10 Fixes For IKEA Komplement Lights Are Not Working

IKEA Komplement lights are not working
IKEA Komplement lights are not working

With Ikea komplement lights, your morning rush of sorting your clothes for your office and your kids’ school becomes much more manageable.

The interior organizers and lights of the Ikea Komplement series let you organize your clothes easily and smoothly while providing sufficient lighting to declutter the inside of your wardrobe without illuminating your entire room in the early morning and late at night.

These are perfect for adding to your room wardrobe or kitchen cabinets, so whatever time of the day or night you want to look for things, it gets easy for you. 

Although IKEA Komplement lights are of good quality but may not work properly if not installed correctly, there could be a few other reasons why the lights cease to work. 

 If your IKEA lights are not working, you must ensure what the primary cause of it is. 

After you have inspected it in detail and have figured out the actual reason, you can fix it accordingly. 

In this article, we’ll set forth the root causes of your Ikea komplement lights that are not working and will provide you with a few tips to help fix the issue. 

However, always remember that if you cannot troubleshoot your Ikea Komplement lights with these quick fixes, it is better not to try really hard and get some professional help, as electrical issues can cause severe electrical hazards. 

In a rough outline, three main things that can stop your Ikea komplement lights from starting working include a disrupted power supply, fused or disconnected bulbs, or dysfunctional remote controller of the lights. 

Issues may power supply can be further separated by the main power supply not dispensing enough voltage required for the Ikea Komplement lights to work efficiently.

It could be due to damaged, tangled, or disconnected wires that would eventually disrupt the power to the bulbs or charred/burnt sockets.

Ikea komplement lights can also stop working if the bulbs are burnt or blown a fuse.

Nevertheless, there are chances that the light bulbs are not properly screwed in their respective sockets or holders, which will keep your Ikea komplement lights from working.

Last but not least is the lights remote control, through which you can turn on the lights. 

Problems like weak batteries or impaired remote sensors will not allow the remote to work, eventually stopping IKEA Komplement lights from working.

From these three categories, you need to determine first which one is causing your lights not to work so you can troubleshoot the lights yourself.

If you have already figured this out, continue reading, as we will give you quick and easy fixes to address these issues. 

IKEA Komplement Lights Are Not Working

  1. Ensure the Power Source is Working

First and foremost, the most basic solution is to check that the lights are plugged in correctly and that the power source is working. A continuous supply of power is necessary to operate the lights smoothly.

power on

 Usually, these lights require a 12 V direct current to work efficiently. Some may primarily require 24 V DC, too, depending on the type and model you have.

If the power supply is inadequate, the lights will either dim or not work. You’d have to restore your lights to a sufficient power supply.

You can try plugging the lights properly in or changing your power supply source. 

If the issue is still unresolved, continue reading for possible solutions.

  1. Check the Switch

It may sound like an obvious solution, but sometimes the most uncomplicated check helps correct the issue. Ensure that the switch controlling the Komplement lights is turned on.

Sometimes the wires attached at the back of the socket that makes the socket functional are wrongly placed; hence, what may seem a turned-on switch to you can be a turned-off switch.

Try pressing the button of the socket on both sides one by one and see if any side turns it on. 

  1. Replace Burnt out Bulbs


The bulbs in the Ikea Komplement lights are sensitive and certainly get damaged if the voltage passing through the light bulbs exceeds the maximum limit of the light bulbs. 

If the power source and switch are both working correctly, the issue may be with the light bulbs themselves.

Inspect each bulb to see if it needs to be replaced. You can conveniently find light bulbs at hardware shops and also online. 

  1. Confirm the Bulb is Properly Screwed in 

Another possibility is that the light bulb is not screwed in correctly. Ensure that each bulb is screwed in tightly before moving on to other potential solutions. 

Keeping your cords upright to prevent any tangles when you are screwing in your bulbs is essential to fix your bulb in its place tightly

If loose bulbs are causing your lights not to work, then properly screwing them in their holders will solve your issue, and your lights will start working again.

However, at times the bulbs are not compatible with the light fixtures. In this case, it is best to consult an electrician or IKEA customer service.

  1. Adjust the Lights 

If the lights are not fixed according to the instructions, your lights may not work properly. The same is the case with Ikea komplement lights. 

The issue may lie with the position of the Komplement lights. Try adjusting the placement of the light bulbs or moving the entire light fixture to see if this makes a difference.

Following the user manual with the komplement lights is recommended to make the entire process easy. 


  1. Clean the Light Fixture 

If the Komplement lights are still not working after trying the above solutions, it may be time to clean the light fixture.

Over time, dust and debris can accumulate on the fixture and cause problems. It may present initially as dimming of the light, fluctuations in the lightening, and eventually, your Ikea komplement lights may even stop working. 

To fix this problem, gently wipe down the fixture with a soft cloth to remove any debris that has built up on the fixture over time. 

Be very careful while cleaning the fixture. Remove the plug and switch off the lights from the main power supply before cleaning, even when the lights are not working, as a precautionary measure to prevent any electrical hazard. 

Also, avoid using harsh cleaning liquid as it may leak in the light and cause further damage. 

If debris and dirt were causing your lights not to work, then surely cleaning them up will help you through the problem, and your lights will continue illuminating your wardrobes, making your early morning office hustle a little easier.

  1. Check the Remote

If your Komplement lights are controlled by a remote, then be sure to check the batteries and pairing. The batteries of the remote also wear out over time with usage. 


If your remote is not functioning, replace the batteries if necessary and confirm that it is correctly paired with the lights.

How to properly pair your Ikea komplement lights with their remote control can be quickly done with the help of the user manual guide. 

If your remote batteries are new, already paired with the lights, and you are still having trouble, try resetting the remote.

After resetting, you’ll have to pair the remote again. We hope this solves your issue if it is about the remote controller of the lights. 

You can also directly call Ikea Customer support for their professional guidance if you cannot understand the manual.

  1. Inspect Wiring Damage 

Wiring damage is another power supply disruption issue that may halt your lights from functioning correctly.

If the Komplement lights are still not working after trying the above solutions, the wiring may be an issue. Inspect the wiring for any damage, tangling, or fraying

If you see any damage, it is best to consult an electrician for further assistance. 

wire problem

We suggest you have professional guidance from the electrician or Ikea customer support care. 

  1. Lights Connected to a Faulty Outlet 

If the Komplement lights are plugged into an outlet that is not working correctly, they will not work either.

Verify that the outlet is receiving power and that the lights are properly plugged in. If you still have trouble, try plugging the lights into a different outlet.

  1. Check For Blown Fuse

One of the reasons your IKEA Komplement lights may not be working is blown a fuse. To check if this is the problem, locate the fuse box in your home and unscrew the panel.

Inside, you will see a row of fuses. Check to see if any of them are burnt out or damaged.


We have enlisted and explained in detail the possible causes and quick fixes of your IKEA komplement lights that are not working.

We hope the article helps you troubleshoot your issue so you can enjoy your wardrobe with all the lights operating well!

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