IKEA Trysil Bed Frame Review

IKEA Trysil Bed Frame

This IKEA bed frame is perfect for those who love reading in bed! If you are generally looking for a more solid bed frame that doesn’t wiggle, the Trysil is a great solution. This is one of IKEA’s higher quality bed frames, since it is supported not only by wooden but by steel parts as well.

If you haven’t already shopped at IKEA, we assure you that you can trust them completely. They provide affordable yet functional furniture that will also add style and character to your home. It is a win-win situation no matter from which point of view you look at it. In this review, we will focus on the IKEA Trysil bed frame.

IKEA Trysil Bed Frame Review

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This IKEA Trysil bed frame has a stronger structure than most of other IKEA’s bed frames. The reason behind that is the fact that the frame and the headboard are both supported by high quality, durable steel parts. Once assembled, this bed frame doesn’t move or wobble at all.

The materials of this IKEA Trysil bed frame consists of include: eucalyptus veneer, pine veneer, adhesive resin as coating, polyester, polyporpylene, beech veneer, birch veneer, foil, ABS plastic, particleboard, steel and polyester powder coating.

The 17 slats of layer – glued birch adjusts to your body weight and holds the mattress properly. The Skorva midbeam is an important part of the structure and it is included in the price but packaged separately. Unlike with many IKEA bed frames, the slatted bed base is included in the price as well but it is also packaged separately.

The IKEA Trysil bed frame has adjustable bedsides, allowing you to choose a mattress of any thickness without having to worry if it would fit the frame or not.

What goes well with it

As usual, IKEA has recommended several products that would go perfectly with the IKEA Trysil bed frame. One of those is the matching Trysil night stand. Since it is from the same series, this night stands is an additional piece of furniture that will complete your room.

Depending on your personal preferences regarding the structure of mattresses, IKEA recommends the Haugsvar spring mattress or the Morgedal foam mattress. To decide which one seems better for you, head over to our IKEA mattress reviews.

The last but not least product IKEA recommends are the Vardo underbed storage boxes. If you need more storage space in your bedroom, these boxes will do the job. They match the style of bed frame and they will go nicely with the overall design of the space. As far as the price goes, you can get one Vardo storage box at a reasonable price..

Other details and customers’ opinions

The angled headboard of this bed frame allows you to sit comfortably while reading which is perfect for book lovers. The sleek and modern design of the IKEA Trysil bed frame will give your room a whole new look you never thought you could achieve.

With a high rating of, customers are highly satisfied with the product. However, as with any product on the market, there will be positive and negative sides. Customers are very satisfied with how sturdy the bed frame is. Thanks to the metal support, it doesn’t wiggle around even when moved.

However, on the negative side, the wood scratches easily and you will have to take good care of it to preserve the nice look. To take care of the bed frame, a damp cloth with detergent will do the job. Wipe the frame afterwards with a clean cloth to dry it off.

Another thing to watch out for are the sharp edges and corners of the frame. Make sure to be careful around the bed to avoid injuring yourself. This bed frame is available in 2 sizes; full and queen size. 

As far as shipping goes, the product is shipped in packages and requires assembly. The packages are heavy and if you decide to transport them yourself, an extra hand would be needed to handle them.

The assembling process might take a few hours, depending on how familiar you are with putting furniture together. The warranty covers all manufacturing defaults and lasts for 25 years. There is no trial period for the bed frames as there is for the mattresses at IKEA.

Pros of IKEA Trysil bed frame

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Adjustable bed sides
  • Slatted bed base included
  • Angled headboard
  • Super-sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Durable and long-lasting

CONs of IKEA trysil bed frame

  • Wood scratches easily
  • Sharp edges and corners
  • Available in two sizes only

Is IKEA Trysil Bed Frame Good?

All together, customers are satisfied with the IKEA Trysil bed frame. For a great price, you can get quality and functionality while bringing style into your bedroom. If you are a fan of reading in bed, this bed frame is the perfect one for you!

IKEA Trysil Bed Frame
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Customers are satisfied with the IKEA Trysil bed frame. For a great price, you can get quality and functionality while bringing style into your bedroom. If you are a fan of reading in bed, this bed frame is the perfect one for you!

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  1. I have a Trysil bed frame. I agree with the overall review. However, one MAJOR point not covered is a side effect of the slanted headboard: any pillow will slip down in between the headboard and the mattress easily and inevitably. We have six very large pillows on the bed in order to offset the fact that two or three of these will end up missing in between the headboard and the mattress each night. IKEA needs to come up with something more effective to close that gap, which for me offsets the value of being able to lay back comfortably and read. I’m tired of my pillows being swallowed up every night.

  2. Hi I just ordered and received this bed put it up and the slats keep falling down??? I’ve followed every bit of instructions can anyone help me with this

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