IKEA Malm Bed Low vs High – Which Suits You?

ikea malm bed low vs high
ikea malm bed low vs high

The IKEA Malm bed is a popular choice for its simple design, stylish appearance, and affordable price tag.

Ikea Malm series offer bed frames and complete beds made 100% of wood veneer a d comes in different colors with unique grain and texture variation. The bed comes in different sizes considering its width.

With the Malm series, you have options to choose any bed size according to the room you are planning to place the bed in.

If you are prepping a room for your baby girl, a single bed would be sufficient. If you are looking for something to put in your boys’ room, a double queen size bed will do the task.

Finally, if you, your partner, and your baby sleep in one bed, then choose the full-size Malm bed. 

Having said that, the Malm bed comes in two different heights, too – a low bed and a high bed – so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Low beds are great for small spaces or if you want a modern look, while high beds can give you extra storage underneath while adding a hint of classic times, giving a more traditional look.

No matter which height you choose, the IKEA Malm bed is sure to add a touch of style to your bedroom.

When choosing a bed, there are many factors to consider. But one of your most important choices is between a low or high bed.

Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so choosing the one that’s right for you is important.

Although many genuine factors (individuals’ height, room space, room ceiling height, required storage space, etc.) decide whether a higher or lower bed is best for you, it all eventually lies in your personal preference. 

We, however, through this guide, help you identify which one is best for you two by pointing out the qualities and cons of each bed.

Continue reading more so you can carefully decide which one among both of these you are bringing home. 

Benefits Of A Low Bed

Low beds are easier to get in and out of, which can be helpful for those with mobility issues.

They’re also great for small spaces since they don’t take up as much vertical space as a high bed.

Low beds can give your room a more open and airier feel.

A natural phenomenon is that hot air rises above, so if you are living in hotter spaces, a lower bed is a better pick for your room. 

It will allow you to sleep in a little less dense and cooler air space.

Benefits Of A High Bed:

High beds are great for storage. You can use the space underneath for extra blankets, pillows, or a dresser.

They also give you a feeling of privacy and coziness since they’re taller and more enclosed.

If you have young children, a high bed can help prevent them from falling out.

So, which is right for you? It depends on your needs and preferences. Let’s dig deep into what the high-beamed IKEA Malm bed offers compared to the low-beamed IKEA Malm bed.

IKEA Malm Bed Low vs High

  Malm Low Bed Malm High Bed
Shifting  Easy and quick Difficult and Time taking 
Best for Small spaces, rooms with low celling  Spacious rooms with high roofs 
Storage spaces  None or compact Substantial storage space 
Assembly  Simple, labor saving  Straightforward/ little labor intensive
Good for  Children ( prevent the kids from falling, less amount of accidents reported of kids falling)  Adults and Older people( doesn’t require excessive knee bending and stresses while sitting and standing) 
Appearance Modern Minimalist sleek look Classic traditional look

IKEA Malm Low Bed 

The IKEA Malm low bed is a great option for those looking for a low-profile bed that is still stylish and modern. This bed has a sleek, minimalist design that will fit well with any decor.

The low height makes it easy to get in and out of bed, and the mattress is firm yet comfortable.

MALM Storage bed

The IKEA Malm low bed is a great choice for those who want a stylish and modern bed that is still low to the ground.

Features of the bed include stylish and contemporary design, low height, firm yet comfortable mattress, and easy to get in and out of bed.

This bed is a great choice for those looking for a stylish and modern bed that is still low to the ground. The IKEA Malm low bed is perfect for any room in your home.

Additionally, users have reported fewer children accidents on lower beds.

As the bed base is closer to the ground, it enables a child to get down more easily as compared to higher beds, and hence children don’t topple over and cause injuries. 

The lower beds also come with platform bases that use slats for support. This low bed has no space between the bed frame and the ground.

The other basic type is, although a little raised off the ground, it still isn’t high enough to allow kids to get under the bed.

So even if your children are jumping over the bed and falling down, it wouldn’t cause serious injuries.

What is more interesting is that no space under the beds will keep the kids from playing and hiding under the beds and smacking their heads.

bed frame

Having a low bed at your place, especially if you have children over your place, is always a plus. 

Furthermore, the Ikea Malm bed comes with headboards. One feature that distinguishes low and high beds is the size of the bed’s headboard. 

The Malm low beds come with smaller headboards. This feature makes them very much appropriate for bedrooms with multiple windows.

With the smaller headboard, you can set the bed infront of the window, too, and it will not block the beautiful view outside the window. 

However, as all things come with their disadvantages, IKEA Malm low bed also has some cons. One of the major disadvantages is the low bed is no storage.

Depending on the frame you chose (basic, platform), you either get small and compact storage space or no storage space ( in platform base low bed).

Hence if you want to add a bed to your room that solves your common storage issues, Malm low bed would not be the best choice. 

IKEA Malm High Bed

The IKEA Malm is a great option if you’re looking for a stylish and affordable high bed. It’s made from solid pine, so it’s sturdy and looks great with any decor. Plus, it has plenty of storage options thanks to its many drawers.

Malm High Bed Frame

Assembly is required, but it’s not too difficult – follow the instructions carefully. Once it’s assembled, the IKEA Malm high bed is a great addition to any bedroom.

The bed comes with a taller headboard that allows you to sit comfortably on the bed by just propping a few pillows behind your back, and you will have a comfortable place to read or watch TV for long hours.

However, with the tall headboard, the assembling process would require a little more effort and maybe some helping hands, too, as it would be difficult for a single person to manage their height and weight alone. 

A high bed is a great choice if you’re looking for extra storage or want to make a small bedroom store so much more than what catches the eye. 

They’re also great for kids because they can use the extra space underneath for playing.

Although if not carefully looked after, the kids get hurt while playing under the bed, but if attention is paid, they can avoid getting hurt. 

Plus, it’s just more fun to jump into a high bed! 

High beds are preferably good for taller people and also the older population as it doesn’t require a lot of bending on the knee joint while sitting and also cause comparatively less stress on the joints when one tries to get up from the bed. 

Certain people with backache prefer high beds because sleeping in a higher position can provide relief. So if you have a history of knee joint problems or backache, don’t even consider the low bed.


A high bed might not be the best option if you have young children because they could accidentally fall out.

But if you put up some safety rails, it will prevent any accidental injuries

Our Pick of Choice:

The IKEA Malm high bed is our pick for the best high bed. It’s made from solid pine, so it’s sturdy and looks great with any decor.

Plus, it has plenty of storage options thanks to its many drawers. It’s also a great choice for elderly and taller people as it causes less joint stresses.

However, don’t forget to be careful if you have young children because they could accidentally fall out. But if you put up some safety rails, it can still be a great choice!

We hope this guide has helped you choose one for your bedroom!

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