37 ¾. The best part about this product is its material; the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser is made entirely of solid wood. Wood is a renewable material, so this dresser will be environmentalists' hearts at ease.


This small drawers of this dresser holds five pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts. The medium drawer holds 10 pairs of folded pants of 20 T-shirts. The large drawer holds 15 pairs of folded pants or 30 T-shirt. This product is strong, large, and affordable.

It’s a total steal at $249.99. This dresser comes in many colors, too: black-brown, dark gray, medium brown, red-brown, white, and white stain. This is the perfect dresser for everyone.

3) TYSSEDAL 6-Drawer Dresser

TYSSEDAL 6-Drawer Dresser

The Tyssedal 6-drawer dresser is the simple, dorm- style dresser. The dresser is small and compact. The size of the bed is 50 x 31 ⅞. The dresser is spacious and durable. There are six drawers, and each hold up to 10 pairs of folded pants, or 20 T-shirts.

The drawers are soft closing, so no one has to worry about loud, banging drawers. The dresser comes in white, so it has a modern feel to it. This also that creative souls can decorate this dresser however they want. The white makes is easy to paint over, or it can work as a backdrop. There are some great pinterest DIYS on painting dressers for those who are interested.

Hardware is included in this product so it can be attached to the wall. It also stands on six legs. The dresser may be small, but there is still plenty of room for clothes. However, this dresser is a bit more difficult to assemble, so take that into consideration when purchasing it. The price of this dresser is $299.

This is a bit expensive for an IKEA dresser, so it’s important to decide whether or not to pay more to have someone assemble. The product is expensive because it is long-lasting and well reviewed. Out of 5 stars, this dresser has 4.5. This dresser is a keeper.

4) Nordmela 4-Drawer Dresser

Nordmela 4-Drawer Dresser

The Nordmela 4-drawer dresser is a long, black dresser that looks very sleek in the home. The dresser can be used as a dresser, but it can also be used as a bench, or extra seating area. The drawers are smooth running with a pull out stop.

Each drawer of this dresser can hold 10 pairs of folded pants of 20 T-shirts. The size of this dresser is 62 ⅝ x 19 ⅝. This product is small, but it’s definitely worth the buy because it is on SALE! While the Nordmela is usually $169, it’s currently $79.

This product is simple, so it is easy to assemble. This dresser makes getting ready in the morning easier. Those who are getting ready can sit on the dresser while putting on shoes, or getting dressed.

Many use this for storage on patios or porches, and then it can provide extra seats when people visit. This product will go out of sale on January 26th, or while supplies last.

5) Brimnes 4 Drawer Dresser

Brimnes 4 Drawer Dresser

The Brimnes 4-drawer dresser is a tall, modern dresser with ample storage space. Each drawer in this dresser can hold 15 pairs of folded pants or 30 t-shirts. That’s a lot of space! The dimensions of this dresser are 30 ¾ x 48 ⅞.

The dresser is classy and sleek. It comes in three different colors, and each of them has a frosted glass drawer. The three colors are: white, black, and gray. The design of this dresser draws eyes to the frosted glass because the colors are plain. This product is on sale until January 26th or until supplies last. Ordinary the Brimnes 4-drawer dresser is $159, but right now it is $119.

The dresser has smooth running drawers that have nice pull out the stops. This dresser is perfect for someone living in a studio apartment with little space. It was also look good in a dorm room. Buy two and they would look great in a couple’s bedroom.

This product really does work everywhere. It’s unique, but not too unique. It’s affordable, but not too cheap. It’s tall, but not too wide. The Brimnes 4- drawer dresser matches everyone’s dresser needs.

6) Nordli 6 Drawer Dresser

Nordli 6 Drawer Dresser

The Nordli 6-drawer dresser is a great product for many places. It works as a dresser at home. It can be used for storage in the garage. It works as a toy storage area. And it can be used as cubicles in a classroom or daycare. This dresser comes with six white or black drawers that can be stacked in any way.

They can be stacked horizontally, vertically, 2x3, 3x2, and so much more! The exact measurements of the dresser are 47 ¼ x 21 ¼.  Chests of different colors can be mixed and matched in their own way. The Nordli 6-drawer dresser gives freedom back to the customer.

There is loads of flexibility with this product. The storage space is good, too. Each drawer can hold five pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts. Drawers on this dresser run smoothly, and don’t slam. There are dampers and runners included in the design that prevent loud noises. This product is a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. It is $229 and has a perfect five star rating. 

7) Nordli 8 Drawer Dresser

Nordli 8 Drawer Dresser

IKEA’s Nordli 8-drawer dresser is a durable dresser with a unique design and lots of storage space. This product has eight drawers of varying sizes. It’s chic, cute and comes in two simple colors: black and white. Different chest colors can be mixed and matched to create the perfect dresser. Mixing black and white will give the dresser a silent movie kind of feel. It is classy and mysterious.

In addition to being extra artsy, this dresser is convenient. It has dampers and runners in the drawers that prevent loud, drawer-banging noises from happening. The small drawers in this dresser can hold up to 5 folded pants and 10 shirts, while the large drawers can hold up to 10 folded pants and 20 shirts.

This product really is gorgeous, but it’s not cheap. The Nordli 8-drawer dresser sells for $299. However, it’s a fairly new product so there’s a high chance that the price will go down. This is a great dresser.

8) Tyssedal 4 Drawer Dresser

Tyssedal 4 Drawer Dresser

The Tyssedal 4 drawer dresser is cute and cosy. Despite it’s compact size, this dresser can hold plenty of clothing. The overall dimensions of this dresser are 34 ½ x 29 ⅞. Because of its small size, this dresser would be best used in a kid or baby’s room. It also comes in white so they can easily decorate to make it their own.

The dampers that stop loud drawer noises, and the runners that make the drawer close smooth, are very family friendly. The dresser has metal handles that give it a more futuristic vibe that kids will love.

Though this dresser is small, it doesn’t have to be used by kids. It’s a very mature design, so most anyone can use it. It takes up very little space, but still has plenty of room inside it. This would also be a great dorm room dresser. Overall, this product is $299 and well worth the money.

9) Malm 6- Drawer Dresser

Malm 6- Drawer Dresser

Malm is one of IKEA’s most popular lines of furniture. It’s sturdy, reliable, and an all-around customer favorite. The Malm 6- drawer dresser is not different. This dresser has 380 reviews, and still has a 4.4 out of a five star rating. This dresser is perfect for everyone, and one of IKEA’s more affordable. This dresser is $179. It has a range of flexibility in colors, too.

The product comes in gray stained, black brown, brown stained ash veneer, white and white stained oak veneer. It’s beautiful and smooth. The drawers have an efficient pull out stop that prevent the haggle of accidentally taking out drawers.

Plus, this product is made of real wood-veneer. This material gives the dresser a crisp and light finish, and agrees with the climate, too. It’s renewable, so environmentalists will love it. The Malm 6-drawer dresser well worth its price. Everyone loves it, and so will new buyers.

10) Nordli 6 Drawer Dresser

Nordli 6 Drawer Dresser 1

The Nordli 6-drawer dresser is very similar to the eight drawer dresser. It’s got a unique design with six drawers. Four of those drawers are long, and two are deep and tall, but not long. The long drawers can hold up to 10 pairs of folded pants and 20 T-shirts. The tall drawers can hold up to 6-10 folded towels or 3-4 blankets. The drawers can be arranged in any way one likes; it’s like an adult sized game of tetris or jenga.

This product comes in black and white, but that doesn’t matter. The base has to be one color, but the drawers can be mixed and matched. Whatever colors works for the homeowner, works for the dresser. The dresser can be decorated easily, too-- especially the white one.​

This dresser is large. Its dimensions are 47 ¼ x 39. This is a crowd pleaser at IKEA. It’s not too big, and has a fun, exciting design. The Nordli 6-drawer dresser can be bought for $279.

11) Nordli 8 Drawer Dresser

Nordli 8 Drawer Dresser 1

The Nordli 8 Drawer Dresser is a tall, unique stack of various sizes of drawers. There are two tall drawers, two short drawers, and two long drawers. The drawers can be stacked in any way. The can be stacked horizontally, vertically, or any other way. This is fun because the drawers can be any color, too.

The tall drawers can hold 6-10 folded towels or 3-4 blankets. The long drawers can hold 10 pairs of folded pants of 20 T-shirts. The small drawer can hold 5 pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts. The adjustable feet make it so the dresser can be level anywhere.

The dimensions of this product are 63 x 39. This product is very new to IKEA, so it has no reviews. This also means that those who purchase it will have a unique product that few others have. This product is large, has plenty of space, and costs $378.

12) Malm 6 Drawer Dresser

Malm 6 Drawer Dresser

The Malm 6-drawer dresser is a fun, sharp-looking product from the ever so famous Malm collection. The dresser has four long drawers and two short drawers. The dimensions of this dresser are 31 ½ x 48 ⅜.

The dresser comes in five colors: black-brown, white, brown stained ash veneer, and white stained oak veneer. The dresser is made of a real wood veneer, which gives it a cosy feel. The wood is renewable, so it’s great for environmentalists.

The smooth running drawers have a pull out stop. This product is very sturdy and strong. It’s beautiful, and affordable. This dresser costs $179, and is well-reviewed. It has 365 reviews and has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. This product should be mounted on the wall to secure it. It is great for every person’s room, but is particularly great for a couple sharing a home.

13) Koppang 6 Drawer Dresser

Koppang 6 Drawer Dresser

The Koppang 6- drawer dresser is a simple, elegant dresser. It comes in a birchy black-brown color that matches every room. This dresser can be used to store clothes, as well as other product, It can be used as a dining room hutch, a tv stand, or an office storage piece. The dimensions of this product are 67 ¾ x 32 ⅝ and all the drawers are the same size. About 50% of this product is made from renewable material.

The Koppang 6-drawer dresser has a nice flat top, so it makes for a great place for pictures and decorations. This dresser is big, so it should be mounted to the wall to prevent injuries. It’s a great, strong product that stores lots of clothes. This is one of the cheaper dressers at IKEA, and it’s definitely worth it. It costs a mere $169.

It’s easy to assemble and replace products. Many people replace the handles because the handles are plastic. This is an example of how flexible this dresser is, and how customers can make it their own.

14) Brimnes 4 Drawer Dresser

Brimnes 4 Drawer Dresser 1

The Brimnes 4-drawer dresser is a sturdy dresser with a gorgeous design. The dresser comes in three colors: black, gray, and white. The top drawer on each of these dressers is made of frosted glass. It’s gorgeous, and looks very clean and sleek.

The drawers are smooth running with a pull-out stop. This drawer can hold about 15 pairs of folded pants and 30 T-shirts. The glass is fragile, so people should be extra careful with this dresser. The dimensions of this product are 30 ¾ x 48 ⅞.

The product looks great in solitude, but also looks great with one or two next to them.  This product is great, but the other Brimnes is on sale so this one should be bought after the other goes out of business. This one is $159, and the other is $119. This product is fun, beautiful, and well worth the money.

15) Songesand 6 Drawer Dresser

Songesand 6 Drawer Dresser

The Songesand 6-drawer dresser is a beautiful, strong, dresser that looks great in every room in the home. It has a lot of space for plenty of clothes. The drawers are all the same size. The dimensions of this dresser are 63 ⅜ x 31 ⅞.

The dresser has panelled drawer fronts that are classic and modern. The drawers on the dresser have door stops that help them close quietly and softly. This drawer can hold about 15 pairs of folded pants of 30 T-shirts. The dresser comes in two colors: brown and white.

The product has metal handles that look nice against the light, simple color. This product is perfect in every room. Kids, teens, and adults can use this dresser. It stores plenty of clothes, and the top has a nice surface to hold pictures and decorations. The Songesand 6-drawer dresser is a bit expensive, but well worth it. It’s $199, but has great reviews and matches everything.

Choosing The Best IKEA Drawer Dresser

These are some of IKEA’s best drawer dressers. They are cute, modern, and give the bedroom that extra pzazz. All of these products are affordable and sturdy. IKEA has a vast selection of dressers, and these are some of the best. They have lots to choose from outside of this 15, but they help get an idea of what to expect.

Different IKEA dressers can be found online or in store. The great thing about dressers is that they are pretty simple to assemble. With a cheap price, sturdy product, and an affordable price, nothing can go wrong with an IKEA dresser.

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