IKEA NEIDEN Bed Frame Review


IKEA NEIDEN Bedframe Review

IKEA NEIDEN Bedframe Review

Single bed frames such as the NEIDEN product from Ikea are now very popular because of their versatile use. The bed frame can be used in every type of home regardless of size or location. The versatility of the IKEA NEIDEN bed frame adds to the reasons many users consider buying it in their homes.

IKEA NEIDEN Bed Frame Review


The IKEA NEIDEN bed frame is available in many stores as it has been registered as one of the regular furniture products. It is essentially a single bed frame that can accommodate the single mattress which can be your chosen brand. Some of the features that have been noted about this single bed frame are as follows;

It is made from pine

One feature that we instantly noticed was the attractive finishing of the IKEA NEIDEN bed frame. It is made from pine wood, and this will appeal to people out there who would rather use a bed frame made from high-quality wood. Pine has been used for making bed frames and other furniture for a very long time because it is versatile, durable, and easy to work with. So we were not surprised to know pine was used in the manufacture of this bed frame.

The bed frame has also been made for all users

A look at the bed frame immediately gives you the impression that it can be suitable for any room in the home regardless of the people who will use the bed. This is because it has been constructed at a height that makes it easy for adults to use and young children can also easily have access to the bed any time they feel like a nap.

It occupies minimal space

One of the factors many people consider when buying furniture such as the bed frame is the space in their homes. We can say that if you are looking for a bed frame that will not occupy so much space, this product should be worth your time for consideration. It is, after all, a single frame bed, so many people will have an idea of its size and the space it needs to fit in properly in a room.

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Utilize the space beneath

The manufacturers have thoughtfully allowed sufficient space to remain beneath the bed after it has been set up for use. You can choose to leave this space vacant or use it in many ways. For example, the space beneath the bed frame can be used to store bags, cartons, and other stuff you want properly kept out of sight until they are needed. We commend the designers for this creative feature which will help people who do not have so much space in their homes for a bed frame of this size and other furniture they might need.

The bed frame is easy to set up. We noticed that many buyers will not have any problems setting up this single bed frame for use because of its simple yet attractive design which makes assembly easy. In the package, you will find a manual that includes the step by step process to follow when setting up the single bed frame. To give a rough time estimate, you may need only about an hour to set up the bed frame, and if you work fast, the time to get it done will be considerably lesser than an hour.

We also noticed that it is possible to alter the appearance of the single bed frame. For those people who think the color of pine wood does not match the color theme they have chosen for their bedroom, the IKEA NEIDEN bed frame can be customized to meet their needs. The options for personalizing this single bed frame include staining it with your preferred color, waxing the bed frame or painting it to match the color theme you prefer to have in your bedroom.

Parents can get this single bed frame for their children’s rooms. In the simplest terms, we can describe the design as suitable for both male and female. So your children will enjoy using this product, however, if there is a need for the frame to be customized, you can make things more interesting by painting the frame or using bed sheets that your children will like.

The bed frame has an angled headboard. This feature particularly stood out because of the different ways it can be used for convenience. For example, people who enjoy using their laptops in bed or watching the TV will find the headboard particularly very convenient. The design has also been done in a way that the headboard is firm and fortified so you do not need to be too bothered about your weight. Alternatively, the bed frame can be placed by a wall.

We also observed the options owners of this bed frame could use to keep it clean and well maintained at all times.

To prevent accumulation of dust or dirt on the bed frame, you can keep it clean by frequently wiping the bed frame with a moist cloth. This cleaning action will improve the appearance of the pine wood and as the owner; you can get more satisfaction and fulfillment.

In the case of stains, you can also wipe them off quickly. A dry cloth can be used for this cleaning action. Wiping the stains off the bed frame will surely remove all traces of the spill; however, if necessary you should use a moist cloth. Stains can also be removed from the surface of the bed frame with an eraser. This is a simple cleaning action, and it leaves no marks.

Over time, the bed frame can be waxed again or re-painted if you feel the paint job has lost its glow. It is also important to avoid scratches on the bed frame because they deface the smooth surface of the pine wood.

The IKEA NEIDEN bed frame is solid; a center support beam has been included in the design to make the bed frame firm. It also has a slatted base. From us, this is a good buy, and it is durable.

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The NEIDEN bed frame is solid; a center support beam has been included in the design to make the bed frame firm. It also has a slatted base. From us, this is a good buy, and it is durable.

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  1. The NEIDEN bed frame center support beam is not strong. The beam support is made with many joints. Its been not even two months since I bought it, the center support beam is broken exactly at the joint. I only weigh 50 kilos and the bed frame couldn’t with stand even my weight. Didn’t expect this poor quality from Ikea.

  2. I got the impression this was a bed made for children as when I looked up a twin bed for child this is one of the first to pop up and the mattress it was recommending was a toddler mattress. My daughter weighs almost 60 pounds and hasn’t had a single issue with the bed at all and she’s rough with her things which is why I purchased this, it was one of the cheaper bed frames so I figured it would go fast but it hasn’t and it has lasted in perfect condition so far.

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