IKEA KULLEN Drawer Review


IKEA KULLEN Drawer Review

IKEA KULLEN Drawer Review

Buying a drawer can be a hard task to perform. If you are buying separately, it is more difficult to match your other wooden item. The drawer is one of the essential furniture goods, and if you do not have a drawer in your room, then your room can be a pure mess.

Buying a drawer is hard, but finding a premium quality wooden drawer is even harder. You can get stuck between two or more drawers, or you may be scammed with low-quality wooden drawers.

If you are going to get a wooden item, there is no better place than an IKEA store. IKEA is one of the most established brands that provides premium-quality furniture. For those who are struggling to get a good drawer, then this article is written for you.

This article demands your interest, and at the end of this draft, you will be able to add a premium quality and beautiful drawer to your cart. In this article, we will be reviewing the IKEA KULLEN drawer. This drawer is designed for those who prefer to get classical yet durable wooden products.

IKEA KULLEN Drawer Review

  1. Product Analysis

IKEA KULLEN drawer is one of those IKEA products that will not cost you so much. This drawer cost around $79.99, which for an IKEA product is a complete bargain. IKEA KULLEN drawer is available in a black-brown color that adds a dark theme to your room's interior.

IKEA KULLEN drawer comes up with five drawers and has a place to set up your important products at the drawer's top. In this drawer, you will place all of your cosmetic products, documents, and other important everyday things.

IKEA KULLEN drawer has a classical shape and will enhance the decency of your room. You will find the drawer, so eye captivating that you will not resist buying it.

  1. Exterior of the Drawer

You cannot keep your eyes off from a full moon, and it goes the same with the IKEA KULLEN drawer. IKEA never disappoints in terms of the quality and design of its products. It always provides you the best product with a unique exterior. IKEA KULLEN drawer is dressed up in a blackish brown color that is so soothing to your eyes.

Moreover, IKEA has done some fine cutting of this drawer, and every edge of this drawer shows its class. IKEA KULLEN drawer is a rectangular object, yet it looks so beautiful that you will love to have it at your home.

Along with it, all of the five drawers of this drawer are placed at a perfect place that makes this drawer stand unique in the market.

  1. Material of the Main Body

When we are talking about an IKEA product, then the thing that we do not need to worry about is the material of that certain product. In the IKEA KULLEN drawer, IKEA has used one of the finest wood and polish that will increase this drawer's life compared to ordinary drawers.

IKEA KULLER drawer's top and the side panel are made up of particleboard, paper foil, and plastic edging. Along with it, the back panel of this article is manufactured while using paper foil and fiberboard. Talking about the drawer bottom, IKEA has designed it with fiberboard and acrylic paint. Last but not least, for manufacturing the front of the IKEA KULLEN drawer, IKEA has used particleboard and paper foil.

  1. Spacing of the Drawers

IKEA has created this drawer for a medium-sized family, so you do not need to worry about this drawer's spacing. Even the small drawer can hold up to four pants and a few shirts. IKEA KULLEN drawer has a large space and can hold most of your clothes and other essentials.

  1. Cleaning and Care

Though this drawer is not made up of pure wood, you cannot clean it by applying direct water. Doing so will not only ruin your money, but it will also devastate a masterpiece. For cleaning the IKEA KULLEN drawer, you need a dry or damp cloth and a soft sponge. Grab the sponge and rub it over the drawer smoothly and then wipe it with the dry cloth.

Along with the care of your drawer, you also need to care while walking around it. IKEA has mentioned that it has sharp edges, and any incident near the drawer can lead you to severe injure. So, stay safe while walking around it.

  1. Packaging

Like other IKEA products, IKEA KULLEN drawer also has different packages. It has a width of about 15 ¾ inches, its height goes to 4 feet, the length of this drawer is around 44 ¾ inches, and the weight of the IKEA KULLEN drawer is 42 lb 11 oz.

  1. Assembling

IKEA KULLEN drawer reaches your home mostly assembled, and you do not need to put extra effort into assembling it. Despite it, you will have to do a little bit of work to set it properly. You may also need to assemble the drawers, which is quite an easy task. For assembling small parts of the IKEA KULLEN drawer, you will get a short guide to help you assemble this beauty perfectly. Moreover, if you still do not get it the right way, you can call the IKEA service center to help you fit your IKEA KULLEN drawer.


In the above-written article, we have reviewed the IKEA KULLEN drawer, one of the most classic and decent drawers available in the market. The article has covered more or less all the aspects of this drawer. From material to spacing, we have mentioned everything in detail.

After going through this article you will need no other help in buying the perfect drawer for making your room clean and beautiful. But, it is also possible that you may not get enough knowledge through this draft. So, if there is any query in your mind, then feel free to bother us in the comment section. We will resolve your issues in the best possible manner.

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