IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress Review

IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

When choosing the right mattress for you, going for natural solution is always the best way. Natural latex is one of the best mattress materials for a good night’s sleep, especially if you’re a side or tummy sleeper. IKEA’s high quality natural latex mattress is one of the most affordable options on the market.

IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress Review

With other brands, you might find the same or lower quality for even a bigger price. Therefore, trying out IKEA’s Morgongava natural latex mattress is worth a shot. In this review, we will go over what you should know prior to purchasing this product.

IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress
IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress
IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress


The Morgongava natural latex mattress consists of two layers; natural latex (85%) and synthetic latex (15%). The combination of the two provides support and pressure relief on shoulders and hips.


The mattress is 20 cm thick, which makes it the thickest mattress of all IKEA’s foam and latex mattresses. Such thickness allows you to fully relax and feel like you’re floating away on a cloud. According to customers’ opinions, the Morgongava mattress performs perfectly, allowing them to get fully rested without waking up in back pain.

It is recommended to purchase the mattress along with the Kungsmynta mattress protector and a Leirsund slatted bed base for best performance. The Leirsund bed base is also adjustable, which adds to convenience and overall comfort. It is available in full, twin, king and queen size at the IKEA store.


Natural latex is recommended to sleepers because of many health benefits it brings. The chances of allergic reactions are significantly reduced when it comes to sleeping on natural latex because it contains no allergens or dust mites. Most importantly, this material offers the right support necessary for proper spine alignment during your sleep.

The ticking of the mattress is 100% cotton while the additional comfort filling is made of wool wadding. The combination of cotton and wool makes for a great layer that adds comfort while it serves as good temperature control. Thanks to cotton and wool, the Morgongava mattress wont get too warm nor too cold during the night.

The cover is removable and thus washable in the normal cycle of the washing machine. It has handles attached to the sides for easier maneuvering. However, customers have complained about having a difficult time handling the mattress, especially since it is not roll packed like most of IKEA’s mattresses.

How it feels

The Morgongava mattress is medium rated when it comes to firmness, making it a medium firm mattress. However, some customers have stated that the mattress feels firmer than it actually looks so trying it out before making a purchase is recommended.

Regarding the comfort, the Morgongava mattress received nothing but positive comments. Consumers are satisfied with the right thickness and material combination in this mattress that gives them a good rest every night. It is also effective when it comes to relieving pressure in different points of your body.

The mattress offers average motion transfer for its firmness. Being medium firm, it does not absorb movement as good as firm mattresses do but it does a good job providing a comfortable surface for two sleepers. There is no unwanted noise during movement, which is perfect for people who turn a lot in their sleep.

Even though off-gassing is a typical problem with all mattresses, consumers have complained that the Morgongava mattress releases far more chemical odors than other IKEA mattresses. It is recommended to air it out for 24 hours prior to sleeping on it to prevent any hazardous effects on health.

It will take three to four weeks for the mattress to air out. If you’re not in a hurry to replace the mattress you currently own, we recommend keeping the Morgongava mattress on the balcony or somewhere where it can effectively air out for a couple of days.

All together, the Morgongava mattress is a great natural latex mattress solution for its price. It will provide great support and resilience for the user. It is durable and will last for a number of years, depending on how well you take care of it. Purchasing the Kungsmynta mattress protector will significantly preserve the mattress from tearing over time.

Pricing, shipping and other details

The Morgongava mattress is a very affordable yet high quality natural latex mattress. Because natural latex is sort of a high end material and offers more than regular latex does, its price is higher than the price of regular latex or foam mattresses. The quality of this IKEA mattress matches and in some cases even beats the quality of other brands’ mattresses that go for over 2 000$.

Unlike most IKEA mattresses, the Morgongava mattress is not roll packed, which is inconvenient if you decide to transport it from the store yourself. It weighs around 100 lbs, which makes the shipping even more difficult since you have to carry it in its full size. To save yourself the hassle, going for the IKEA shipping service is recommended but it will create additional costs.

As with all IKEA mattresses, the Morgongava mattress has a 25 years limited warranty and a one year trial period. The warranty covers all manufacturing details and it does not cover the tear and wear of the mattress caused by regular usage over time. The trial period lasts for a year and gives you an opportunity to exchange your mattress for another one of IKEA’s mattresses that you find more fit.

Keep in mind that the mattress must be clean and undamaged to be eligible for exchange. Another important thing to know is that refunds for money are not allowed and you can only get another product in exchange.

Pros and cons

The Morgongava has its positive and negative sides, but even with a few flaws in its design it is still one of the best IKEA mattresses in offer.

Pros of IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

  • check
    Affordable, compared to other natural latex mattresses
  • check
    Supportive, comfortable and resilient
  • check
    Soft filling for comfort
  • check
    Good temperature regulation

CONs of IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

  • Heavy and difficult to transport
  • check
    Chemical odor
IKEA Morgongava Natural Latex
  • Our Rating


The Morgongava mattress is a very affordable yet high quality natural latex mattress. Because natural latex is sort of a high end material and offers more than regular latex does, its price is higher than the price of regular latex or foam mattresses.

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